Tarasha Season 2 Episode 229


With the speed of light, the two zoomed to meet each other at the centre both with their clenched fists as weapon. Tarasha bent to dodge Rex’s blow and then dug hers into his belly. The impact made Rex’s feet skid against the concrete floor for three seconds. She followed him and sent a blow to his face but he dodged by swerving to the left side, he tried to grab her by the fist but she was strong enough to wriggle her hand off. She directed another blow to his belly and he blocked it with his fist, he immediately tried to push a kick to her waist but she dodged. Quickly he rolled a kick through the back to her face, she bent and his leg crossed over her head but as she tried to get back up, he landed quickly and stamped his feet on her chest close. She staggered and fell on her backside to the floor.

She rose up immediately and dodged a kick her targeted to her chest, both turned back to each other immediately. Rex waved a kick with his right leg but she stopped it with her hand as she took a step back with her right leg. He launched a blow forward, she dodged and pushed a kick into his belly. He staggered back, she followed him and sent a kick to his face. He dropped on his knees and used his palms on the floor to stop himself from falling flat. She whipped him another kick on the face before he could move and he fell to the side. He rolled away and quickly tried to get up, however she followed him and kicked him again by the side of his belly. He landed on the other side, and tumbled.

He rolled over quickly and tried to get up to his feet even as she followed him immediately. He had not gotten up fully when she sent another straight kick meant to push him to the floor through his belly but he was able to grab her feet even though it touched his belly. He staggered back and eventually fell on his bum but still holding her leg and making her unbalanced that way.

He managed to get up quickly and swept the other leg off the floor while she struggled to free the one in his grip. He released her feet as she landed on the floor. He rose up quickly and attacked her with heavy punches on the face. With her palms flat on the concrete floor as she struggled to get back up, she found it hard to dodge Rex’s punches, and he hit her until the forth attempt where she grabbed his fist with her right hand, her left hand still on the floor helping her push to sit halfway up. She tried to push him away but couldn’t until she laid her back on the floor and pushed his body away with her foot. Rex landed on the floor and rolled up immediately before she could get up, he kicked her by the side of her belly as she tried to get up and she fell back. He followed and before she could get up, he dragged her by the neck, gave her a kick the upper chest region with her knee and left her to fall with her head hitting the ground.

He made sure there was no breathing space for her as he got on top her and rained her face with blows. Her resistance gradually reduced and he soon got up to take a thirty seconds rest.

Tarasha’s face was so injured again and she had blood already running out of her nostrils. She tried to take in as much breaths as she could within the short moment he went on his break but it didn’t feel like there was enough air to take in. She stared up into the sky and saw no hope in it, it was so dark but had a strange ray of redness which made it look like the sun was somewhere still reflecting it’s light sparsely. She realized that she felt so weak all over her body, having had no time to take a rest since the time she woke that morning. She felt so powerless and wished she could close her eyes and take a nap from there.

Rex flashed a look at the sky and then at Tarasha. Every second of seeing her still breathing increased his urge and zeal to kill her. He would have preferred to have the fight indoors where he would be able to put her in complete darkness. He was so sure he would finish her completely in a lesser period of time there. However, even in that open environment which she had brought him for the ‘party’, the night still so cooperative with him: the moon was totally hidden behind the clouds and even the stars seem not to be happy that night, the colours reflected from them that night seemed not to be white but dark red as of blood.

Rex looked around the wide concrete top of the building. There was a structure at the main center of the building which was less than four metres to where he stood and beside it was an iron rod which he thought could be useful.


‘Henry, you take them to a safe hotel and lodge. You can speak to the police commissioner in Lagos about your mother when you get there,’ Cole said to Henry after asking Nicholas to put on the traffic indicator of the car.

They had gotten out of Solace Hotel premises in the car Cole and Tarasha drove into the place. Cole was sitting in front with Nicholas who drove, Henry, madam Henrietta and Chief Gab were sitting at the backseat of the car.

‘So where are you guys going to?’ Henry asked, after Nicholas pulled over to a curb.

‘To finish the boss’ assignment,’ Cole replied him and Henry understood what he meant. Nicholas got out of the driver’s side after Cole stepped out and Henry also got out from the backseat. The car keys were handed over to Henry. ‘Please Henry, be safe.’

