Tarasha Season 2 Episode 231


‘Hey man, we need two speed boats, I want you to give me the fastest ones you’ve got.’

‘Oh! Not again,’ the speedboat sailor fell on his knees as he heard another voice requesting for a speedboat.

‘Come on, get up and answer us quickly.’

He raised his head and saw three people standing before him, a lady and two men. He recognized one of them as a SSS agent who had once come to use a speedboat from his company. The two men had two big backpacks behind them while the lady was holding only a small bag.

Dave knelt down beside him to check the body of the man who was on the floor. ‘The guy has only been put to sleep, he’d be awake soon. Just leave him.’

The sailor stared at Dave’s face for while, considering whether to believe him or not.

‘He just told you the truth,’ the other male agent put in.

The Sailor heaved a sigh. ‘So, what happens if I refuse to give you any of our speedboats this time around?’

‘I’ll make sure you’re arraigned for being accessory to crime,’ Agent Emmanuel replied with a mischievous smile.

The sailor shook his head. ‘Where is your identity card and permit?’ he asked.

The SSS agent brought out cards and showed it to him. The sailor nodded after confirming the veracity

‘I hope there would be no delay in payment or replacement this time around,’ the sailor asked as he began to lead the three to where the boats were.

‘I can’t give you an answer to that, only the government who sent us can answer you.’

The sailor did not speak again.

‘Thank you for agreeing to help Agent Emmanuel,’ Dave said as they proceeded on. ‘Please dont forget any part of the plan and keep listening with the devices for my instruction.’

‘Sure man,’ Agent Emmanuel replied.

Dave turned to Lizzy, he tapped her on the shoulder. ‘So we go on the ship together, you’re ready?’

‘Yes, I am. But I still do not understand what he is going to be doing with the emergency kits at a distance far away from us,’ Lizzy replied.

‘He’s not going to be at a distance far away,’ Dave corrected her notion. ‘He just has to stay at a distance where he would not be seen, this to ensure we escape quick if the need arises.’


On The Ship

Nicholas gave the man a final jab which made the man release his gun and then kicked him to the ground before firing a shot at him. It was too late by the time the other men turned back, Nicholas was already in full control of the gun. Cole decided to sieze the opportunity and grabbed the neck of the man standing behind him with the gun, the man had been distracted by Nicholas.


‘What’s wrong?’ Ayo asked the man who rushed into the cabin leading to Chief Elvis’s room.

‘We found another speedboat coming in our direction,’ the man replied.

Ayo stared at his face for a while. Then he stepped back and shifted the curtain to poke his head into the room. He saw Inspector James talking with Chief Elvis.

‘Please inspector, there’s something we need to attend to.’ he said to James.

James turned and stared at him for a moment, he then said something to the Chief before getting up.

‘Inspector, a speedboat is on it’s way here.’ Ayo said to James as the latter stepped out of the room.

‘Is it the same one that came before?”

‘No, a different one…’ sounds of gunshot interrupted his reply.

‘F***! We can’t afford to lose this battle after coming this far,’ James said as he pulled out his gun, he hurried towards the exit.


Cole and Nicholas were able to take down the four men in a minute and they were now left with each other, each pointing his gun to the other’s face.

‘You gotta trust me Cole, I’m sorry for Tomi’s death but I am fully with you. We would have found it more difficult if I did not act like I was with them.’

‘But you watched and did nothing while he killed Tomi,’ Cole argued, still feeling pained about Tomi’s death.

‘I never knew he was going to shoot at her, I would have stopped him somehow.’ Nicholas defended.

‘Why can’t I, why can’t I just believe you?’ Cole said after a silence of about five seconds.

‘You have to believe me, I didn’t know that he was going to react that way. I would not have told him she killed them.’

‘So she didn’t kill them?’ Cole asked with his brows raised.

‘Yes, she didn’t.’ Nicholas replied. Cole narrowed his gaze. ‘I killed them to stop the ship from moving until Samantha joins us here.’

