Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 1 episode 10


I opened my blackberry messenger and read the message. It was from Jaga.
Jaga: how far na, i find u come house yesterday, u no dey around, where u go na?
Me: clara invite me come one party, na now i just enta house sef.
Jaga: u go party since yesterday afternoon kon come back by dis time, how u take waka now.
Me: jaga na long story oh, but just imagine am like say na police detention i dey since yesterday.
Jaga: ah, but for u to sleep over, e mean say u achieve something na. *Not wanting to let him know i slept with clara, i quickly changed the topic*
Me: jaga, e get something wey i wan discuss with u.
Jaga: wetin be dat, hope say u neva give person belle?
Me: no be dat one, i need money badly and i go like make u help me with cash.
Jaga: if na dat one, u go wait till end of this week. Make i see wetin i fit gather for u.
Me: okay now no wahala, at least u don try. I began to perceive burnt smell coming from the kitchen, which made me remembered the noodles i was cooking. I quickly stood up and ran into the kitchen with speed, brought the pot down and put off the stove. I stared at the food and saw that it was partially burnt, i had no choice but to eat it that way so as to reduce the hunger pangs i was feeling.
I took a fork and emptied what was left of it into a plate and carried it back to the room. I dugged into the food and ate it hungrily not minding the burnt taste. Few minutes later, i was about rounding up when i heard a sound from my door. ”kpon kpon kpon” it sounded again.
Who is there, i asked its me Iya kola, the voice replied. On hearing that, i recognised who she was. Am coming just a minute, i answered. I quickly stood up, packed what was left of the food into the plate and went to drop it in the kitchen. *in case u guys never knew, iya kola is my next door neighbour, she is like a second mother to me and she in turn treats me as her son* i rushed back to the room and opened the door for her.
Good morning ma, i greeted.
Iya kola: how are you daniel?
Me: am fine ma, i replied offering her a seat.
Iya kola: hope all is well, its been a while u know.
Me: yes ma, i heard u traveled.
Iya kola: oh yes i did, i just got back yesterday. I checked on you but you were not at home, the surprising thing was that u didnt come back home until this morning, what happened? *ye mogbe, i don enter am today*
Me: dats true ma, i went to church, we were having a program, we finished late and i couldn’t make it on time which made me slept in the church.
Iya kola: hope u remembered me in your prayers.
Me: of course ma, why won’t i. *see as i just package lies dey distribute for her, please God forgive me*
Iya kola: it shall be well with you
Me: Amen, i answered.
Iya kola: here are the gifts i bought for you on my way coming, she said extending a polythene bag towards me.
Me: thank u very much, am grateful ma, i said collecting it from her.
Iya kola: you are welcome. I will be on my way now, let me go and prepare food for my husband, she said while standing up.
Me: okay ma, please extend my greetings to him.
Iya kola: i will, be a good boy and remember to read your bible always.
Me: yes ma, i replied. After she left, i quickly emptied all the contents of what was inside the polythene bag on the floor. Hmmmmmmmm, bananas, i said peeling one of them and started eating it. At least this is much more better than the burnt noodles i ate recently.
After eating to my fill, i emptied the peel into the dust bin and went into the bathroom to take my bath. Few minutes later after coming out of the bathroom, i got dress up. Having nothing else to do, i laid on the bed and took a nap, awaiting the next day which was sunday.
to be continued.