Cole and Nicholas watched as the car drove away. Nicholas turned his face to Cole who was already staring at him, he heaved a sigh as Cole changed his expression.

‘I still don’t trust you,’ Cole said briefly and turned back immediately. He began to walk hurriedly towards the junction where they had turned into the road from.

‘You have to give a benefit of doubt, I showed you pictures proving that I was compelled to do those things I did and right now my mother and my son are still in Rex’s control.’

Cole did not bother to reply him. He had other things in mind including how they were going to join Tomi and get to the port before the ship moves.

His phone rang as they got closer to the junction. He took it out and checked the screen, it was Tomi.

‘Hello,’ he answered the call.

‘Cole, I’m at the Port with them already. I think a ship is going to move soon.’

‘Which of the transportation services provider?’ Cole asked.

‘I’m not sure yet and I don’t think we have much time to confirm before the ship moves.’ Tomi replied.

‘Okay, that ship leaving, do you know if it’s direction is towards one of the shipping ports in USA or a neighbouring country?’

‘Cole, I just got here. There’s no way I would know the answers to these questions you’re asking,’ Tomi replied, she sounded irritated by Cole question.

‘Okay, how many minutes do we have to get there?’

‘The ship would move in less than ten minutes from now, ‘ Tomi answered.

‘Oh! Damn it!’ Cole cursed and exhaled deeply. He stopped walking and turned around as the fingers of his left hand ran into his hair. ‘Has Elvis Richards gotten in yet?’

‘No, he just arrived in his car with his team. They stopped by on the road, I think to get him well disguised.’

‘Can you stop him?’

‘No,’ she answered sharply. ‘He’s got people around him, even if I’m good at taking shots from long distances, I would never get a clear shot at him.’

‘Can you delay the movement?’

‘I’m not sure I can.’

Cole let out a breath. ‘Okay then,, you have to find a way to join them on board.’

‘Join them?’

‘Yes, the only option is to join them, stay on board and monitor, but if you can delay please do, we’d join you there in twenty minutes.’

‘Okay, I’ll join the ship.’


Tarasha could see Rex weaving the rod in his hand as she tried to get up on her feet. He wasn’t in a hurry, he took his steps one after the other with so much confidence.

The velocity of the wind was not reducing neither was the coldness in the atmosphere. The lightening increased and thunder became noisier, it was evident that the clouds were about to let out the rain.

She got up before he got to her and saw as he raised the rod to strike her, she leaped backwards to dodge the rod but he followed with another strike which she bent back to avoid and took two steps backwards. He followed up immediately with another strike directed to her forehead, she was just getting back up and couldn’t bend back again. She stopped the rod as she grabbed it with both hands. He tried to pull it from her but she held it firmly without releasing, disregarding the pain she felt on her palms.

She was still trying to balance up with her feet when he kicked her in the belly. She almost slipped as she stepped on a wet part of the concrete but she managed to remain on her feet until he kicked her again on the waist and she fell on her knees, her palms hitting the ground to stop her from falling face flat. Before she could make any move, the rod in Rex’s hand hit her twice on the back and once at the left side of her belly. She fell flat on the floor.

Rex took a walk around her, rolling the rod playfully in his hand. He watched as she made wriggling movements and placed her palm flat on the floor at both sides to help herself up. He raised the rod high and struck her hard on the back again, her hands dropped and laid flat on the floor.

Rex took sometime to walk round her again. He stared at her weak body on the floor and had a feeling of victory already. He took a glance up at the sky trying to guess what time it could be, but he couldn’t. He however was sure that the ship would have moved or was already planning to move. He had made contact with the sea transport company himself and had chosen the best option out of their transportation services for the Vice President’s trip.

He took in a deep breath of the cold air as he returned his focus back to Tarasha. He could see her already making slight weak movements in an attempt to get up again. He was enjoying the moment, there was no better feeling of victory than the one felt in making an enemy assassin suffer slowly to death.

He stood alert at a meter distance from her and watched as she struggled weakly to get up. He held the rod in his hand like a walking stick and narrowed his gaze at Tarasha. She was now up on her feet but facing the other side and not yet able to balance herself. He began to take very slow short steps towards her.

