POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 20


By Evans Aboagye Tawiah
I felt something run through me like an
electric shock the moment the soap touched my body and I stood still for some time to comprehend what was happening. A strong vibrating sensation had run through me the moment I sprinkled water on the soap and I couldn’t explain why. Or was that how it cleansed me of diseases? I couldn’t tell.
I took everything slow the bathing I mean from head to toe, making sure I washed off all the dirt on my body. I started from my neck, down to my bosom, stomach and down to my treasure area.
I rubbed that area slowly and steadily,
savouring all the tingling sensation it gave me. Then I went further down and scrubbed my legs, then came up once more to scrub my back and buttock before my face followed. When I was done, I splashed water all over my body except my head because of my hair
and tactically poured water on my face too. Then I climbed down and dried my body with my towel. I re-wrapped the soap with the palm leaves and went to keep it in the hidden corner of my
I had barely sat on my bed to rub cream on my body when my phone began to ring.
“okwasia ani te na agro agu oo ….” the phone rang. I glanced at the caller and it was Hon. Clifford.
“Name anything you wish for your birthday and I will grant it for you,” he said jolting me with his offer.
My eyes widened and I wondered whether it was the malam’s soap at work. I had lots of needs in my mind and I didn’t know which to talk about. The MP waited
patiently for my answer.
“I wish to go shopping in Dubai,” I said rolling my eyes.
“Wow is that all?” He asked making me feel like I could ask for more.
“Yes that is all for now,” I replied controlling my gluttony.
“Alright dear consider it done,” he replied and hung up.
I couldn’t believe what I just heard. That Hon. Clifford had agreed to take me to
Dubai for shopping on my birthday sounded too good to be true. But then, I had to wait and see.
True to his words, Hon. Clifford processed
my travelling documents gradually with his influence as an MP and within one week on the night of my birthday, I found myself sitting on an airplane for the first time in my life, on my way to Dubai, for a memorable shopping spree, free of charge.
Our plane landed in Dubai at exactly 11am
Dubai time… To be honest, my eyes saw wonders. I didn’t tell my mum that I was travelling neither did I tell Dennis, my estranged boyfriend. ‘Ashawo business’ is one very risky but rewarding business.
I didn’t tell my mum because I knew she
would ask too many questions and possibly
discourage me from travelling. What else would have taken me to Dubai if not ashawo?
I felt so happy and successful. I had become an international lady and I felt it was worth celebrating. I was now several steps ahead of my peers in the business as I now had an international passport and could travel in and out of the country as and when necessary. Hon. Clifford was indeed God-sent and I felt honoured to have him in my life. I’ve never asked him about his family or wife. Those information weren’t any of my business. All that mattered to me was to satisfy him and receive my pay. We spent one week in Dubai and came back to Ghana thereafter.
My pussy saw hell through out our stay as
Hon. Clifford enjoyed himself anyhow and anywhere he wanted. I didn’t travel with the malam’s soap because of the fear that Hon. Clifford could find it and bring untold consequences on myself. The malam had warned me seriously and I wasn’t ready to take any risk.
Hon. Clifford and I went shopping severally and visited many places of interest. I bought clothes, handbags, shoes, under wears, make up and numerous clothing accessories. I also bought provisions and some foreign
delicacies. The trip was very fascinating and I felt like never coming back again but I had to come back for the sake of my family and academics.
Our flight landed on a sunday evening and Hon. Clifford’s driver dropped me off at my hostel and zoomed off. I had lots of goodies to offload to my room and
Hon. Clifford’s driver had waited patiently till I was done.
My room was dusty and I had lots of cleaning to do. When I was done, I went and took my bath with the malam’s soap.
It was when I came out and Hon. Clifford
started calling me again that I knew that there was a link between the malam’s soap and Hon. Clifford’s recent calls.
I aswered the call to hear what he wanted to say and yet again, he asked me to make another wish and he would grant it for me. The malam’s soap had not only the property of washing off diseases, but also of holding men spell bound and driving them to do whatever I wanted.
Hon. Clifford had fallen into my trap and I was going to use it to my advantage, no
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