Tarasha Season 2 Episode 230


The fall was more than something he couldn’t control. He couldn’t stop the scream that forced itself out of his mouth as he found himself struggling against the force of gravity. His body hit the window guards from the top most floor and his head also hit one of the opened window glasses and continued downward until it got to the middle floor at the fourth second where it hit another opened glass window, all this slowing down his movement and increasing the pains of his fall. He closed his eyes in anticipation of his death as he continued falling.

He suddenly stopped moving after three more seconds of hitting two more opened windows. He opened his eyes expecting to find himself dead but he was still about twenty feet away from the ground. The thick collar of his cloth had hung one of the window glasses which was now oscillating because of his weight on it. Breathing heavily he managed to look down from that position. He could see people there looking up and pointing at him as his legs flew in the air. He heard a tearing sound and his body dropped a centimetre downward, the collar was giving way. He quickly used his hands to grab the window glass and also supported himself with the legs.

He was panting heavily as he managed to turn his body to the other side. He heard a scream from the room of the window.


Tarasha opened her eyes to look down after seven seconds. The distance to the ground was quite far and the bright lights on the walls of the building at every floor made it impossible for her to see the ground clearly. She however saw traces of gathered people and concluded that Rex must have fallen to the ground and they were surrounding his dead body.

She turned and dropped to her knees weakly, she closed her eyes and then took in some very deep breaths. She opened her eyes after few seconds. She still felt so weak in her body but she managed to get up to her feet. She picked the other end of rope on the floor and dragged her feet as fast as she could to the structure at the centre of the roof. She knew that security officials would be making their way up to that floor at that moment, the fastest way for her to escape would be to leave with the rope through the back of the building.

She quickly located her phone where she kept it on the floor and also located her bag.


‘What did the boss say?’ Nicholas asked Cole for the umpteenth time.

Cole remained mute as usual as he tried to settle in the speedboat.

‘Are you sure you can sail this boat?’ the keeper of the boat asked Cole again.

‘Yes,’ Cole replied the man. ‘You don’t need to get scared,’ he added even though he was not so confident of his riding ability.

The man stared at Cole doubting. He had compromised the standards to release the boat that night after Cole offered him a huge sum of money. The speedboat usually goes with a sailor who works with the organization, but at that time of the night, the sailors had closed and the sailing company was supposed to have closed operations for that day. Cole had claimed to forget his license but needed to use the boat urgently, his enticing offer made the man compromise.

‘Or should I sail you?’ the man offered.

Cole turned and stared at him. He heaved a deep sigh of relief. He wondered why the man had not offered to help from the beginning.

‘But you would have to pay extra,’ the man quickly added on seeing that Cole was considering his offer.

‘I’ll pay right away,’ Cole accepted.

The man joined them on board and sailed the boat while Cole and Nicholas sat behind.

‘So is she coming to join us on the ship?’

Cole stared at him, he wondered why he won’t stop disturbing. He didn’t want to tell him the truth that Tarasha was dead like he heard from Rex because he wasn’t fully convinced that Nicholas was truly on their side. He didn’t want anything to stop Elvis Richards’ death. He knew that was one thing Tarasha wanted to do and he made up his mind to complete the task even if she wasn’t there.

‘Yes, she’s coming to meet us.’ Cole finally replied him.

Nicholas sighed. ‘You don’t trust me yet,’ he asked, amazed that Cole still doubted him. ‘What would you have done if your mother and child’s lives were in danger?’

Cole stared at him, unwillingly to answer. His phone rang at that moment.

‘Hey Henry, have you been able to ask for a stop?’

‘Yes, but it was quite difficult and still complicated, they asked me to speak with the company’s Rep on board. He wasn’t fully convinced it was his boss’ voice. He tried to contact his boss after speaking with him but I already redirected his boss’ call to me. They’ve agreed to wait but they’re expecting to see men in Erico’s company shirt, you might find it difficult to get on board since you don’t have their uniform.’

‘Alright, thank you so much Henry. You’ve done a wonderful job,’ Cole commended.

‘Okay, what about Tara? Is she there with you now?’

‘No, she’d join us.’ Cole replied, trying to hide the sadness in his tone. He couldn’t tell Henry that she was dead yet. He saw himself as the leader of the team in her absence and did not want to give any room for weakness of the team.


‘I tried her number and it isn’t connecting, you guys should play safe.’ Henry said into the phone before ending the call.