She managed to open her eyes and stared in front of her but she couldn’t find him. The night seemed darker than it was and even the little she could see in the darkness appeared blurry to her eyes. After some seconds, she began to hear the sounds of his slow and soft footsteps and she could tell the direction he was coming from. She took in a deep breath as she observed slowly for him to come closer. She made a sharp turn towards him as soon as she noticed he was close enough but was struck hard on the head with the rod. She fell heavily on her back like a lifeless log of wood.


Disguised Elvis Richards sat in his corner peacefully. He chose to sit at the balcony of the cabin while the men inside kept watch over him through the transparent sliding doors.

He had only had a singlet and shorts on, he enjoyed the cool breeze which he could feel on his body. He reminisced the narrow escape from Solace Hotel. He never thought in his life that there would be one day he would need to escape like that but it happened. He remembered himself being so full of tension and unsettled.

He was amazed by Rex’s intelligence, he matched Samantha Osman in every aspect and had even at one time captured her to kill but through his own mistakes, Samantha had escaped. He had no doubts in his heart that Samantha Osman was strong and intelligent but he was grateful to Matvei for sending him someone who was equally up to the task.

His mind was at peace as he anticipated the new life that would begin after he steps out from the ship into another country.

He yawned and stretched his body tiredly. His phone which was placed on his lap dropped to the ground. He was so enjoying himself in his thoughts that he totally forgot he had brought a phone out with him.

He picked the phone and checked the screen. Luckily for him, there was no scratch on it. He unlocked it and swiped down the notification bar which was empty. It felt strange to him at first, his phone was always buzzing with text messages and there were always several missed call after not being with it for a long time, but then he remembered that this was a new phone and he had tossed his former phone out through the window on Rex’s instructions. He navigated to the menu list and opened his browser. He typed in the PobsOnline stories website URL and it loaded fully in few seconds, he navigated to the news section and scrolled down to check the latest headlines.

The first headline that caught his attention was not the top most one, it was the sixth one in the arrangement. It read ‘Inspector General Rikau gives up the ghost few minutes after Chief Abdulkadir Afeez is announced dead’. He clicked the link and opened on another tab. He scrolled back up to check the ones he had skipped, ‘Protesters unwilling to go home even in the darkness: demand to see Chief Abdulkadir Afeez’s dead body’, ‘NIS Chairman found dead in Lagos’, ‘Samantha Osman: The Nemesis of the Notorious Seven – popular columnist writes’, and ‘Elvis Richards yet to be found; Will he escape Samantha Osman’. He took in a deep breath and reloaded the page again, there was only one new update. ‘Samantha Osman would not escape the law, says New Inspector General’. He also opened the link to the last update in a new tab.


‘They are in this hotel, I hope they are not trying to do what they did with Solace?’ Dave asked as they drove into the hotel compound. He was sitting at the front seat with Lizzy who was driving while Stephanie Williams say with the injured Inspector Dakolo.

Lizzy gave him a stare as she drove into the parking space. ‘This place is small and incomparable to Solace, what do we do here? Do we book another room?’

‘I think it’s the best option we have to get close to them. I’m sure they’re still tracking Elvis Richards that’s if he isn’t dead yet.’ Dave replied. ‘Or what do you think sir?’ he asked and turned to Dakolo to get his opinion. He wasn’t surprised to see Dakolo writhing in pain behind with Stephanie staring at him in pity. ‘Sir, you gotta go get better treatment immediately,’ Dave suggested again.

Lizzy also looked back after parking the vehicle. ‘The truth is that you aren’t trained to handle this kind of situation. It’s a job for the NIS, it’s better you take a rest.’

Dakolo stared at her with an angry look but he didn’t counter any of her words. She had said the truth, he had truly seen SSS agents being able to continue with tasks with bullet wounds after getting some first aid.

‘I’ll go for treatment at the police hospital close by but I’d join you soon again,’ Dakolo finally spoke.

Dave heaved a sigh of relief. ‘Do you need us to take you there?’

‘No, I’ll find my way. I don’t want us to joke with this opportunity to nail Samantha Osman,’ Dakolo replied. He opened the door and stepped out immediately. ‘am trusting you in this Dave,’ he said and Dave nodded in response before he walked away.

‘Are you really going to kill or hurt Samantha?’ Stephanie asked in a shaky voice.

‘No, I told you before. I wouldn’t kill her,’ Dave replied. He was saying the truth, he was not planning to kill her, all he needed to do was reveal all secret information concerning her and submit her to the SSS which was his job as a NIS agent.

