Tarasha Season 2 Episode 228


‘Boss, I think I should direct Henry to the first floor before joining them. It’ll make it easier to get them out.’ Cole suggested to Tarasha.

‘Okay, if you think that would be easier for you.’ Tarasha replied him. ‘Have you found where the underground leads to?’

‘Still on it boss,’ he replied. ‘Rex is now at the third floor,’ he quickly added.

‘Tell me what direction he’s taking so I can attempt getting to the ground floor without meeting him.’

‘He’s still taking the stairs, at the right side. I’m not sure he knows that the elevators are now working,’ Cole replied. ‘But some people are already stepping out of their rooms and he should have seen them.”

‘Just check and tell me which of the elevators to use, It’ll be better if I can track Elvis Richards down myself before he goes somewhere far away.’

‘Ermm…’ he was quiet for about fifteen seconds. ‘You can take the closest elevator to you,’ Cole replied.

‘Boss…’ Tomi’s voice cut in. ‘Dave James and Inspector Dakolo are right at the base of the same staircase Henry is climbing down.’

There was a sudden silence. Tomi’s words had come as a surprise to Cole. He hadn’t seen Dave James and Dakolo moving at all neither did he see them leave the room. He quickly swiped through the option of streaming footages but still did not locate them. He returned to select the footage now showing Henry’s position, he checked what number of floor it was and then switched to one of the footages covering the floor below. Dave James and inspector Dakolo were already at the halfway landing of the staircase while Henry was about to climb the stairs.

‘Henry, stop and move back,’ Cole quickly said as he turned on his connection to Henry. He saw as Henry stood still in response to him but only stared like a confused man without making any effort to turn back. It was already too late.

‘What floor is that?’ Tarasha asked. She didn’t bother to blame Cole for having not seen it before it happened, she knew such a thing bound to happen since he(Cole) could not possibly keep his eyes on all the footages at once.

‘The thirteenth floor,’ Cole replied.

‘I’d take the lift to get to them,’ Tarasha said as she jumped down the stairs. She saw a few people already stepping out of their rooms as she made her way to the elevator. She ignored them and went straight into the elevator. A man wanted to join her but she pointed her gun at him and gestured for him to go out which he did immediately.


‘I can’t believe my eyes,’ Dave said with chuckle as he climbed up the stairs and saw Henry standing at the top. ‘See who we’ve got here.’

‘Who’s that?’ Dakolo asked in whispers, he was right behind Dave.

Henry stepped back slowly on seeing them, he gave a sign with his hand for Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab to hide back up the stairs but Dave had already seen them.

Dave had a frown on his face as he saw the gun in Henry’s hand but he was unperturbed.

‘Henry Ekene George!’ Dakolo said in a surprised tone as he saw him clearly.

Henry still held his gun unshaken, pointing straight at them even as his back was now close to the wall.

‘You’re not going to shoot us, are you?’ Dave said, he turned his neck to look up the stairs where he had seen Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta go back up. ‘What are you all doing here?’

Henry pointed his gun at Dave who was already moving closer to the stairs which led up. His eyes met with Dakolo’s eyes again and he could see the affection of a friend still in Dakolo’s eyes.

‘Henry, I never imagined you’d be like this.’ Dakolo said in a pained voice. ‘You now work with an assassin and have become one.’

‘I…’ Henry wanted to reply when he heard Cole speaking, he kept quiet to listen.

‘Just keep them waiting there for a few minutes, Tarasha is on her way there…’

‘I’m not an assassin and I’ll never been one. This just has to happen because of the inefficiency of the police which you are a part of,’ Henry replied Dakolo. His reply caught Dave’s attention who now kept his gaze on his.

‘But I would advise that you guys find your way out of this place right away, Samantha would not hurt anybody except you try to stop her.’ Henry advised.

‘So you don’t think we should stop her from doing evil?’ Dave asked. Dakolo was speechless.