Cole took in a breath.

‘F*** you, you idiot!’

They were surprised to hear James’s voice. He had appeared at the entrance and fired shot at them. They both tried to flee in the opposite direction as they shot back at James. A bullet hit Nicholas in the shoulder but he still managed to escape.


James fired on at them as he walked to the middle of the verandah, with the two men behind him supporting. Nicholas and Cole had gone back into the ship through the opening at the other side.

James walked quickly to the guard rail to have a quick view. He saw the Jet ski just about two metres away from the ship but there was no one in it. He looked at the space beside the vessel, there were signs which showed that someone had just gotten into the water. He fired two shots at the side where he could see the bubbles but there was no sign that the bullet touched anyone. He stepped back and looked around carefully, he saw Ayo and two other man still looking around for Cole and Nicholas. He turned and proceeded straight into the interior. He was going to instruct the remaining six men on the ship to look for the anybody trying to access the ship from any side while he would focus everything to make sure nobody touched Elvis Richards.

He determined not to fail after getting so close to victory. Even if it would cost his life to ensure the escape of the Chief, he was ready to give it.


Cole and Nicholas rushed into an empty cabin. It was unkept and smelling. Nicholas quickly sat on the floor behind a wall. He used his left hand to grab the bullet wound on his right shoulder.

‘Let me check it,’ Cole offered to help after locking the door of the cabin.

Nicholas took his hand off to allow Cole see the bullet wound.

‘We gotta stop the bleeding, let me take off your shirt and tie it.’ Cole said.

Someone began to hit the door of the cabin from behind, trying to gain entrance.

Nicholas flashed a glance at the door and then looked at Cole. He took out the phone which he had picked on the floor and handed it to Cole. ‘Don’t worry about me, just go, help the boss, finish the mission and kill Rex.’

‘No, I can’t leave you this way.’ Cole protested.

‘You gotta go, and trust me this time,’ Nicholas insisted. ‘I need Rex dead as much as you do. My mother and child are in danger because he lives,’ he added with a reassuring look.

Cole let out a breath and stared at him emotionally for a while. He squeezed his palm and then proceeded out through the opposite exit.

Nicholas jumped on his feet quickly and the door opened forcefully at the same time. He sent a kick to the chin of the first man who rushed into the cabin, slamming his head to the wall. The second man entered with a gun but Nicholas grabbed his hand and directed the gun upwards. He kicked him in the belly and then fired a shot into the man’s chest with the gun in his hand.


Cole had just gotten into the next cabin when the phone in his hand began to ring. He checked the screen and saw that the caller was Tarasha, he proceeded into the next place before he answered the call.

‘Hello…’ he answered with uncertainty, not sure if the phone was still in Rex’s hand or if it was now in Tarasha’s hand.

‘Cole, where are you?’ Tarasha’s voice sounded.

‘I’m in ship boss, where are you?’

‘I’m hanging somewhere on the body of the ship, have you located the position of Elvis Richards on this ship?’

‘Not yet, but according to Tomi’s findings; this ship was meant to be for goods only but Elvis Richards had made them provide a cruise section on the same ship so that it would only be on record that the ship moved only goods.’

‘And what section of the ship are you on?’

‘Close to the sailor’s side, I’m trying to locate the link to the cruise section.’

‘Okay,’ Tarasha replied him, she said nothing else before ending the call.

Cole heard another gunshot again from Nicholas’ direction. He hoped in his mind that it was Nicholas shooting someone else. He returned his phone to his pocket and proceeded out of the part he was, he heard three more gunshot sounds as he got to the exit. He stopped and took a glance at the door, considering if he should go back to assist Nicholas or not. But he realized there was no going back at that point, even if he could have helped Nicholas, it was already late.

He proceeded on into a cabin, it was dark inside but he could see that the place was filled with neatly arranged cartons of goods. The darkness in the room did not let him quickly see someone charging towards him. Before he could use his gun, a heavy blow hit him in the belly.