‘But you want to arrest her?’ Stephanie asked. She remembered Dave promising her that he was going solely for Elvis Richards but the discussion between he, Lizzy and inspector Dakolo while they drove revealed that Dave’s task was solely to capture Samantha Osman.

Dave found it difficult to answer her question. He didn’t want to disappoint her. He stared at her face in the rearview mirror and wished he could just tell her his real motive.

‘We have to go in now,’ Lizzy interrupted their tensed conversation as she took off her seatbelt and opened the door. ‘I’ve got very little time to work with you remember, I have to return to Abuja tomorrow.

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‘Hey Tomi, we’re here now.’ Cole said into his phone as they got to the water side. He and Nicholas stood, seeing the already moving ship from where they were.

‘We moved already.’

‘I know, I can see your boat. Have you found out how you can stop them or kill the Chief?’

‘No, I don’t have an idea. I have just a gun here with me and he’s surrounded by many armed men.’ Tomi complained.

‘Shi*t!’ Cole cursed. He dipped his hand into his pocket and took out his gun to check. He realized that he only had four bullets left in them. ‘Tomi, just stay and keep an eye on the man. I’ll get back to you soon.’

He cut the call and dialed Henry’s number immediately.

‘Hey Henry, have you gotten them settled?’ Cole asked.

‘Yes, I have. We’re in a good hotel,’ Henry replied.

‘Okay, you can stay there until the boss gives further instructions but I need your help now. We are at the Lekki sea port, we got some details of the ships at Sea and the one Elvis Richards is currently on is carrying some goods for Erico Limited. I know you helped Erico build their online system, I don’t know if you can clone their managers’ phone number and call the sea port authority, tell them that a contraband was included by a criminal staff of the company and ask that the ship halts until it’s removed.’

‘Well… Cloning the number wouldn’t be difficult but how do I talk in the voice of the man?’

‘Come on, you can use a voice cloner, it doesn’t have to sound exactly like the man, no one recognizes voice of the man and the staff on duty in the afternoon is quite different from the one now.’

‘Okay, I’ll try.’ Henry promised.

Cole heaved a sigh after the call. He returned to the dialer and clicked on Tarasha’s number.

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The rain began to drizzle even as the thunder and lightening continued. Tarasha laid there like a log of wood, far lost in the world of unconsciousness.

Rex looked back at her from where he was at the roof, he noticed no movement whatsoever where he left Tarasha. He looked down from the roof again and then glanced once more at Tarasha. The thought on his mind was to drop her from that height to the floor. He believed that would be the best kind of death he could give to her, it was what she really deserved; to fall from the top heavily to the ground. It would keep the nation busy by the time they woke the next morning and it would take them a long time before they could come up with an explanation of how she dropped to the floor from the sky.

He turned back and began to walk straight to where she was, he was about five metres close to her when he noticed a glint of light some distance away close to the edge of the building at the right side. It was from the bag Tarasha had dropped there. He realized it was a phone from the constant blinking of light and changed direction towards the bag. He picked the bag and began to unzip it as he walked back to where she was. He took out the phone from her bag but couldn’t help but notice a neatly folded long rope in the bag which he detected at once that Tarasha was planning to leave the top of that building with. He took it out of the bag and dropped it on the floor, it could be useful to him. Two steps after dropping the rope, another thought came to his mind and he stopped walking, he turned back to pick the rope. He was changing his plans of dropping her from the top to the ground but was going to hang her from the rooftop halfway the building. He pictured the sight as a more befitting death for her. He dropped the bag on the floor and walked to where she was with her phone and the rope.

The phone began to ring again as he got to where she was. He turned the screen up to check the caller, it was Cole. He swiped the green icon to the right to answer the call and placed the phone close to his ear.

Deep down in her unconsciousness where there was total silence, her physical ears which had been trained to differentiate sounds was able to pick the ringing tone sound of her phone distinct from the sound made by the turbulent winds and thunder. The ringing soon stopped and she continued hear the sound of the storm only.

‘Boss, I’ve dropped Henry, Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab safely but I got to the sea port some minutes ago and the ship had already moved. What do I do?’ Cole’s voice sounded from the other side.

Rex did not answer and Cole spoke again after waiting without hearing anything.

‘Hello boss, are you there?’ Cole asked. ‘Hello boss, what do I do?’