‘No, you should not stop her from making the evil ones pay.’ Henry replied him. His gaze tarried on Dave’s body for a while, he wondered how the NIS agent still had his memory intact as it was obvious.

‘That’s the job of the law enforcement agency and not for an individual or an assassin group,’ Dave returned.

‘You’re right, but what happens when the police and other security agencies are failing woefully and even aligning with the criminals to punish the citizens together?’ Henry asked.

Dave was quiet. He knew Henry had a point, but it was still impossible to agree with him.

‘But do you know that the law would never accept your explanation?’ Dakolo spoke in a calm voice, his eyes staring thinly at Henry. ‘The law would not pardon you for trying to help us solve these problems in a criminal way, you are only causing more havoc and you and Samantha Osman would face the full penalties for all your acts.’

Henry was silent for a moment, then he remembered again that Cole had told him Tarasha was coming to them. He became sincerely concerned for Dave and Dakolo, knowing what Tarasha could do to them in anger.

‘I advise again that you both should leave when you have the opportunity now, Samantha would not pardon you for trying to stop her by stopping us here.’ he warned.

Dave looked around, he could feel Samantha’s presence close by, coupled with the fact that Henry had warned them twice. He wasn’t ready to face Tarasha, at least not at that time yet.

‘Looks like people can now move freely,’ James made a side comment to Dakolo as he saw a man walking out of his room with his luggage.

Dakolo only glanced at the man briefly and returned his focus on Henry. Dave also focused back on Henry but this time on his hand, he could see the gun was already cocked and pulling the trigger was the only thing left to release the bullet. He was thinking of the best way to get a hold of the gun or make Henry drop it when he began to hear some sounds. He couldn’t tell what it was or where it was coming from, for a moment it seemed silent again but he remained alert.

‘You guys gotta get off our way,’ Henry said after taking a glance at his wristwatch.’We’ve got to leave here now.’

Dakolo was still feeling dazzled at the sight of Henry holding a gun, he unhooked the handcuff from his waist. ‘Henry, you’re a wanted man. I can’t let you go, it’s my responsibility to hand you over to the police.’

‘We’d let them go, ‘ Dave said. Dakolo flashed a quick glance at him wondering why Dave would say so. Dave could see that the inspector was surprised. ‘Yes, arresting them is not why we came here.’ he emphasized. ‘And is there anyway you can arrest him now and still continue with our main purpose here successfully?’ Dave stopped and shook his head. ‘No, if you really want to make an arrest, you have to wait for another day.’

Dakolo shook his head in negative, he wasn’t going to agree with Dave this time. He took out his gun quickly and pointed at Henry. ‘Put down your gun Henry,’ he said in a command tone. He took a quick glance up as he heard a sound. Madam Henrietta had come to peep from up to stairs where she was supposed to be hiding.

‘Go back up,’ Henry said to Madam Henrietta as he took a quick glance up at her. She and Chief Gab were coming down the stairs. ‘Go up!’ he shouted again but they did not answer him.

At first, Dave saw it as an opportunity to snatch Henry’s gun from his hands but then he realized that Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab could not just be disobeying Henry for no reason. Someone was trying to do something. His hand located a tiny magnetic tracking chip attached to ring on his finger. He rolled it down and placed it between the nail on his index finger and his thumb, he targeted the visible metal part on Henry’s belt.

Suddenly, it seemed like a shadow appeared behind Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab, Dave’s mind worked so fast and so did his eyes, he quickly spotted Tarasha up behind the two with her gun aimed towards his direction. The magnetic chip left his fingers.

In a split second, Tarasha jumped on the handrail. ‘Bend now,’ she shouted as she fired two quick shots. Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab quickly bent their heads while Henry also squatted where he was.