Tarasha jumped into the verandah, her backpack strapped to her body and her gun held firmly in her right hand. She walked carefully towards the door, observing the place and the dead bodies. She could hear the sounds of someone behind the wall at the entrance waiting for her. She continued like she was unaware of his presence.

He launched a kick at her but she bent quickly and hit him with her foot on the knee of the standing leg.


‘We’re finally here,’ the young man in the raft said as they got to the ship. ‘Let’s go in.’

He positioned the raft well for easy access to the ship stairs. He looked back as the Chief climbed up the stairs, he could see a speedboat coming from afar in that direction.


5 Minutes Later

‘Is she here?’ Elvis Richards asked James again.

‘No Dad but she’s got some of her men on board but we’re fishing them out and Rex is also close,’ James replied.

The frequent sounds of gun shots had returned the man to his state of panic. His hope of living a good life again had suddenly vanished and the fear of Samantha Osman had dominated his heart again.

James stared at his father’s face for a while. The man had cleaned up the disguise when he took a shower, contrary to Rex’s instruction that it was to be kept till the trip ended. However, he did not want to blame the man nor make him feel bad or afraid. He also did not tell the man that Samantha Osman men mentioned that she was coming there.

James phone rang and he picked it up immediately.

‘James, I hope the Chief is fine.’

‘Yes, he is.’

‘Any sign of Samantha Osman yet?’

‘No sign yet,’ James replied. ‘We’ve got only one of her men on board and that guy Nicholas seems to be on her side now.’

‘Okay, I can sight the ship already. I’ll be there in two minutes.’

‘Okay Rex,’ James dropped the phone and turned to his father. ‘Rex would be here in two minutes…’

James’ sentence was cut short when he heard a crash sound from the room leading to the place. He got up immediately and picked his gun.

‘Let me check what it is,’ he said to the Chief before getting up.


Rex climbed up the ship weakly and stepped into the verandah. The sea wind swept across his body, making him feel dizzy. His legs shook as he proceeded but he marched on, the drugs he had injected himself after getting out of Solace Hotel had not gone much in restoring his strength nor reducing the pains he felt all over his body. He took out a pistol from behind as he proceeded, he had two extra pistols at both side pockets.

He got to the helm of the ship and checked what kind of set up it was, he heaved a sigh of relief after he discovered that it was an easy one for him to steer. He proceeded into the other areas with the aim to check if Elvis Richards was still in safety and confirm that Samantha wasn’t on the ship yet before he continued sailing it.

In the first room he walked into, he saw four dead bodies scattered about the floor, he could identify all of them as his men and he recognized Nicholas especially, there was a bullet hole in Nicholas’ shoulder and two holes in his chest.

Rex did not waste time looking at the bodies, he proceeded onto the next place. Soon he could hear sounds of a fist fight from the parts of the ship in front. He clenched his fist and his fingers in anger but instead of feeling strength, he felt deep pains all over his muscles. He realized he didn’t have the strength to engage anyone in a fight that night, the impact from the fall he had was still so much. He took out a second gun and cocked it.


Tarasha could hear the footsteps of someone coming from the other room as she kicked the third man in his groin, making him fall back. She had killed the first two men who attacked her in the room. She hurried towards the door and got there just as Inspector James stepped out with the gun in his hand pointed, she grabbed his wrist quickly and directed his hand to the side, towards the man who she had just kicked in the groin. The bullet hit the man in his belly. She punched James in the belly as heavy as she could and dragged him by the hand to her front. Before he could raise his head, she used her knee to hit him in the face and followed with a blow to his chest.

He staggered back but was unwilling to give up nor let the gun in his hand drop. He tried to point it at her but she grabbed his wrist with her left hand and directed the bullets from his gun to the right as she elbowed him with her right hand. He wasted three bullets in succession to the ground. She twisted his hand and passed under his arm to stay at his back as she tried to collect the gun from him. He struggled with her and his finger pressed the trigger mistakenly, the bullet entered into the side of his belly. He became weak instantly and struggled to remain on his feet.