‘F*** off idiot, your boss is dead.’ Rex cursed and then flung the phone to where Tarasha’s bag was. He stared at Tarasha again and released a breath.

Tarasha was now conscious but too weak to move any part of her body or even open her eyes. She was still imagining who Rex could have spoken to one phone when she felt strong hands hold her feet and began to drag her on the floor. She couldn’t tell where she was being dragged to. After almost ninety seconds, her leg was dropped to the ground.

Rex dropped her close to the edge and began to loosen the rope. After a minute, he was able to form the rope into the part he would hang her neck and the point he would tie to the structure on the top.

Tarasha could feel a hand on her shoulder and soon felt the rope being drawn in from her head to her neck. She tried to move her feet but she was till too weak to make any reasonable movement. The rope was fastened to her neck.

Rex got up and picked the part of the rope which he would tie to the structure. He noticed a slight movement of her body. He knew she had gotten back unconscious but was still very weak. He was sure that before she could regain the strength to make any reasonable movement, he would have tied the rope to the structure and dropped her body down to hang against the wall.

‘You f***** Samantha, your mother is still alive. I’ll make sure I **** her dirty a** for the troubles you caused me in this country,’ Rex said angrily and spat on her face before he turned and began to walk to the structure at the center.

Tarasha felt the spittle on her face but she felt the drizzling rain which was getting faster now wash it away quickly. His words about her mother began to echo so loud in her head and her mind took a fast trip down memory lane. She saw flashes of the scene where Mrs Lydia Danjuma was being raped by Inspector General Rikau and then pictures of how she was raped brutally by lower Lords of the Nefary clan. Pictures of her training in the Nefary clan also flashed through quickly with pictures of Jefa”s dead body. Then she saw a quick flash of the scene where Mrs Atinuke told her that Madam Henrietta was her mother and then she saw the scene of her mother’s reaction when she told the woman that she was that same Omotara before the flashbacks in form of hallucinations were cut short by the sounds of Rex’s footsteps as he made his way back to her.

Her heartbeat became louder to her and the sounds of Rex’s soft footsteps sounded to her like that if a giant marching angrily. Her eyes popped open and she turned her head in the direction of the sounds. She saw Rex still about ten metres away bending to pick something from the floor. She still felt so weak in her body and she closed back her eyes. The heavy footsteps continued and her mind did another quick flashback to her last moment with her mother. Mother Henrietta had told her she had something to tell her but she had shunned the woman and instead said they were going to talk when she returned. Maybe she should have just waited for her mother to talk to her about that last important matter. She was full of regrets.

As the sounds of the footsteps came closer, signalling that Rex was closer. She heard so loudly echoes of her own voice promising her mother that they would have enough time to talk when she returned. Her eyes popped open again and with all the strength she could muster, she unfastened the rope around her neck quickly and removed it from her head.

Rex stopped in surprise as he saw her taking off the rope.. He was four metres away from her now. It looked like a dream to him and he couldn’t explain where she got the strength she was using from, he had hit her at the right place on her head to keep her unconscious for several hours. He saw her put the rope on the floor and make an effort to sit up. His anger was kindled the more. He decided that there was no need to use the rope anymore, all he was going to do was to toss her to the ground from that top.


Tarasha’s vision was blurry but she could still see that Rex was standing and staring at her. She knew he was waiting for her to get up and be thrashed by him again. She took a slow step forward and turned her back away from the edge of the building where she could easily be pushed off by Rex. Rex also turned with her, he understood what she was trying to avoid and he could see that she hadn’t regained much strength.

He hastened his steps suddenly towards her and increased his pace as she began to step back to avoid him. He finally ran a few steps to catch up with her and grabbed her immediately on the shoulder, he landed a blow on her face and she fell on her right knee. He still held on to her shoulder, preventing her from falling to the ground. He pulled her up and sent another blow to her face. She fell back to the ground, now on both knees. He released her shoulders and left her to sit in her hinds.

‘You’re a f***** disgrace, you’ve failed everyone; your clan, your employer, your mother and yourself.’ Rex began to taunt her again as he walked in an imaginary circle around her.