Dave was able to dodge the bullet aimed at him as he bent his head quickly and fled back down the stairs but Dakolo was caught unawares and he got hit by the bullet on the shoulder. He staggered back and hit his back against the wall but tried to raise his other hand to shoot at Tarasha but she fired another shot straight to his right hand. The bullet hit his fingers. She turned quickly and fired in Dave’s direction but he was gone. She landed on the floor beside Henry.

‘Please, don’t kill this man.’ Henry pleaded as Tarasha stepped down the stairs still pointing her gun at Dakolo.

She glanced at Henry’s face briefly.

‘Let him go please,’ Henry pleaded more.

She wasn’t willing to listen to Henry, there was no reason why she should let him live; a police officer who was a threat to her mission. However she could see with her side eye, her mother right there, staring at her from the stairs. She didn’t know what the woman was thinking, but the eyes being on her alone weakened her, she did not want to appear like a killer in the woman’s eyes.

She looked towards the stairs to see if Dave was hanging anywhere around. There was no sign of him anymore. She bent and picked up the gun which fell from the Inspector’s hand, after that she searched his body and took out the extra gun and catridge on him.

‘Cole, where’s Dave James?’

‘He’s gone, I think he’s scared.’ Tomi replied instead.

Tarasha gestured for Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab to come down the stairs.

‘Boss, you have to use the elevator now. I can’t locate Rex again. The two men with him have now become four with Nicholas being one of them, they’ve split into groups of two and each group takes the different stairs at each side. I don’t know what his plan could be,’ Cole said to Tarasha.

‘Find where the underground leads to quick, then you can find him too.’ she said to Cole and then turned to Henry. ‘Let’s go, we’d use the elevator to the ground floor, we’d stop by at the third floor to get disguised, I have the kits there.’

Tarasha directed Henry, Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab to go in direction of the elevator while she stopped to take another look at Dakolo who was on the floor still conscious and writhing in pain.


Rex sat on the swivel comfortably, enjoying the rotational movement, his iPad was on the table and his phone in his hand, he was dialing Inspector James.

‘The car is waiting for you at the exit, hurry up and make sure you go straight to the sea port. Four security men have been arranged to help you,’ Rex said into the phone.

‘Alright Rex,’ James replied.

He got up from the table immediately and walked straight out of the room. He noticed that the activity in the hallway had increased and he knew that it would be the same all over the hotel.

He hung the bag on his left shoulder and took out his phone from his pocket. He dialed James number again as he closed the door.

‘James, give the phone to your father.’ he said, his eyes moving around as he scrutinized everything he saw.

‘Rex,’ Elvis Richards called from the other end.

‘Call the security officer again and tell him to repeat the process of turning off power one more time, only that this time he should turn it back on after sixty five seconds.’ Rex said.

‘Okay,’ the Vice President replied him.

Rex returned his phone into his pocket. He raised his Ipad and unlocked it, he maximized the tracking application. He could see two dots on the map of the building, both close to each other, moving in the same direction and at the same speed.

The power suddenly went off again throwing the people in darkness one more time, and they reacted with shouts and complaints having to use their phone lights.

Rex observed the dots on the tracking map carefully, he zoomed and noticed that the movements had completely stopped. He zoomed out to check what floor it was and where exactly they were. He chuckled as he discovered that they were in the elevator and their most likely destination was the ground floor.

The two dots on the building map represented the tracking chips which he had attached to the bodies of Madam Henrietta and Chief Gabriel. He had calculated everything from the beginning including the possibility of Samantha rescuing the hostages from where they were tied. Now that Chief Elvis Richards was out of the building, he knew Samantha would be aware and would try to pursue after them but if he could get Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab with him, it would distract her from going after the Chief.

He calculated in his mind, how many seconds it was left for the power to come back on. He also calculated how many seconds it will take the elevator to start working after the power comes back on and the calculated the amount of time the elevator will take to get to the down floor from where it was. With that he could predict the time he needed for him to meet Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta at the ground floor when they stepped out of the elevator.


