Tarasha Season 2 Episode 227


Flashback : Few hours ago

Tarasha got out of the car and proceeded towards the gate two minutes after she saw him walk inside. She touched the button for the door bell and waited patiently. She soon noticed someone behind the gate, peeping through the gate hole secretly.

‘I need to talk to you, please step out.’ she called onto him.

The man behind the gate opened it partially and stayed at the entrance.

‘Yes? How can I…’ he couldn’t complete his statement as he got kicked in the groin and began to writhe in pain. Tarasha kicked him again on his chest and he staggered back into the compound. She walked in immediately, pulling out her guns. She fired him a shot first and then fired at all the men in the compound. The suppressors attached to the guns helped to silence the sound of the shots.

She closed back the gate and then walked straight to the entrance of the building. She turned the knob gently and pushed open the door, she waited to see any reaction from inside before she stepped in. There was a man at the left corner of the room, he was seated in a plastic chair while his gun was on a table which was about two metres away from him. He got up quickly on seeing Tarasha but she sent a bullet to his right knee before he could leave his seat. He fell to the ground on both knees and let out a scream. She rushed to him and punched him hard on the face to make him quiet, he fell with his back to the ground and struggled for a while before he could stretch his knees.

She pointed her gun on his forehead. ‘What part of this building gives an entrance to the ceiling? Or where did Henry E.G pass through?’ she asked in whispers.

‘I don’t know,’ he replied back and she hit his head with the butt of her gun first before strangling life out of him.

She walked straight to the exit of the first room, and as she got there, she met a man who was coming to check what was happening. She dragged him by the neck and pulled him into the room where she was. He tried to punch her but she held him by the wrists and then slammed his back to the wall beside the exit. She touched his forehead with the mouth of her gun.

‘Which part of the building did Henry E.G go into to meet with your boss?’ she asked.

He pointed his thumb to the wall shakily,’The one after this one you’re about to enter. Just go straight.’

She pulled him by the neck and pushed him to the ground and then shot him on the head. She proceeded according to his direction, there was no one in the intermediate room. She got to the entrance to the next room and stopped to listen. She could hear some low humming sounds of machines in the next room but she couldn’t hear voices. She turned back and looked around, she located an entrance to the ceiling just at the corner. She got into the ceiling through the hole and found her way directly on top in the ceiling above the room where she could hear Henry’s conversation with the lady. After a lot of back and forths, Henry finally agreed to help them get her if they made sure that his mother was safe.

‘So, this is the documents which contains our deal and our agreement with our chairman, you can release it to the public if your mother isn’t handed to you after you help us kill Samantha.’ Victoria said to Henry.

Henry collected the document file and opened it. He began to scan through and found out that they were truly original.

‘Chief Abdulkadir Azeez?’ he widened his eyes in surprise, staring at Victoria’s face.

‘Yes, why are you surprised?’ Victoria questioned back with a evil grin.

Henry stared at her face, confused. He couldn’t believe that the Chief could be behind them and could not think of any reason why it should be the Chief.

‘Time is reading,’ Victoria reminded him after thirty seconds.

Henry stared at the documents in his hands again. The document was to be exchanged for his mother after he completed his own part by helping them kill Omotara. He didn’t think it was something he could do, but his mother’s life was at stake and they had given him the document with which he could hold them down if they tried not to fulfill their own part of the deal.

‘Let’s go,’ he finally said and turned back in the direction he came in from.

‘No, we’re leaving through the back opening. Someone might have followed you here without your knowledge.’ Victoria said to him and pointed to the door behind her, showing him they were going in that direction. Henry turned back reluctantly and followed her direction.


Tarasha waited until she couldn’t hear Henry and the lady’s voice anymore. She knew getting Henry’s mother out would be easier since Henry and the lady had gone through another direction instead of where the dead bodies were.

Even though she wasn’t sure whether Henry’s mother was in the same room where they had the conversation, she knew the woman was somewhere so close to the place that Henry could see her from. She decided that she would do all it takes to leave with the woman that day and would do it in less than thirty minutes to enable her return to her mission quickly.