Every single word he said began to echo in her mind and continued to weaken get physcologicaly. She asked herself if she truly was a failure and a disgrace to herself and her mother. What he said before this new one returned to her head, it reverberated again and again, she felt some pains by those words he said threatening to molest her mother. She agreed with the last one he said, she had failed everyone who he mentioned but she had once had victory for everyone he mentioned at one time or the other except for her mother. She had made only one promise to the woman since she began to call her mother and here she was about to fail that promise.

The cold wind blew across her skin, the rain started to fall heavily. She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath as she heard the sound of Rex’s footsteps coming to her. She realized that she had to live, if not for anything else but to fulfill the promise to her mother and not appear like a failure to the woman in death.

Rex in anger and readiness to finish her directed a heavy kick to her chest to push her to the ground, hoping to get her head to hit the ground but to his utmost surprise, his foot did not touch her chest. She had grabbed his foot with both hands and was slowly trying to rise to her feet with her eyes still closed.

Rex tried to exert more pressure with his foot but he made no progress as she seemed to have gained the sudden energy from somewhere. He stared at her face, wondering why her eyes were still closed when she was up already. He watched what she was about to do but she did nothing. He only saw her lips moving and she seemed to be chanting something, like the African traditional way of making incantations. Rex was confused, he wasn’t hearing anything.

‘My noisy chants made it look like I was invoking some spirits but it’s all a trick of the Nefary clan, a trick to get your opponent busy watching your lips and wondering what you’re doing.’ a brief scene flashed through Tarasha’s mind. She could see the face of her mentor Queen talking to her in low tones and revealing the secret of Darya’s defeat to her.

‘The Tiger clan has got sharp eyes in darkness, they can see your body language even in the dark and predict your next move, they block and attack you even before you make the move.’ she heard the queen say to her again.

She continued to move her lips while holding Rex’s foot without trying to make any attack.

‘I was shouting loud to mislead my opponent, the opponent would unconsciously not fight you silently when there’s a lot of noise, with that you can predict their next move through their noisy steps. Before you can do this successfully, you must have mastered all stages of sounds differentiation techniques.’

Tarasha’s lips continued to move noiselessly, she needed sounds to distract him and make him fight noisily unconsciously but she had the heavy rain and thunderous sounds already making enough noises. She also trusted her mastery of the sounds differentiation techniques.

‘The opponent would get distracted by your lips or unstable movement, unable to predict your next move and then would attempt to strike at you. Your greatest tool would be your ears, you have to pick every sound no matter how silent it is. From this you know the opponent’s move.’

Rex was tired having her hold his leg and move her lips like a mad woman. He had watched her long enough and she wasn’t making any move to attack him, it appeared like she truly had gone insane.

He decided to finish her off. He dragged his leg from her and leaped with the other foot to strike a heavy kick on her head but to his shock, she grabbed his feet again just like she did before but this time she pulled him off the floor and turned around thrice in quick speed and released his leg, flinging his body about three metres to the ground.

‘Keep your eyes closed, if you open your eyes and see your opponent’s moves physically, you may not be able to control your response and your body may react to it. If your opponent is a Tiger, he would use your body movement or language against you.’ Tarasha heard the queen’s voice in her face once again.

Rex felt terrible pains as he landed with his face on the ground but he managed to get back on his feet immediately. He turned to look at Tarasha and saw that she was standing on a spot and hadn’t even turned in his direction yet. He noticed she was now just a meter close to the raised one step brick at the edge of the roof. He charged towards her with full determination to end everything at once.

Tarasha could hear the movement of his legs and then she heard the sound made by his quickraising of his hand and the spread of his fingers. She turned sharply and met his fist with hers, she grabbed his neck and turned within a split second slamming his head on the brick handing edge behind.

‘Only make a move when you’re sure that the only part of your body which your opponent can clearly see is your face and your lips moving.’

Rex was frustrated, he felt helpless as he struggled for breath with her hand tightened on his neck and pressing his head to the floor. The back of his head which Tarasha had made to hit the concrete brick had totally destabilized his thinking and everything. He managed to open his eyes and saw her still closing her eyes and not doing anything different apart from tightening her neck.

He decided to end it all for both of them. He would grab her by the neck and wrap his legs around her and roll off the building with her. He didn’t see her knees rising already, just as he stretched forth his hand she bent her neck and he missed her back. She rose quickly and pushed his body with her foot. He rolled over and fell off the edge of building.

Tarasha could hear his loud screams as he fell off the skyscraper.

To be continued