He looked at Madam Henrietta who was still staring at him. He still wondered how the woman got Tarasha to call her mother. Tarasha was a daughter of the Danjumas and the couple were dead. He couldn’t hold his urge to ask questions anymore. He got up from the chair and sat at the other edge of the bed where she was. She was quick to talk before he could begin with his questions.

‘Where is Omotara? Please tell her not to go anywhere, i have this strong feeling that she might never come back.’ Madam Henrietta said.

‘No please, don’t say that. Tara is coming back and one day, she would find a way for all of us to go back to our normal lives.’ Henry scolded her.

The woman shook her head sadly. ‘I don’t know, I don’t think that day is ever going to come.’

‘Come on Madam, stop talking negatively. It’s going to be well.’

Madam Henrietta let out a deep breath. ‘Can you tell me what she’s going to do?’

‘Just to round up our task,’ Henry replied.

‘Please tell me in plain words,’ the woman shook her head.

Henry sighed. ‘The Vice President is trying to escape from the country and she wants to stop him.’

Madam Henrietta’s face went blank for a moment as she pondered on his reply. ‘She’s gonna kill him?’

‘I don’t think so, she could stop him without killing.’

‘Are you sure?’ the woman asked, with her body vibrating.

Henry could sense fear all over the woman’s body. ‘The truth is she’s going to stop him, I don’t know how, she might end up killing him or just handing him over to the police.’

‘But that man is deadly, he can harm or even kill her and he…’

–5 Minutes Later —

In the ceiling of the building Dave had gotten into, after confirming the exact room where Henry had lodged the team from the hotel. He wanted to hear their plans and know their next steps.

‘Did someone knock the door?’ Dave could hear Henry’s voice. He was now very sure that he was in the ceiling directly above them. There was silence for a moment.

‘There’s no one at the door,’ Henry’s voice sounded again. Dave knew that it was the noise he made in the ceiling that attracted them to the door.

There was silence for almost one minute before Dave heard Henry’s voice again.

‘I never imagined that Omotara wasn’t a real child of the Danjumas, I always believed that she was the only girl and I think she also believed that she was.’

‘Yes, you’re right.’ Dave heard Chief Gab’s voice. ‘She only found out recently who her real mother was.’

Dave listened to them carefully as they talked, Three minutes later, he heard Henry on a phone call.

‘Cole, I’m coming to join you on board.’ Dave could only hear Henry’s voice but not the reply. ‘Don’t tell me not to, my mind is made up. I’m coming.’


The woman’s scream became louder as Rex dropped into the room weakly. She was a middle aged woman, she had come for a business meeting in Lagos for the next morning and had changed into her night gown to sleep for the night. She turned to the other side of the bed to have a clearer view of who dropped into the room. She saw him sprawled on the floor weakly. She couldn’t tell if he was dead or not.

She needed to talk to the reception and tell them about him immediately but she was scared, the landline placed by the hotel management for the room user to communicate her needs was at the side the body was. She watched him for seconds and after being sure that he could not do anything to her walk past him quickly. She picked the phone and dialed.

Rex was in severe pains, his head was terribly injured from Tarasha’s hit and the window glasses which he hit in the process of falling. He didn’t feel like he had any strength to get up until he began to hear the woman reporting his fall through the phone calls. With deep sighs and groans, he dragged himself up and dragged his backside on the floor to the woman, she screamed and dropped the phone on seeing his movements towards her. She jumped onto the bed and fled quickly to the door.

Rex picked up the receiver of the phone quickly and held it between his shoulder and his ear as he dialed Elvis Richard’s number.

‘El…Elvis Richards, please ask that the power of the hotel goes off again, this time for ten minutes before coming back on.’ Rex said panting into the phone.

‘Okay, I’ll tell him right away.’ James replied instead.

‘Have your ship moved?’ Rex asked.

‘Yes, it has.’

‘Make sure you watch all those men on board, do not trust any of them.’

Rex did not get a reply immediately. He heard James talking to Elvis Richards.


‘Can you swim well Steph?’ Dave asked as he got back into the room.

‘Yes, I can.’ Stephanie answered as she turned to him. She stared at him inquisitively on seeing the dust and cobwebs on his body.

Dave flashed a glance at Lizzy. ‘Liz, we’d be going together to Lekki Port, we’d make a stop at the NIS office to get some swimming kits. Please make calls right away to any officer on duty to bring out the kits necessary for an emergency water operation.’