Henry was still baffled and wondering how Tarasha had followed him to the place without him suspecting. After putting on the Talkon communicator, he had asked Cole to give him proof that Tarasha had gotten his mother out and Cole sent a picture to his phone where he saw his mother sitting with Tarasha at the backseat of a car, still dressed in the same clothes she wore the last time he saw her. That had made him believe Cole totally and now he was following Cole’s instructions and about to lead Madam Henrietta and Chief Gabriel out.


Eric tried to shoot at Tarasha but she was faster, she grabbed his hand and turned it up before he could pull the trigger. His bullet went straight into the roof. She followed with a punch straight into his belly, he staggered back but didn’t fall as she still held his hand up. She pulled him forward and sent him another blow in the belly. She then dragged him closer and slammed his back to the edge of the door. His hand touched the trigger and the bullet entered into lintel of the wall.

He tried to kick her but she dodged and punched him twice with her right fist on his chest. She twisted his hand which she held and made the gun fall from his hand. At that moment, she began to hear the footsteps of men coming in their direction. She quickly released his hand and then butt in the nose.

Eric was more frustrated now, he tried to punch her but she dodged easily and dragged him to the other side where she sent two blows into his belly. He hit his head and his back on the wall adjacent to the door. He let out a groan and gritted his teeth. He was baffled by Tarasha’s strength that night, it didn’t seem she was a strong as she was now at the first time they fought.

The first man rushed in through the door and Tarasha welcomed him with a kick in the chest sending him back outside. Eric at the back tried to attack also, but she sent back his raised kick with her foot and then stamped her foot heavily on his chest after which she landed a kick on the face of another man rushing into the room. She returned hurriedly to the back of the door and pushed it forward to hit the face of the third man. Eric was coming for her again. This time she grabbed him by the arm with her left hand and with her right palm on his chest, she slammed his back against the wall again.

She pulled him closer to her and turned him towards the door as she saw one of the other men coming with his gun already pointed. She took two steps backwards and pulled out her pistols. The man had already placed his finger on the trigger and could not stop himself from firing multiple shots into Eric’s body. Eric’s body had taken most of the bullets before the man could stop the shooting but before he could look up and take another move, bullets from Tarasha’s gun had already entered into his body.

She continued to shoot as proceeded forward, firing the shots into the bodies of all the men.


‘In less than fifteen minutes, we’d be able to break their communication chain which it’ll weaken their strength and end the battle quickly.’ Dave explained to Lizzy and Dakolo.

‘So we’re going to stay in this room till that time?’ Dakolo asked.

‘No,’ Dave answered. ‘There should a secret exit from this building through which Elvis Richards must have gotten out through or is planning to get out through.’ he stopped stopped and turned to Lizzy. ‘Lizzy is going to to stay in here and help us track the NIS with the chips on their bodies, it’ll give us an idea of where they are in the building or where they passed to get out of the building.’

‘Okay,’ Lizzy nodded in agreement.

‘The three of us would be on a conference call and have our earpieces, you’d give us directions as we both move.’ Dave explained the process.

‘But I thought you just paralyzed the mobile network in the building,’ Dakolo put in.

‘Yes, I did but I powered it back on when we noticed that only few mobile phones within the building were connected but we had two hotspots initially which has now turned to three within the building and connected to one outside the building. I think the assassin’s team would be communicating with the hotspots because the location of one of the hotspots is in the control room of the building.’


‘There’s a woman coming in your direction,’ Henry heard Cole warn him. He stopped and asked for Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab to wait behind him.

‘Is she armed?’ Henry asked in low tones.

‘She isn’t holding a gun but she has one with her,’ Cole replied.

Henry cocked his gun. He asked Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab to move back up the stairs while he stayed at the last step. Soon he heard footsteps of someone coming up the stairs.

Victoria was surprised to see Henry step down from the stairs with his gun pointed at her.

‘Hey! What are you doing?’ she asked with a frown.

‘I’m done with your guys and I’m leaving here now.’

‘Where’s Eric? I need to tell him that I couldn’t reach the source at the base,’ Victoria said to him.

‘Of course you can’t reach to the source,’ Henry said.

‘What do you mean?’ Victoria asked, she flashed a quick look around but did not look at the spot where Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab were hiding. She looked again at Henry and he was still pointing his gun at her. ‘Please put down that gun before you make a mistake with it,’ she warned Henry.