She was able to collect his gun from him and after that kicked him to the ground. He fell and laid on his back flat. She turned and fired a bullet into the body of the man she was fighting with before James showed up, she turned back to fire at James again but the bullets in the gun had been exhausted. She flung the gun to the ground and left him to die in pains.


‘I think we’re almost close to where Elvis Richards would be,’ Henry said as he led Madam Henrietta and Chief Gab into the Cabin. Just like they had been seeing from the verandah, there was blood all over the floor and dead bodies on the ground.

They proceeded into the next room and saw four dead men.

Madam Henrietta screamed on seeing the way a particular man’s face was totally disfigured. She froze at the entrance where she was, Henry and Chief Gab stopped to look at her.

‘Let’s go madam, these people are dead already.’ Henry said, urging her to step forward but she remained there frozen to the spot and shaking. Henry walked back to the entrance and held her by the elbow, trying to speak soothing words to her.

Unknown to them, Inspector James was still alive and was conscious of their presence. He was bleeding profusely from his wound and was feeling severe pains but he managed to hang on to his life.


Cole dodged a jab from the man and sent a heavy blow to his mouth, making him spit out blood. The man staggered forward and almost hit his head on the wall but was able to stop himself and turn back immediately. He was however sent to the ground with a kick from Cole to his head. Cole followed him and began to kick him in the belly until he laid flat on his back weakly. He placed a knee on the ground and tightened his fists around the man’s neck to squeeze out life from him.

The man was still struggling for his life when Cole heard a sound from behind him. He looked back and saw something that shocked him. Rex already at the entrance already pointing a gun at him. The fear of Rex which he had in his mind affected his ability to think fast. Before he could make any move, a bullet entered into his side, breaking through one of his ribs. The impact jerked him and he unconsciously fell with one side of his bum on the ground. He looked helpless as Rex stepped forward and fired another bullet into his chest.

Life oozed out of him totally in a second and his body fell to the ground. Rex took another step closer and fired another into his body, to make sure he was dead completely.


Tarasha looked around the dark room for a while without seeing anyone, she could hear sounds of slight movements coming from the wardrobe direction but she was yet to see who or what was making the noise. She proceeded slowly to the wardrobe area, she could hear more sounds and she was now certain that someone was hiding at the side of the wardrobe.

She proceeded carefully until she got there, leaving only two steps to get to the edge where she sensed the person was. She took one more step closely and then tapped her feet on the ground.

Chief Elvis Richards rushed out of his hiding place weaving a knife. He tried to stab her but she moved back immediately, he followed her and made another attempt but she swerved to the side this time around and he almost fell forward, she grabbed him by the hand raised it up. She gave him a kick with her knee in his belly. He groaned and tried to fight back but she landed a blow on his face and followed with another on his chest. He fell to the ground and the knife fell from his hand behind him.

He stared at her face for a while and got scared by the terror he could see on it.

‘Please, let me live.’ he said as he struggled to get up. She stretched his hand to pick the knife but she kicked him in the belly and he hit his back against the glass door exit.

Tarasha picked up the knife and raised it up. She smiled as she looked at the shiny blade and looked at the man’s face again. He was also staring directly into her eyes.

Her anger continued to increase with every second she could see himstill breathing. This was the man who changed the course of her life totally from her eighth year birthday and destroyed the life of her whole family. After and before that time he had also destroyed the lives of so many others, but here was he, striving to end his life peacefully and even begging to be left alive.

‘Please for…give me,’ he stammered with the whole of his body trembling and his bladder already releasing urine. He couldn’t look at her face anymore, she was visibly fuming in anger and it could be seen in her eyes like a fiery furnace. He managed to get up and got out through the opened space into the back verandah where he was previously sitting.

There was no where to run to. He stopped at the guard rail and looked down. He could have jumped into the water if he knew how to swim but he was sure she would still come after him if he jumped. He dropped to the floor weakly and spread out his legs. He closed his eyes as he saw her step out into the verandah. He knew this time that his death was inevitable.

