POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 19


By Evans Aboagye Tawiah
Hon clifford picked my call on the second
“Hello,” he replied on picking.
“Hello good day sir,” I began. “Hope
everything is going fine?”
“Call me back I’m in a very important
meeting,” he replied and dropped the call.
The MP’s behaviour annoyed me but there was nothing I could do about it. Then I remembered the contacts I gathered
on the day of his birthday and smiled to
myself. Since Hon. Clifford was busy, I rightly guessed that the president and his vice would be busy too so I started with the commissioner of police.
The man was so happy to hear my voice and asked me to meet him that evening in his personal guest house. Since business refused to come to me, I had to go for business afterall the fact that the mountain refused to come to Muhammed
doesn’t mean Muhammed can’t go to the
The only fear I had was that of STD but I didn’t know what to do. The pleasure of money had overtaken me and I couldn’t think of stopping. If my clients were small boys it would have been a different case.
But for men to pay you huge amount of money and you start talking about condom was out of place as long as business was concerned. Everything was cash and carry. Your client pays you and you give it to him anyhow he wants it.
Risky but rewarding.
When I first set out into the business, my
major fear and precaution was against
unwanted pregnancy which I took care of with regular pills. The thought of STD never crossed my mind till I had that itch. I decided to see my malam but I first had to honour the commissioner’s invitation first.
That evening I met the commissioner in his guest house as planned and he gave me a very warm reception. Then as night came, he took me upstairs into his bedroom and f.u.c.k.e.d me in and out – front and back – up and down – and back and forth. The next morning he wrote a cheque of three hundred and fifty thousand cedis and gave it to me.
“The driver will drop you at the park,” he said smiling.
“Alright no problem,” I replied and left.
As we drove, the driver told me lots of stories about the commissioner. How he slept with so many young girls of my age and how he always lied to his wife about meetings he never really attended. I just kept silent listening to him. When we got to the park, he dropped me off
and drove back.
I didn’t go to the commissioner’s place with my car as I didn’t want to give him the impression that I was rich. I flagged down a taxi and drove straight to the
bank to cash the cheque as I didn’t want to take any chances. My birthday was forthcoming and I needed to draw out avenues to make money. But first, I needed to see my Malam urgently to
know if there was anyway he could help me protect myself spiritually from stds.
The malam cleared his throat and smiled to himself after hearing all I had to say.
He had recognised my face the moment I
stepped in and had listened attentively to the reason why I came.
“You didn’t come again for the DO AS I SAY POWER?” He asked looking at me.
“Baba sorry don’t be angry,” I apologised shaking my head. “That aspect of drinking sperms no gree do me abeg.”
I didn’t even know when I switched from
english to pidgin.
“Big things don’t come easy,” the malam replied grinning. “You say you want spiritual protection from all STDs, yama-yama diseases?”
“Yes malam,” I replied nodding my head.
“Ok take this soap,” the malam said handing a package wrapped with palm leaves to me.
“Bath with it each time you do that thing with any man and you will be clean again with every dirt and disease washed off.”
“Ah baba thank you wate,” I greeted showing my gratitude.
“One more thing,” the baba continued. “On no account should any other eye see this soap and for no reason should any other body bath with this soap. If they do, all the diseases that were washed off would return and engulf you.”
I shuddered as I listened to the malam dish out the instructions regarding the soap.
“I’ve heard everything you said and will keep to them,” I replied and dropped some money on the floor. Then I stood up and left.
The first thing I did when I got to my hostel was to hide the soap in a safe hidden place in my wardrobe. Then I went to the kitchen to prepare what to eat.
I was still in the kitchen when my phone
began to ring. I rushed to get the phone and to my utmost dismay, Dennis was the caller. I hissed angrily and went back to the kitchen. My phone continued to ring but I ignored it. When I was done cooking, I dished out some onto my plate and went to check out the missed calls on my phone.
I had missed 8 calls on my phone. The first 3 were from Dennis while the last 5
were from Hon. Clifford. I quickly checked my account balance and discovered that I still have 2cedis balance so I dialled Hon. Clifford’s number.
“You weren’t picking my calls?”  Hon. Clifford asked as soon as he picked.
“I went to ease myself sir,” I replied.
“When would you stop addressing me as sir?” He asked.
“I’m sorry,” I apologised.
“Meet me at Gabby hotels this night,” the
MP continued. “Hope you’ll be free?”
“Yes I will,” I replied. “I’ll be there.”
“Gabby hotel is 1 kilometre from bazuka hotel so its not too difficult to locate.”
“Ok sir I will be there.”
“There you go again,” he commented and
dropped the call.
That night, Hon. Clifford and I had fun
long into the night and in the middle of the night, I informed him that my birthday was few days away.
“How do you plan to celebrate it?” Hon.
Clifford asked cuddling my nude body.
“In a big way with friends,” I replied stroking his dick.
“Alright no problem,” he said smiling.
The next morning, Hon. Clifford wrote my
cheque and saw me off to my highlander car.
“Take care my darling,” he said as I opened the door to the car and entered.
“Thank you my love,” I replied and drove off.
I got to my hostel and immediately rushed into the bathroom to bath with the malam’s soap. I needed to see how effective the soap was and I had no time to waste…
watchout for episode 20


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