‘I know what I’m doing girl, I’m no longer on your team.’ Henry replied.

‘Stop talking trash and tell me where Eric is,’ she replied, taking some slow steps around him.

‘Eric should be dead by now, he went to confront Samantha. He can’t still be alive,’ Henry replied.

Victoria raised a brow. She shook her head and decided to ignore his words. ‘And where are you going to?’

‘I should be asking you that question,’ Henry returned.

Victoria sighed. The way he was holding the gun gave her more concerns than the conversation. It was obvious he wasn’t an expert and he could misfire if care was not taken.

‘I told you already, Eric has not been answering my calls and I need to reach him quick.’ Victoria replied him angrily.

‘Don’t you get it? Eric should be dead now, just the way your boss we left behind is dead.’

Victoria raised a brow, she wondered if he knew what he was talking about.

‘Henry, stop talking nonsense and let me go.

‘You guys are dumb, especially you. You should have noticed a foul play when your boss sent a message that he could not track the men in the building any longer.’

Victoria was getting more confused now. She remembered what he was talking about it really felt strange at that time hearing that the boss claimed not to be able to track the men when the chips on their bodies were specially created for such scenarios.

Henry saw that she was thinking deeply. ‘You see, I’m sure your boss was dead then and Samantha was the one sending…’

‘Damn it Henry!!! What god-damned conversation are you having with her, kill the b****** and move on.’ Henry heard Cole sound angry through the earpiece.

He stared at Victoria’s face, she was also staring at him. Even though he knew she was a part of the enemy’s team, he still found it difficult to pull the trigger on her. She wasn’t posing a serious risk to him at that moment and the main enemies Carl and Eric had already been taken care of.

Victoria saw Henry’s reluctance to shoot. She could see his earpiece and knew someone had spoken to him when he shut his mouth without finishing his sentence. She decided to use the opportunity to take the gun from him, she took a step forward slowly. Henry still remained in the same position, it didn’t seem like he noticed her step.

All of a sudden she leaped and tried to take the gun but he saw her coming and stepped back, she grabbed the gun at the tip instead of at the handle where she planned to. Henry’s finger pressed the trigger and a bullet went straight into her belly.


‘Hey boss, you there?’ Cole said after he turned on his connection to Tarasha. He had watched Henry fire the shot at Victoria before he made the call.

‘Yeah Cole,’ Tarasha replied.

‘Where exactly are you?’ he asked. He had stopped following her movements since he was now directing Henry’s movements.

‘The Doctor is dead, I’m going back down.’ Tarasha replied him. By her reply, he knew she was still at the thirty first floor.

‘I located the room Dave James and Agent Dakolo are, it’s a lodging room so the cameras are restricted and I can’t see what they’re doing there.’

‘Just the two of them.’

‘No, Patricia went in with them.’ he replied as he minimized the footage showing Henry’s position from the main screen. After going through a list quickly, he selected the footage showing the hallway to the room where Dave and Dakolo had entered. He didn’t know he had missed the walking out of Dakolo and Dave during the short while he paid more attention to Henry and was trying to get back to Tarasha.

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‘Can you get to the room within the short while?’ Tarasha asked as she rushed down the stairs, following Tomi’s command.

‘It would have been easy boss but I’ve got not less than ten security men outside, trying to break into the control room.’ Cole replied.

‘Ermm… What if you disconnect power from that room? It would turn off their systems and buy us a little more time,’ Tarasha suggested.

‘That’s a good idea boss, I’ll do so right away.’ Cole replied.

‘Boss, Elvis Richards and his group are on the second floor and on their way to the ground floor now.’ Tarasha heard Tomi say to her.

‘Damn it!’ Tarasha cursed. She had just gotten back to the twenty eighth floor and had a long way to go to catch up with them. She knew Cole had locked all the exits but she couldn’t write off the possibility of Rex having another plan to get Elvis Richards out.

She held her two guns in her hands ready to fire at anyone who tried to delay her as she rushed down the stairs.


A sudden darkness covered the room leaving Lizzy totally confused. It was just two minutes left to totally weaken the hotspots connections and power had suddenly gone off in the room. The laptop being used was still on but the socket to which the server used to begin the whole process was connected to had gone off. It would mean they would have to start the process all over again. She dialed Dave’s number on her phone immediately. While she waited for Dave to answer, she got up and looked out through the window from where she was. She could see reflection of light outside.