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Inspector James turned his body gently to see the three people who had come into the room. He reached out for the second gun in his pocket. It took him sometime to bring it out and cock it.

Chief Gab was the first to hear the cocking sound of the gun but he couldn’t tell where it was from. Henry also heard and pulled out his gun as he turned back immediately.

It was however too late for Chief Gab as James fired two shots into his body, before he could changed the direction of his gun, Henry had fired into his body three times and he gave up the ghost immediately.

Madam Henrietta screamed and fell to her knees on seeing Chief Gab fall to the ground. Henry quickly picked her up, ‘Madam, we have to get to Omotara now.’

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‘Are you ready for this right?’ Dave asked Lizzy as they both stepped into the ship.

‘You know I’m always ready. What makes this night different? You’ve asked this same question more than once that?’ Lizzy replied as she pulled out her gun. They both had their NIS masks on.

They stared at the dead bodies on the floor for a while and then Dave signalled for her to go towards the right side while he would go in through the main entrance.

‘Agent Emmanuel, stay alert please.’ Dave said into his communicator as he proceeded to the entrance.


Tarasha heard a scream after the sounds of the gunshots. The picture of her mother flashed through her mind but she shook her head to wave it off. Her mother was safe with Henry and there was no need to bother about her, she thought. She proceeded to Elvis Richards, she wasn’t going to let anything stop his death.

She planned to stab him multiple times, at different parts of his body and leave him so disfigured to symbolize the lives of the several people who the man had left destroyed. She held her knife firmly as she got closer. She pulled him up by the collar and made his back lean against the guard rail. She was about to raise the knife when she heard her name.

‘No, Omotara. Don’t kill him,’ Madam Henrietta pleaded running forward with Henry following behind her. She stopped some distance away from Tarasha where she could see her clearly and also see Elvis Richards, she placed her hand on the guard rail for support as she leaned on it weakly.

Tarasha was shocked. She stared thinly at the woman as Henry joined beside her.

‘Henry, what are you doing? Why is she here?’ she asked, terribly mad at Henry.

Henry remained quiet.

Madam Henrietta was still shaky, her eyes were full of tears and her hand were trembling.

‘Omotara, you should not kill him.’ she managed to say. She swallowed in deeply. ‘He is your father,’ the words dropped out of her mouth one after the other.

Tarasha narrowed her gaze at her mother, wondering if she was talking in her right senses.

Elvis Richards also stared at madam Henrietta’s face wondering what she was talking about.

‘She is the result of what you did in Gabriel’s office twenty five years ago.’ Madam Henrietta said, breathing loudly and staring at Elvis Richards.


Lizzy walked carefully through the dead bodies on the ground, this particular cabin was stacked with carton of goods and the cartons were already stained with blood. Her eyes roamed about for a moment and she stared in shock as she saw Cole’s dead body staring at her. She rushed to where he was and knelt beside him.

Her hand became weak and the gun dropped. Tears rolled down her eyes as she placed her palm on his face to close his eyes. She felt like a failure. She had not recognized love when she found it, and she had even helped the enemies destroy the person whom she loved. She laid on the ground weakly, her heart was totally shattered.


‘Mom, what are you talking about?’ Tarasha gave the woman a questioning look.

‘He is your father, Gabriel wasn’t your father, Elvis Richards raped me that day.’

Location: Solace Hotels.

‘I don’t want to hear any of your apologies anymore Chief Gab, I’m tired already.’ Madam Henrietta said. She wondered why Chief Gab kept on saying he had something to tell her. He had said it first before they were kidnapped and he kept on repeating it anytime they were alone.

‘Adunni,’ she Gab said and let out a breath. ‘I never raped you, I did not do it that day.’

Madam Henrietta looked at him with disbelieving eyes. ‘You liar, what do you stand to gain this time? I’m not asking you to accept the child any longer.’

