Tear Drop" Episode 4


A hero Indeed, it was one drunk guy who has lost his way to his
room. He kept knocking on the door until Robert opened it.
Sandra was so weak and helpless, her voice was so faint that she could
hardly hear herself when she cried for help.
When Robert noticed that the guy was drunk, he pushed him away and shut the
door behind him.
Sandra tried helping her way up from the floor, but her legs were weak.
She turned and looked into Robert’s eyes and asked
“What wrong have I done to you?
Suddenly the human in Robert came alive, a rush of sympathy filled him.
For the first time his response was without anger.
“I wanted you, Sandra, and this is the only way to get you” He answered.
He helped her up, got her dressed and walked her to the door
“I have your photos, if you tell anyone about this, am sure you know
what will happen” Robert threatened her.
When Sandra noticed Robert was sober, she gathered momentum and knocked
his face with her elbow.
The hit was so hard that, Robert got a cut on his forehead, before he
couldnt come back on his feet, Sandra pushed made him hit his head
against the edge of the bed.
He lied down motionless, Robert was dead. Sandra didn’t notice it but
instead tied him up against the bed. She wanted to rush out and call
the police.
As she opened the door, the hotel attendant was already
standing by the door. He forced his way in when he noticed that Sandra
was acting weird.
He saw that Robert was tied against the bed, he checked his pulse and
noticed that Robert was dead.
“He is dead” having said this, the hotel attendant got hold of Sandra
to prevent her from escaping.
“I can explain” Sandra pleaded.
To be continued at noon
Mr Pobs