She turned to the door and opened it. There were also lights in the hallway.

‘Hey Dave! I think we’ve been discovered, there’s no longer electricity supply in this room alone.’

‘That means the server went off?’ Dave asked, he sounded disappointed.

‘Yes,’ Lizzy replied.

‘Uhm… You need to get out of that room immediately, leave everything except for your personal stuffs there and move far away from there. I’m sure they’re on the way there.’ Dave warned.


The Elvis Richards team which got to the ground floor had been reduced to five, Rex had sent two of the other men in an errand. Elvis Richards led the team into the store of the Hotel’s unused materials and equipments.

‘We have to take off those paint containers, that’s where the entrance to the underground is.’ Elvis Richards said, looking at Rex’s face.

Rex glanced at his two men and they immediately began to move the paint buckets. They finished moving everything in a minute and the Chief proceeded to the now empty space. He used the sole of his shoe to wipe off a space on the ground.

‘Here’s the place,’ he squatted and then used a handkerchief to clean off the place. Rex stood beside him. ‘It’s not on,’ Chief Elvis Richards looked up at Rex’s face. He was greatly afraid, their hope of getting out through the underground was completely lost if the lock wasn’t working.

Rex squatted beside the man. He checked the dead screen lying in front, it have been powered off by Samantha or any of her team mate who was in the control room of the hotel.

Rex got up, he took out his phone and a number.

‘Talk to the head of security outside, tell them to turn off the power generator outside and put it back on after thirty seconds.’ Rex said, handing the phone to the Chief.

Elvis Richards collected the phone and did exactly as he was told without asking questions. Soon, the whole place was thrown in darkness. Thirty seconds later, the lights came on again.

Elvis Richards stared at Rex’s face, wondering what the essence of what just happened was. Rex was staring at the screen on the floor, Elvis Richards also placed his gaze there, thinking that Rex was hoping it would come on after the lights came back on.

First forty seconds passed and it didn’t seem like anything was going to happen. Elvis Richards was now shaking visibly, the not-too-confident look on Rex’s face scared him. He knew that if Rex didn’t know what to do, then it meant the end for him.

Suddenly, the lights on the screen on the floor came on and the buttons with the numbers 0-9 appeared. Elvis Richards quickly bent and typed in the code. He rose up and smiled as the door to the underground gave way slowly.


Tarasha was on the twentieth floor when the lights went off. At first she thought Cole had made a mistake but stopped as she realized that it could have been from the power room outside the building.

‘Cole, what’s happening?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know boss,’ Cole replied. ‘Everything went off.’

‘I think it’s from the powerhouse outside, what are they trying to do?’ Tarasha complained in a pained voice.

Cole was yet to answer when the lights came back on.

‘Boss, it’s back on. ‘ Cole said.

Tarasha remained quiet, it took her about twenty seconds to realize what had just happened. Rex on getting to the underground must have commanded for the lights out. The light out will shut down the whole system and when it comes back on, Cole would have to reboot the control before locking it again which will open access to all the exits and entrances during the process. Tarasha would have told Cole not to reboot but it would be a disadvantage to her also. She would not get directions from Tomi or Cole neither would Cole be able to direct Henry anymore and it will also keep Cole locked in the control room without being useful.


Rex watched with a feeling of success as the underground entrance closed back after Elvis Richards left with James and Ayo. He turned back with the other two men, ready to face Samantha Osman.


2 minutes later

Tarasha just got to the eighteenth floor when she heard Tomi’s voice. ‘Boss, Rex is returning but he’s no longer with Elvis Richards and inspector James.’

Tarasha let out a deep breath. She knew Elvis Richards was out of the building and there was no need running to catch up with them, Rex was now coming back up for her.

‘Cole, release access to every entry and exit. Elvis Richards is out already, now find out where the underground leads to and send the details to Tomi. Tomi would start tracking Elvis Richards.,’ Tarasha said with the consciousness that Tomi was also listening. ‘After you release access, you’d locate where Henry is and follow through the ceiling exit from the control room to help Henry get Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab out.’

To be continued