Tarasha was surprised when the lights suddenly went off and the elevator stopped moving.

‘What’s happening Cole?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know, the power has gone off again.’

Tarasha was silent.

‘But I have gotten the exit of the underground escape, it ends at Silver Restaurant in Lekki, I think the restaurant is also one of Elvis Richards’ secret properties.’ Cole said.

‘Send the details to Tomi at once, let her get to the restaurant immediately, watch him come out and follow him,’ Tarasha said to him.

‘I’m sending the details already,’ Cole replied. ‘I’m also checking the map of the area on my phone now and I can predict that Elvis Richards is making his way to the sea port. I guess he now wants to escape by sea.’

‘How close is the underground exit to the port?’

‘It’s less than fifteen minutes drive,’ Cole replied.

Tarasha sighed in frustration. She hoped Tomi would be able to track the man.

‘Round up what you need to do for me and then focus on helping Tomi. Keep your communicator on and stay safe, I’ll tell you if the plan changes at any minute.’

‘Okay boss, I’ll check around once again for you’ Cole replied.

Tarasha dropped the call. She glanced at Henry and the other two people with her, they were looking up to her to do something to get them out. Suddenly the lights came on again and after ten seconds, the elevator continued it’s movements. They got to the third floor soon and Tarasha led them out of the elevator into one of the rooms on the floor. She had a bag of make up kits in that hotel room and other bags containing weapons and other tools she needed.

‘Henry, get seated in front of the mirror quick,’ she said as she went to pick her bag of makeup kits. Henry pulled the footstool beside the bed and dragged it to the front of the mirror.

‘Tara, I just saw Rex again, he’s waiting for you beside the elevator. He has a device in his hands and I think he’s getting your location somehow,’ Tarasha heard Cole say to her.

Tarasha stopped and looked towards Chief Gab and Madam Henrietta where they stood at the opposite side where Henry was. She stared as Madam Henrietta sat on the bed tiredly while Chief Gab leaned his back against the wall.

‘Chief Gab and Mrs Henrietta,’ Tarasha called, startling the both of them. They stared at her, wondering what she wanted to say. ‘Check your bodies, one or both of you have trackers on your body,’ she said and proceeded to where Henry was sitting.

She dropped the kits bag on the floor and began to arrange the tools.

‘Tara, I don’t think they understand what you mean,’ Henry said to her after seeing the expression on the duo’s faces.

She looked up and saw that Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab had made no move whatsoever to check their bodies.

‘There’s something attached to your clothes, Rex is using it to find our location. Search your bodies and find wherever it is and give it to him,’ she said and details to them.

Madam Henrietta got up and began to search her body and Chief Gab joined.

‘Boss, I just locked access temporarily,’ Tarasha heard Cole’s voice as she began the makeup disguise on Henry’s face. ‘Rex was surprised not to see you come out of the elevator and I think he’s talking to someone now. He got into the lift to use it but it didn’t move because I closed the system.’

‘Great work, but that’s okay for me. Find out where Tomi is,’ Tarasha replied him. She still had her mind fixed on not letting Elvis Richards go even though her parents’ safety mattered to her.

‘Is it this one?’ Chief Gab spoke from where he was. It was his first time of speaking to Tarasha that day.

Tarasha glanced at him and saw a chip on placed on his palm, it had a tiny blinking light on it.

‘Yes, put them together.’ Tarasha said. Madam Henrietta had also found hers attached inside, close to the tip of her skirt. ‘Madam Henrietta, there’s a gown and a hijab in the bag on the headboard, take them out and put them on. You’d also find an Arab male traditional garment in it, that’s for Chief Gab to put on.’

‘Henry, I’d leave you to take them out successfully. They are your parents, you are Yusuf and they are Mr Rasaq and Khadijat Abdulahi.’ Tarasha said and stopped to look at Chief Gab who had put on the gown. She noticed he needed a moustache to make him look more different.