‘It’ll take us a total of about twenty five minutes to get to Lekki Sea port,’ Lizzy said, looking at the time. She considered the traffic at that time of the day.

‘Thirty minutes,’ Dave corrected her. ‘Five minutes to stop for the kits,’ he said and then turned to Stephanie. He began to use a towel to wipe off the stains on his body. ‘Steph, you’d get to Inspector Dakolo at the hospital and tell him we need reinforcement, Elvis Richards is trying to escape by sea and the likely meeting point of the assassins and Elvis Richards would be on that ship.’

‘Okay,’ Stephanie replied with a nod. She picked her phone and the key on the table and proceeded to the door.

Lizzy picked her things and also followed behind. She got to the door and turned back to look at Dave. She was surprised to see him still standing. He looked like he was being disturbed by something.

‘Is anything wrong?’

Dave shook his head slightly, carrying a narrow gaze on. ‘Nothing’s wrong,’ he replied.

‘Then, what are you waiting for?’ she raised her brows.

He shook his head and proceeded towards her weakly.


‘What the f*** is Henry coming to do here?’ Cole wondered to himself after the call ended. Tarasha’s instructions was that he remained with Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta until the mission ended.

He looked at his phone’s screen again, Henry was not answering his calls. Nicholas kept stealing glances at him but did not bother to ask any question.

Cole closed his eyes and rested his back on the backrest. He took a deep breath as he remembered his boss again. He couldn’t believe that she was dead already. It made him realize that death was truly inevitable for humans, no matter how powerful or dangerous the person is.


‘Guys, I want you to take a very good look around this ship. We must make sure we check anything that looks suspicious, we must not give rooms for any nonsense this time.’ James gave instructions to his men. A total of seven in number, he had ordered for them to come together after he received the call from Rex where he warned them to be very careful.

‘But why has the ship stopped?’ Ayo asked, wondering if the reason was related to the warnings given. He had gone to call the other men when the ships came to a halt.

‘I just asked the sailor, he’s says Erico Company has to add something to the goods in store.’ James replied.

‘Well, I don’t like the idea of taking a pause here in the middle of the sea.’ Ayo said.

‘That’s why we have to keep checking around now and remain alert, the sailor says a staff of the company is coming here. We have to check that staff before we let him come on board,’ James replied. ‘Please go now, spread out and leave no stone unturned.’

All the men turned and left the room immediately. James turned back to see Elvis Richards already walking into the room.

‘I don’t like the idea of the ship stopping too,’ Elvis Richards complained.

‘I’ll get it to move as soon as possible,’ James said with a reassuring look to his father. ‘I think Rex wants to come here too, it’ll give him sometime to catch up with us.’

Elvis Richards let out a deep breath and proceeded to sit on a chair.

‘Dad, all you need to do is remain here. The ship is safe but this part of the ship is the safest, no one knows you are here.’ James told him.

Elvis Richards nodded in reply.

‘I have to join them now and ensure they are doing what they need to do,’ James said and got a consenting nod from the man before he left. He got out of the quarters assigned to them and after five minutes of walking around got to the front verandah of the ship. He met some of his men already surrounding someone. He walked quickly to see what was going on. A battered lady was right in the centre of the circle.

Ayo landed another blow on her face. ‘You b***h! When are you going to speak up?’

‘Where did you find her?’ James asked, directing his question to Ayo.

‘They found her loitering around, one of our man has monitoring her since we got on this ship.’ Ayo replied.

‘We caught her sneaking on us,’ one of the men joined in. ‘She got into the toilet to make a call and we caught her asking someone where he was. It appeared he told her he was on his way.’

‘I knew that the Erico’s company call for the ship to stop was a fake one,’ Ayo put in.

James stared thoughtfully, he looked at the face of the lady on the ground in anger. ‘So what’s your mission here?’ He asked, he was about to squat to look into her eyes directly when he caught a glimpse of something moving afar off on the water. He stared at it for a while so nice that he attracted the attention of all the other men.

‘Take her somewhere in,’ James said to one of the men. ‘Everybody should take strategic positions, that looks like a Catamaran, the man she was calling may be the one coming in it.’

‘More like a speed boat,’ one of the men put in.

SPEED BOAT (similar to a catamaran)

A SPEED BOAT (The One used by Cole and Nicholas )

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‘I think Tomi has gotten into some trouble, she isn’t answering her calls anymore,’ Cole said aloud. He was worried. She had called him and asked where he was, after reporting that Elvis Richards had not less than ten men on board, the phone call ended abruptly and since then she had not answered his calls.

