Tears On My Pillow Episode 16


We walked out of the church holding hands. we were approaching the car Ben had parked outside when we saw 5 guys heading our direction, one of them was Jim. It seemed they were coming to the church. I noticed Ben get closer to me and looked at him smiling

” what now ?” I asked him.

” well am just marking my territory love.” he said putting his hands around my waist.

“Hey guys!” one of the boys greeted us.

“hey !” Ben answered shaking hands with the boys.

“Long time Man ” one of them smiled.

“when did you come back? ”

“Was in yesterday, he told them.

“what’s up Jena!” they all greeted me and when it was Jim’s turn, he held my hand longer than usual. I tried pulling away but he held on. I saw jealousy building up on Ben’s face .

“Hey Jim be careful with my woman” he snapped grabbing back my hand. Jim gave him a stupid smile and said..

“well it’s not my fault she’s damn hot man. I can use a girl like her.” Before I knew it Ben was heading for his face.

” hey! hey easy people ” the other boys interrupted holding Ben.

” don’t try my patience Jim” he snapped.

“or what ?” he challenged raising his head.

“You know what Jim?” I spoke up.

” just leave me alone, I don’t even care what you think of yourself but find other girls to amuse and leave me alone already.” holding Ben’s waist I added..

” you will never be him, never you hear? ”

The other boys burst out laughing and i saw Jim flinch and gazed at Ben with so much hatred. To add salt to the wounds. Ben turned me to look at him and kissed me lightly, before saying aloud

“thanx my love, you couldn’t have said it any better.” The guys walked away laughing with Jim cursing.

“Shall we?” Ben smiled opening the car door for me. we drove around for some minutes and we went in Munda Wanga to watch some animals. we walked around with his hands around me.

“hey Ben!” I teased him. “Jim isn’t here you can let go now.”

” hmmhn, no way love there are lots of Jims in this world” he laughed.

” I don’t want ending up in prison leaving you out here alone, plus we need to find our baby.” He frowned serious.

“Oh yeah that” i said sadly.

“Yeah Jena, no matter what we have to find her.” He responded

“That reminds me we need to talk about this with your uncle I almost forgot, he told me the whole family will sit together so we find a better solution to get our baby back.

” Grace” I told him.. “her name is Grace, I named her.”

” oh it’s a sweet name.” He looked at me smelling.

“so tell me about her” he added, as we sat on a swing.

“Well, she’s the sweetest thing I have ever seen. she has your looks Ben. A round face and a big smile and she has a scar on the back of her neck like the one I have under my breast” I explained

“Sure?” he asked trying to open my body top. “Can i see the scar again?” He teased.

“You are crazy” i laughed pushing his hand away.

“I cant wait to see her, am sure she’s a cute little thing.”

” yeah” I nodded.

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We stayed away the whole morning, we even had our lunch and decided to go back home later on after aunty called that everyone was home waiting for us.

“we better head home” I told Ben..

“oh no.. not before this” he smiled leaning and kissing me without minding the people meters away.

“Ben ” I leaned back, “People are watching.”

” let them watch” he responded kissing me again.

“come on” I said pulling him up ” this is not Russia”

he laughed out loudly and hugged me.

“Hmmn, then Zambia must be boring ” he teased.

We drove home and when we got inside Ben let go of my hand which he was holding up until we faced the people in the living room. I saw mom give us both a sharp look. I couldn’t help myself.

my inner voice was like, “well mom I love him, get used to it.”

Ben was motioned to sit next to his sister and his dad who had been invited to the meeting. I sat down on the carpet with mom and aunty Nelly. uncle sat on the single couch alone.

I quickly glanced around and I noticed how serious the matter was. I looked at Ben who flashed me smile.

“how can he be smiling I wondered, when everyone else seemed so serious.

“Well,” uncle cleared his throat,

” since the people who gathered us here have come. we shall now begin, mummy give us a prayer before we start” he told his wife.

Story continues…