‘Boss, I’m on their trail, I think they’re truly headed for the port like Cole suggested but they’re yet to leave Silver Restaurant.’ Tomi’s voice came through.

Tarasha paused what she was doing to think. ‘Cole, what colour of cloth is Rex putting on?’

‘Ermm… A blue jean jacket with a black inner and a navy blue trousers. A bag is hung around his left arm and he holds a tablet device in his right hand,’ Cole replied her.

‘Okay, you need to join Tomi now. Make sure you do everything to ensure Elvis Richards does not leave.’

‘Okay boss, so where do you go from here?’

‘I don’t want more people to get hurt tonight, I’m leading Rex to the top most floor where we would have time and space for ourselves. So unlock access and let it last for only fifteen minutes,’ Tarasha said into her Talkon receiver before getting up to her feet.

‘I’m through Henry, I got to go now. You wait here for a while until you get an instruction from me or Cole to leave with them,’ Tarasha said as she turned to the other side of the bed. She picked a bag there and the two tracking chips dropped on the bed, stared at her mother for a moment and then turned to leave.

‘Omotara, I do need to tell you something very important.’ Madam Henrietta said as she watched her daughter walk towards the door.

‘Mother, we’d have all the time to talk when I return.’ Tarasha replied with a brief glance at the woman. She stepped out and banged the door.

Madam Henrietta felt heavy. That feeling of never having the opportunity to talk to her daughter again was stronger.

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‘Find them guys, they are in a room at the third floor.’ Rex said to his men through the phone. Through his tracking app he had been able to locate them on the third floor. He didn’t want to risk Tarasha going out without meeting with him, so he decided to remain on the ground floor till he had a tangible reason to leave.

The ground floor was crowded already, the access had been locked again and no one was going out or coming in. Rex was sick and tired of the games with Tarasha. Just as he played his game of turning on and off power, she played hers of opening and closing of access.

Suddenly, everything began to work again. Rex sighed tiredly. He raised his iPad and unlocked it. The tracking app was still running and the location of the tracked objects had changed. It was moving away from the third floor but the unexpected part was that the direction was now upward. Maybe Tarasha had discovered the tracking chips and had put it into the elevator to take it up, he thought to himself. He had however ordered for four of his men to go to the third floor and search the place for Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab.

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‘Be safe boss,’ Cole replied as he rounded up all he needed to do in the control room. He moved to the left side, there was a dialog box open displaying an option of Yes and No. He clicked on Yes and immediately a part of the roof just above him opened up, big enough to allow him pass through. He picked his bag and strapped it on. He put a small torch on and put the tip of the handle in his mouth, holding it down between his lips. He was going to use it to navigate through to the third floor where Tarasha had asked him to get to before leaving the building. He climbed on the chair and jumped to hold one of the elements of the roof.


Rex kept watching as the direction continued upward. He had spoken to his men a minute ago and they only told him they were close to the third floor already.

He stared at the tracking app confused. Then he turned towards the elevator on hearing sounds of it approaching the ground floor. Soon, the elevator opened and two people stepped out. A fat woman and her husband.

He hissed and looked away until the fat woman walked up to him.

‘Hey, you’re the man on a jean jacket,’ she spoke with her voice which sounded like a cartoon character. ‘She says you’re expecting this.’

Rex stared at her for a moment before taking the phone she was giving to him. He was surprised to see an ongoing video call with Samantha Osman at the other end.

‘Rex, I’m with your tracking chips and the location you see is mine, join me on the top most floor for a party.’ she said with him with a wink.

Rex clenched his fists. He held the phone and walked straight into the elevator, joining one of the hotel security officials. He looked again at the phone’s screen. He could see that Tarasha was also in one of the elevators and was on her way up truly.

He couldn’t wait to kick her ass for the last time finally.


‘Get ready man, I’m almost there.’ Henry heard Cole’s voice in the earpiece.