‘Maybe she was discovered,’ Nicholas put in.

Cole looked at him but didn’t say a word.

‘Do I wait for you guys, are you returning immediately?’ the boat sailor turned and asked Cole.

Cole found the question difficult to answer. ‘Well, I can’t tell, you can come on board with us and wait for a while.’

‘No, if you want me to wait, I’d rather stay in my boat. I don’t want anyone to mark my face for working at the prohibited time.’ the man replied.

‘It’s okay,’ Cole had no choice than to agree.

They got closer and closer to the ship. Cole could see some men on the large verandah at the exterior. They seemed to be about their own business and oblivious of his coming until the speed boat got so close to the ship. He saw the three men gather together as expected, looking towards their direction.


Tarasha checked her time on getting to the port. The place was not so busy like it used to be during the working hours. The last ship for the day had left and so everywhere was deserted. She glanced around, looking at all the standpoints of all the different Sea travel agencies around. She needed to get something to follow the ship that had left.

She took out her phone to dial Cole’s number while she waited. It began to ring. She noticed something like a Jet ski coming towards the sea shore. She paid closer attention to see if it could be her opportunity to get on the sea faster. She walked down to the direction where the Jet ski was facing. Her phone call to Cole wasn’t answered but she did not bother as her mind was already preoccupied with getting the jet ski.

The man soon got to the sea and got out of the machine. He took out his phone dialing a number on his phone when Tarasha approached him.

‘Hello sir,’ she said with a smile.

He stared at her with suspicious eyes. He noticed bruises on her face and some worn out parts on her clothes.

‘Hi,’ he forced out a reply.

‘Can I rent your machine for the night?’

‘No,’ he stared at her with a scornful look. ‘I was about to call the owner, he’d be coming right away for it.’

‘You have to tell the owner that I’m borrowing it,’ Tarasha said as she dipped her hand into her pocket and moved closer to him. He took a step back but didn’t go too far away to stop her from touching him.

A JET SKI (The one used by Tarasha)

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‘What do you guys want?’ one of the men questioned Cole and Nicholas after they step onto the ship. The man who sailed the speed boat waited in it.

‘We’ve come to add this to the package for Erico Group Of Companies,’ Cole replied. Nicholas remained silent.

One of the men stepped forward ‘One, there’s nothing like Erico group of companies and secondly I don’t recognize you two as workers at Erico.’

The man looked different from the two others, while the other two looked like security officials with guns in their hands. He looked ordinary, he wore an Erico labelled shirt on a black plain trouser.

‘I mean we were contacted to bring this here,’ Cole tried to cover up. He could see other men appearing from other sides of the ship. He remained as calm as he could, he didn’t expect it to be easy but he was sure he would fight at his best. ‘We do not work for Erico, we were only sent here.’

‘I wasn’t sent here with you,’ Cole was shocked beyond words to hear the words come from Nicholas. He turned slowly and widened his eyes in shock as Nicholas moved from beside him to the men’s side. Nicholas took a pistol from one of the men and pointed at Cole.

‘Who’s this?’ Ayo asked as he stepped back into the verandah with James.

‘I see Rex’s secret man in Samantha Osman’s gang is here with a member of the gang,’ James replied. Rex had showed Nicholas to them while they were in Solace Hotel and they were both present when Rex gave Nicholas the assignment of tricking Samantha Osman or any of her men into their trap.

‘He’s here and he’s expecting Samantha Osman to join him.’ Nicholas said to James as he came closer to him.

The other men took out their guns and pointed them at Cole too.

Cole wanted to curse Nicholas loudly but the sound of the speed boat speeding away interrupted him. He glanced back and saw the sailor already on his way back. The man must have been scared by of the guns he saw been taken out.

‘That’s just the man who brought us here,’ Nicholas said as he stepped forward and joined James and Ayo. Ayo stretched out his hand to give Nicholas a handshake.

‘We should get the ship moving again, I was forced to make the call to stop the ship on Samantha Osman’s orders but I also saw it as an opportunity to bring this fool here.’ Nicholas said and looked Cole in the eyes with spite. ‘Rex would not be glad if he finds out we are not moving, I’ll go tell the sailors to continue.’

Nicholas got on the way before James could reply him. James only nodded and watched him go. He then turned to one of the men. ‘Go bring that girl here,’ he ordered and the man responded immediately.