‘No, you don’t understand. I truly did not rape you, I have never raped anyone in my life.’ Chief Gab insisted. ‘You yourself do not remember how it happened that day.’

Madam Henrietta seemed to consider his words for a moment. She truly did not remember how it happened that day. She had only opened her eyes to find blood stains on her skirt and realize that her virginity had been forcefully taken.

‘I drugged you that day,’ Chief Gab continued his narration in a regretful tone. ‘Elvis Richards previously gave me a liquid to use in drugging people. He said a little inhalation of the scent would get the victim fast asleep. I used the liquid on an handkerchief that day and covered your nos when you did not consent. But you fell like you were dead and I was scared. It was my first and only time of using it, I did not know how the victim was supposed to react. I called Elvis Richards and asked him to come immediately. He got to my office twenty minutes after and you were still sleeping. He laughed at me and encouraged me to go ahead with my plans of sleeping with you but I could not, I was too scared that something would happen to you if I did. He mocked me and decided to do it since I refused to. I hid in the toilet until he was through, feeling bad.’

Chief Gab paused and let out a sigh, a tear dropped off his eyes. When you came back with the pregnancy, i was scared again. I couldn’t say the truth because I was also guilty of the same crime as Elvis Richards. I had to reject it, I did not tell him it was what he did that resulted into your pregnancy because I knew how dangerous he was, he could have suggested that we kill you after you give birth and kidnap his baby.’ he paused and let out another deep breath. ‘I’m sorry for the pains I caused you, I’m truly sorry, I regret everything I did.’

Madam Henrietta stared thinly at him, shaking her head slowly and tears dropping freely from her eyes. The pains and shame caused by their actions had not left her mind completely.

She wondered what sought of evil man Elvis Richards was. The man knew he once raped her and acted like a saint to her years after when they get again. He had a casual sex relationship with her and during those times pained Chief Gab as the evil man.

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Tarasha could not believe her ears as Madam Henrietta explained the truth to her. The knife fell off her hands and she took a step back, her eyes staring at Elvis Richards and her mouth left slightly agape.

Chief Elvis face was already full of tears and regrets. His body was trembling and his heartbeat was abnormal. He couldn’t imagine that he had lived his life as a total waste. He had started off as a young man chasing after a good life and had gotten into the wrong way when he met with Chief Afeez. He became as wicked as Chief Afeez and even more ruthless, killing people and destroying lives without compassion. He had thought he was gathering wealth for himself and his children only to find out years down the line that all the children he thought were his were for Chief Afeez, and then his life for the past nine months had been directed to fighting against the only one person who was his seed, the only person he ever fathered. His life was a total mess.

He stared at Tarasha’s eyes and saw the disbelief in her eyes, he knew she must be finding it very hard to believe that he was her father.

Tears continued to roll down his eyes. He took a step closer to her and raised his hand, trying to touch her cheek. He was yet to touch her when he saw Rex at the glass door, pointing a gun in Tarasha’s direction. He shone his eyes widely in shock, Rex was about to kill his only daughter just within his few seconds of discovering who she was.

Tarasha had gotten so lost emotionally that she wasn’t paying attention to the footsteps sound even though she heard them. It was until she saw her father eyes shone in shock before she realized that there was trouble behind. She tried to turn to check what it was but it was late already.

Elvis Richards pulled her close to himself and stepped to the front turning his back towards Rex and shielding her from the bullets. Rex had already released two shots before he knew what was happening.

The first bullet entered into Elvis Richard’s back and the second pierced into the back of his head. He fell lifeless into Tarasha’s hand and she grabbed him.

Rex was confused as to what had just happened and he didn’t realize until a bullet from Henry entered into his belly. He turned his face towards Henry briefly, he had seen Henry there before but did not think Henry had a gun, his mind was focused on taking down Tarasha only. His knees buckled as he looked back again at Tarasha and found her face full of tears with Chief Elvis Richards body still in her hands. Another bullet hit his chest, he fell face flat to the ground.