‘Cole is close here, let’s get ready to go.’ he stood up from the bed and announced to Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab. Both of them responded sluggishly, there seemed to be something that bothered their minds which they weren’t speaking out.

Henry turned quickly towards the door as he heard a sound, someone was trying to open the door. He raised his brows, wondering who it was.

He quickly glanced at them at the back. ‘Get seated and get busy with something,’ he quickly whispered to them and sat back, holding his phone.

Henry hid his gun under his lap and placed an eye on the door as the force to open it continued. Henry was scared. He hoped it wasn’t Rex. The door was going to give way soon because it wasn’t locked with a security card but only bolted behind.

He got up to his feet and put this gun into the pocket, he took two steps closer to the door. Just like he expected, a shot was fired at the door and it gave way eventually.

Three men appeared at the entrance and stared at them inside. They looked disappointed by what they saw.

Henry did not know who they were until he saw Nicholas behind them.

‘We just broke into another innocent family room,’ Nicholas said as he stepped into the room with the men. His eyes met with Henry’s and locked for a moment.

Henry was sure Nicholas knew who he was and wasn’t deceived by the disguise but he wondered why Nicholas was with them.

The men stepped out of the room one after the other, Nicholas was the last to step out and close the door.


‘I think we’ve found them,’ one of the men said to the three others as they stepped out of the room.

‘That’s a completely different family,’ Nicholas said to encourage them to forget about the family.

‘Didn’t you see the shirt under the man’s gown, it is the same as what Chief Gabriel had on.’ the same man replied. He got the attention of the other two men who didn’t notice but were now inquisitive. Nicholas knew there was no other thing he could say to discourage them from going back into the room.

They all turned back and walked slowly to the door, with only Nicholas standing. He watched as they opened the door and all rushed in.

‘Put your hands up the three of you, your game is over.’ One of the men shouted as the three of them pointed their guns.

Nicholas entered slowly behind them, he also had his gun raised. At first he pointed it at Henry. Then all of a sudden, he fired three bullets one each into the back of the three men. He heaved a sigh as stared at Henry’s face.

‘Put your hands up,’ another gun touched Nicholas on his neck. Cole had arrived. ‘The boss knew from the first day you returned that you were now a mole.’

‘I can explain.’


Dave monitored his tracking chip from the room he sat. He was now disguised as one of the hotel security men after leaving Dakolo with Lizzy in one of the rooms.

He dialed Lizzy’s number.

‘Hey Liz, I need you with me. I’m going to be following Henry E.G from here and we need to follow them together. Call for help for Agent Dakolo,’ he whispered into his phone.


‘I’m going with you,’ Inspector Dakolo replied Lizzy after she told him she was leaving.

His shirt had been taken off and he had a cloth tying the bullet wound in his shoulder. The bullet which had hit his finger had not stayed in his body, so he only had a bullet in his shoulder region and an injured right hand.

‘You can’t go with us, you’d get killed this way. The little first aid I applied for you won’t take you far.’

‘I don’t care, Samantha Osman has lingered for so long, everything about her has to come to an end today.’ Dakolo replied. He managed to put on his shirt and buckled his shoe with the other hand.


The rushing cold wind blew on Rex’s body as he stepped up the stairs to the concrete roof of the building. He spotted Tarasha immediately, standing close to the edge at the other side with the wind making her jacket and her hair fly.

He moved towards her slowly and she soon turned to face him. She dropped the bag in her hand to the floor and slowly took off her jacket, Rex also dropped his and began to take off his jacket. After putting down her jacket, she took off the wig on her head and flung it away.

The wind got more turbulent and it seemed like something more than the rain was about to pour. The clouds turned strangely red even as the moon hid itself totally in them. Lights surged through the sky, making thunderous sounds that suggested that the god of thunder was angry that night.

Tarasha and Rex stood, alone, at the top of a skycraper far away from the world and everyone else.

To be continued