Two minutes later, the man returned with Tomi whose hands were tied behind her. They motioned her and Cole to the centre of the large verandah and asked both of them to go on their knees.

Cole had four men pointing their guns towards them from different directions. Inspector James and Ayo were standing in front of them. He studied the positions of all the gunmen carefully and began to conceptualize how he could get his way past them without injuring himself or Tomi. Another major challenge he faced was the ropes used to tie Tomi’s hands.

‘You guys should search him and take any gun or weapons you find on his body out,’ Ayo said to one of the men.

Cole breathed in gently, it could just be the opportunity he was waiting for.

‘No, don’t do that.’ James objected and the man who had made the move step back. He then looked at Cole eye to eye. ‘This guy looks smarter than that,’ he said and chuckled. ‘You know what boy? You’re going to take out everything in your pockets and put them on the ground.’

Cole was disappointed by the change in instructions. He could feel his phone vibrating in his back pocket again as he put his hands in his pocket to take out his gun. He put down the only gun in his pocket and his phone after silencing it, he pushed it forward towards Cole and Ayo. Then James signalled for the man pointing the gun behind to move closer and search his body

‘The sailors are dead, the two of them.’ A voice sounded from behind.

It was Nicholas. Ayo and James raised their eyes to look at him.

‘I saw traces of a female’s hair on them, I think she killed them,’ Nicholas added, accusing Tomi.

Tomi turned her neck to stare at him. She was the only female there, so she was sure he was referring to her.

James stared thinly at Nicholas’ face for a while trying to compare the time at which he met with the sailors and when Tomi was found.

‘So you killed the sailors already?’ Ayo asked, staring at her with furious eyes.

Tomi only stared at his face for a moment but gave no reply. James took her silence to mean she was guilty of killing them. He concluded that she must have done it immediately he left the sailors after he went to ask why there was a pause in the movement.

‘Now, we have a very big problem here if we can’t move the ship.’ James lamented. ‘Is there no other person who can sail it?’

‘I asked, but the security men do not seem to know what to do.’ Nicholas replied.

James stared at Tomi angrily he took out his gun and pointed at her. ‘Damn you b***h! He said and fired a quick unexpected shot at her and the bullet entered straight into her belly. Everyone was surprised, they didn’t expect he would shoot her that quick. She fell on her side and gave up the ghost.

Cole widened her eyes on seeing her fall dead. His heartbeat changed and his blood began to boil. Even though he and Tomi had not been the best of friends, her fall still had some huge impact on him. He was still boiling in anger visible when one of the men behind kicked him at his back with the knee and he fell face flat.

‘Don’t kill him yet,’ Nicholas cautioned as he saw James trying to pull the trigger angrily. James and Ayo looked at his face for explanation. ‘He’s the only one who can easily trick Samantha Osman to us, we lose if we kill him. I can’t do that because she doesn’t trust me completely.’

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The speed boat sailor zoomed as fast as he could. He had believed Cole and Nicholas when they told him they were from Erico company and one of them had to meet with the ship. He was surprised to find the men taking out guns on the ship and he decided to flee immediately since he had already been paid for his own services before they get him involved in whatever their business was.

He could see another small water vessel coming from afar, at first it looked like a canoe from afar but as it came closer, he wondered what someone was doing with it on the sea and going in that direction at that time of the night.

Two minutes later, that got to the same point and he had a better view of her. He knew who owned the ship and he was confused about how she got it but he remained silent and focused on his way. Five minutes after he passed her and the Jet ski was out of his sight, he saw something else that surprised him. A raft coming afar off from a different direction but towards the same direction of the ship carrying the Erico goods. He could see from afar that the raft had three people on it. He shook his head as he wondered what could be happening that night.


‘You’ve previously gotten information from Samantha Osman, you can’t say she wouldn’t talk to you when you haven’t given it a try yet? Why don’t you try?’ Ayo suggested.

‘I’ve been away from them since morning, it gives her room to be suspicious. She would believe I could have changed sides within that time,’ Nicholas said, reemphasizing his point that she wouldn’t trust him. He however picked up Cole’s phone which was on the floor to show them he was willing to try. He unlocked it and switched to the call history where he dialed Tarasha’s number on. He placed it close to his ear to listen.

‘She’s not answering,’ he said after the second time of trying without the call been answered.

There was silence for a few seconds.