Henry turned to look at Tarasha. She was now sitting on the floor with Chief Elvis’s head on her lap, her back resting against the guard rails.

Sounds of people running about in the ship could be heard and then someone could be heard shouting commands. It was obvious that police officers had arrived.

Henry looked at Tarasha’s face frantically, he hoped she was in the right state to get them out without being caught by the police.

‘Tara, we have to get out of here,’ he said. ‘Take this,’ he offered his gun to her and brought out another. ‘We’d act like she’s our hostage,’ he said referring to Madam Henrietta who was beside him.

Tarasha rose up and collected the gun from him. ‘No, I’ll keep the both of you hostage, they might want to shoot and if you aren’t the hostage, you would be a target.’ Tarasha said in concern for Henry. ‘Get on your knees you both,’ she shouted and they both got on their knees. She moved to their back and rested her bum against the guardrail. She placed the mouths of the guns to touch the head of the two. She made sure it wasn’t cocked to prevent accidental discharge.

She planned to jump into the water after the police had seen that she kept Henry and Henrietta hostages. They would take the both of them from there as victims of Samantha Osman while they pursued after her. That would put only her in danger while the police treated the other two as victims. She hoped the police would keep them safely for her until she comes back to get them on another day.

Dave finally stepped into the verandah, pointing his gun at her.

‘Samantha, let them go now.’ Dave shouted.

She gave him no reply.

‘Let them go!’ he repeated.

There was still no reply. They remained in total silence for close to a minute.

Dakolo ran into the verandah and stopped on seeing Dave, he quickly pointed his gun at Tarasha while he spoke to Dave.

‘So you’re here, I was trying to find out what part of the ship you were. I started coming immediately Steph informed me.’

‘You delayed me, I should have gotten to this part of the ship earlier but I was trying to answer your call. The network was so bad.. What about the reinforcement?’ Dave replied Dakolo, making sure he kept his eyes on Tarasha as he talked.

‘Few men are here with me, I’ve got others coming to join.’ Dakolo replied.

Dave nodded and returned his focus back on Tarasha even though he never looked away. He noticed the look on her face, he could see she wasn’t at the right state of mind. Or how else could she be placing the hostages below her instead of shielding her body with theirs, he was sure she planned to jump into the water. He positioned his gun properly and his finger slowly moved towards the trigger.

Tarasha’s eyes caught Dave’s eyes for a moment and she saw that he was trying to focus his pistol, it was then he realized that she had made it too obvious that she wanted to jump over with her position on the guard rail and she had also exposed her body for entrance of bullets by having her hostages kneeling down. Before she could make any attempt to readjust, Dave fired at her. The first shot hit in on the right shoulder, she didn’t bother to try to shoot back because her guns weren’t cocked yet and he would have had more shots at her before she could shoot at him.

Dave fired another shot into her belly and she vibrated all over. Her hands got weak and she dropped the guns, she managed to hold on to the guard rails. She quickly tried to climb over and jump into the water. Just as her two legs got over the guardrails, Dave fired her two more shots which got into her body, and made her fall into the water without control.

Madam Henrietta and Henry widened their eyes in shock they watched her drop into the water with four bullets in her body. Madam Henrietta let out a loud cry while Henry collapsed on the ground and cried silently.

Dave proceeded carefully towards them, feeling confident and fulfilled. He had gotten it at the right timing just like he planned. He had allowed the assassins fight against each other until they got to their weakest level. He met Samantha Osman at her weakest time and it was easier to take her down.

He and Dakolo looked over the guardrail, they could see the traces of her body sinking in the sea.

‘Who’s gonna get the body out?’ Dakolo asked.

‘I don’t know, ‘ Dave replied and turned back. ‘You said more officers are coming already in their boats, I believe they include Marine officers, they’ll find her body when they come.’

Dave stopped to look at Madam Henrietta and Henry again. ‘These guys need to be taken care of,’ he said to Dakolo who took out his phone to call his other officers.

Dave walked away feeling cool with himself. He had the final victory.

To be continued