Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 1 episode 9


I sat down on the bed, having no idea of what next to do. Different thoughts started running through my head. *like say i know, i for don go house on time yesterday, na the useless konji wey hold me kon cause this wahala* i said to myself. I took my phone and dialled clara’s number but i got a response saying my account balance is low. I quickly borrowed airtime from customer care, since that was the only option left for me to recharge my phone.
Dialling clara’s number again, i placed the phone on my ear. The response i got made me froze with shock. Clara’s number is switched off, what do i do now. Not knowing who else to call, i dropped the phone on the bed. I headed straight towards the door and decided to seek help from whoever i set my eyes on, i turned the door knob and pulled the door backwards. The door didn’t open, it was locked. At this junction, i could hear my heart beat.
I began to regret why i came to this party in the first place. I knew i had to get out of here, but i just couldn’t figure a way out. Banging the door and shouting for help may create a scene which am sure the outcome will be so embarrassing for me. So in order not to make matter worse, i went back and laid on the bed and started thinking of the next step to take. I took my phone and log into bbm to have a chat with Jaga *the fool wey introduce me to clara*
Me: Jaga, u dey mad oh i typed on the screen and sent it to him, i waited for few minutes but there was no reply. I began to look at the screen waiting for him to type a message but i got frustrated after none came. My stomach started rumbling and i began to feel hunger pangs, it then occurred to me that i haven’t eaten anything since yesterday evening. This was when i started raining abuses on the two fool wey put me for this condition, which was no other person but clara and jaga.
Then something caught my attention. I stared at the display picture on jaga’s bbm profile and it was a female picture i saw. I began to think it was jaga’s new crush until i viewed the picture and i was surprised at what i saw. Isn’t this clara’s picture? I asked myself oh yeah it is definitely clara’s picture.
I began to wonder why jaga uploaded her picture on his d.p i checked his status and what i read made me jump off from the bed, forgetting that i was locked up. This can’t be true so clara is jaga’s ex-girlfriend *he kon dey lie for me say clara na him cousin*
i was running out of battery so i quickly log out of bbm, and kept my phone. I must get out of here as soon as possible before i die of hunger, i said to myself. As minutes rolled by, i became more hungrier and tired. *next time again for my life, i go avoid party like poison, dis 1 don teach me lesson* i said to myself I was still lost in thoughts, until when i saw the door flew open, and then clara walked in with a smile on her face.
She was looking more sexier than ever, she wore a mini skirt which brought out the curvy shape of her hips, her breasts were *chai, see wetin i dey imagine, instead of make i strangle this girl*
Clara: good morning dear.
Daniel: where the hell have u been, i said with fury.
Clara: am sorry i left u here all alone, jay called me to come over and i escorted him home. I didn’t want you to leave without seeing me, that was why i had to do it. Daniel: so why was your phone switched off?
Clara: i had a flat battery, please am sorry now you don’t have to react this way.
Daniel: sorry for yourself, where are my clothes? Clara: i didn’t take your clothes, i left it in the wardrobe for you, didn’t u checked there? *i no even remember say wardrobe dey the room, over thinking don format my memory* I walked to where the wardrobe was and opened it and i saw my clothes neatly arranged there.
Taking the clothes, i quickly wore it, she didn’t say anything again, she just stood where she was and watched me. I will be on my way now, i told her. Won’t u eat, i bought u snacks on my way coming, she said, raising up a polythene bag she was holding. No am not hungry yet, i will prepare something when i get home, i lied. *i no fit spend anoda minute for this place* alright, no problem she said. We bade each other farewell and i took transport back to where i live.
Immediately i got home, i took off my clothes and ran to the kitchen to prepare something to eat, i took out some noodles and put it in a pot of boiling water. I went back to my room and relax while i waited for the food to be ready. Still couldn’t believe clara was once jaga’s boo. My phone vibrated, i took it and check the notification panel at the top screen and i saw bbm icon which signified that i have a message on bbm.
to be continued tomorrow