James took out this phone and dialed Rex’s number. ‘Hello Rex, we have a problem.’

‘What problem is that? I hope your ship is still moving,’ Rex replied.

‘I’m afraid it’s not,’ James answered in a low tone. ‘It stopped and when we checked both sailors were dead.’

‘What the f***! I told you to watch carefully and ensure you do not have any enemy on board,’ Rex answered angrily.

‘I truly do not know how she got on board with us but she’s dead now, Nicholas also led Samantha Osman’s right hand man to us.’

‘But you gotta get the f***** ship moving immediately.’

‘I’m afraid but…’ he stopped to look at Ayo’s face. ‘There’s no way we can, I don’t know anyone here who can navigate the ship.’

‘You have to move it anyhow… Oh f***! Now listen, make sure that Chief Elvis remains in that room and does not take off his disguise. I’m close to the port and I’ll join you soon.’

‘Okay Rex,’ James wondered why Rex sounded so afraid, he expected that Rex should have killed Samantha Osman like he said he was going to do before leaving Solace Hotel.

He returned the phone into his pocket. ‘One of you should take this body and dispose it off,’ he said, referring to Tomi’s body. ‘Pick him up and take him in, we’d remain watchful with all our man while we wait here for Rex.’

James signaled to Ayo and both of them walked in, leaving the remaining with Cole.

‘Get up idiot!’ one of the men said as he slapped Cole hard on the back. He put the gun at the back of his head to show his seriousness. Cole forced himself up and raised his hands in the air like he was instructed to do. He turned to look back and watched as Tomi’s body was taken away, he was aggrieved in his spirit but he still had not gotten the right opportunity to attack the men who could easily overpower and kill him if he made any mistake while trying to attack them. His eyes met with Nicholas’ and he gave him the deadliest stare ever. Nicholas replied with a confident look. He unlocked Cole’s phone again and dialed Tarasha’s number.

They were about to enter into the interior of the ship when one of the men caught a glimpse of something coming afar off the sea. He called the attention of the others and they all delayed their movement to check what it was.

‘What could that be?’ Nicholas asked loudly.

‘Looks like someone else is coming here,’ one of the men answered.

They were sure another boat was coming towards them but what they could not ascertain yet was how many people were in the small boat. They waited for more than one minute before they could see clearly that it was only one person in a Jet ski.

Cole used the opportunity to observe each of them, four out of the five men were holding guns while the fifth one and Nicholas were without guns. It wasn’t still the right time to attack them, they still kept an eye on him even as they watched the coming vehicle. His eyes caught Nicholas’ eyes and Nicholas seemed to know what he was looking back for. Nicholas raised his brows and nodded his head gently. Cole stared at him suspiciously not understanding the meaning of his gesture.

‘Someone should tell James that someone else is approaching,’ one of the men said aloud and then turned to look at the vehicle well.

They dragged Cole with them as they walked back towards the guard rails, three of them spreading themselves out while one stood behind Cole with a gun.

Cole also took a brief look towards the coming vehicle, he wasn’t expecting anyone but the structure of the person sailing the Jet ski caught his attention. He stared more attentively for about thirty seconds and couldn’t believe who it was when he saw her.

‘She’s here,’ he said aloud with confidence, his mind gaining some peace of mind. He couldn’t contain his joy on seeing her again.

‘Who the f*** is here?’ the man standing right behind Cole asked.

Before Cole could answer or make any move, someone screamed from behind. All the men glanced back to see Nicholas attacking the man beside him.


The speed boat sailor was glad as he journeyed towards the land. He had heard a gunshot sound after he left the ship and he imagined in his eyes that they had shot Cole.

As he got closer, he saw a man walking towards the direction he hoped to park his speed boat. He hoped it wasn’t what he was thinking, he wasn’t ready to talk about the speed boat with anyone else that night.


‘Get the f*** down now,’ Rex ordered with his gun pointed at him.

The man jumped out of the speed boat immediately. He longed to call the attention of the security men but he noticed that he couldn’t catch a glimpse of anyone around.

He watched as Rex got into his boat and sped off with it. He was frustrated as he walked the seashore wondering what kind of debt he had put himself into. He suddenly spotted a man lying on the floor, he rushed to the man to see if he was alive. The man was breathing. He recognized the man as the one who rented the Jet ski from another man earlier that day.

(The Pictures Uploaded describes some of the water vessels used e.g Jet Ski, Speed Boat)

To be continue


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