Tear Drop episode 3


He invited her in and offered her a seat which she refused. Robert laughed at himself when Sandra rejected the offer, he had his
own code of ethics and to him, no woman should ever say no to him. He goes for what he wants no matter how he will get it and for Sandra to reject a seat from him, violence was the only thing he could think of.
Looking very furious, he looked straight into Sandra’s eyes and offered her a seat again. Before she could open her mouth to say no, Robert landed a heavy back hand slap on her face that instantly and it got her dizzy.
He immediately pushed her against the wall, turned her around, and penetrated her from behind, tears ran down her cheeks, helplessly as she wept her heart out. Robert was soo aggressive.
Suddenly, something rectangular in shape fell from Sandra. This drew the attention of Robert, he noticed it was a voice recorder.
Sandra was in deep trouble now, who will come to her rescue, for the second time she has been raped by the same man. Her pregnancy is as a result of a gang rape, her mum who was her only hope committed suicide.
Perhaps she should do the same thing. She just gave up. Robert on the other hand kept staring at her. Sandra quickly rushed to the door but it was locked.
Robert got more angry, with the tape recorder in his hand, he again
landed a blow on her face that got her bleeding through her nostrils.
She was completely weak now, she just couldn’t cry for help, the more she fights for her life the more torture she endures.
Robert enjoyed seeing her in pains and helpless. He didn’t finish what
he started, this time around he stripped Sandra naked and right there on the floor, he had intercourse with her. While on the act, there came a knock on the door.
Who could it be. A hero?
To be continued tomorrow 8 am
Mr Pobs