Tarasha Season 2 Episode 197


‘What happened to Cole?’ she asked.

‘He was shot, twice in the belly.’

They could see some police vehicles coming from behind as they turned into the main road. Nicholas increased the speed of the vehicle.

Two of the police cars followed after them while the others coming from behind turned into the untarred road which they had driven out from.

‘Is he still breathing?’ Tarasha took another look at Cole who was laying lifelessly on the space between the front seat and the backseat. Part of his body was resting against the wall of the car and a hand was placed on the seat. The blood stains on his stomach were so visible even as his whole body was dirty.

‘He was breathing when I carried him in, and that’s why I put him in that position.’ Nicholas replied.

‘But how did he get out of that vehicle?’ Tarasha asked, still baffled that she could see still see him when she already thought he would have been burnt to ashes.

‘I don’t know, I just saw him fighting with another guy beside the burning car.’ Nicholas answered.

Tarasha took her eyes away from Cole for once and looked at the side mirror to see the position of the police vehicles coming after them. Then she turned to look at Cole again. She stretched her body from the front and placed a finger on Cole’s neck to see if he was still alive. She returned to her seat after confirming he was still breathing.

‘He requires quick treatment,’ she said to Nicholas and looked back again to check the cars coming after them. ‘We need to get these guys off our trail.’

‘Boss, they must have seen and identified this car already, even if we get them off our trail, they would find and trace us to the base through the security cameras.’ Nicholas complained.

Tarasha thought for a moment. She wasn’t surprised Nicholas was making such complaint as he was new in the gang and didn’t know most of their secrets. The other members of the gang already knew the spots in town where they had extra cars hidden that could not be covered by the security cameras.

‘Drive back to Egbeda,’ she said to him.

He flashed a quick look at her face, surprised that she was asking him to drive in an opposite direction to their base when she just talked about the need to get Cole medical attention quickly. He knew there was no hospital anywhere that would agree to treat Cole except they see a police report, so Tarasha could not be asking him to drive to Egbeda for them to get medical treatment.

Tarasha knew he was confused but did not bother to explain further since he asked no question. She took out the long gun from the backpack and reloaded it with bullets. She took a glance back again, the police vehicles were still following after them and making announcements through a megaphone for them to stop. She locked the door firmly before winding down the window glass totally. Then she turned and put half of her body outside the vehicle, facing the back with the gun in her hands.

‘Drive on the right side,’ she said to Nicholas as she began to shoot at the police vehicles.

It was easy to get rid of the first vehicle as the police officers did not expect the gun shots and could not respond to it without thinking deeply because of the other innocent road users.

She shattered the front glass of the first vehicle and continued firing until a bullet hit the driver and the vehicle ran off the road giving her a full view of the second vehicle.

Tarasha had to move her body a little into the car as the police officers in the second vehicle had begun to respond with their guns too.

‘Drive in a not-too-sharp zigzag motion,’ Tarasha said to Nicholas.

Nicholas for a moment did not understand what she meant. But after looking again at the gunshot exchange, he could tell the reason for Tarasha’s order was not make the officers shooting at them not be able to get a clear target at any part of the car or at her and knew in what manner to drive.

The policemen in the vehicle appeared to be smart as they followed the Camry sports as it changed directions. Tarasha had to focus her aim on the tyre at the left side which she could see and fired three times before a bullet hit it. That made the police vehicle slow down a bit but they kept on pursuing. Tarasha turned off the light at the top of the car and moved to the backseat, the glass window was already shattered by the officers bullets, so she put her gun through the window and aimed her shot straight at the driver of the vehicle, she fired three times consecutively. The police vehicle swerved and ran into the drain by the side.

Nicholas heaved a sigh on seeing that Tarasha had been able to stop the vehicles from following them, he could now drive without having to bend his head to dodge the bullets. He waited for Tarasha to return to the front before speaking.

‘Boss, one of our back tyres got hit by a bullet already.’

‘Go a little bit further, we would get a car to hijack.’ Tarasha replied him.

‘Do we still need to drive to Egbeda?’


Location: Tarasha’s New Base.
Date : June 3, 2031
Time: 12:23AM

Henry was waiting outside when the Camaro drove into the compound. Tarasha had called to inform him that she would need help getting injured Cole into the house. She had also called the doctor to get the tools and materials needed to treat Cole ready.

Nicholas stepped out of the passenger’s side immediately the car halted. Henry had already moved close to help them. He opened the backseat and Henry joined him as they both carried Cole out and rushed him into the house.

Tarasha turned off the car engine and stepped out. She had been the one who drove after they changed the car as Nicholas was feeling so weak from the fight and discovered he was already bleeding from an injury he got on his right arm. He had to tear off his cloth to tie the face of the wound lightly.

Tarasha walked in after them and locked the door behind, she headed straight to the medical room where they had rushed Cole into.

Tomi and Doctor Ekwueme were already set to receive Cole in the medical room. Henry and Nicholas laid him on a bed and Tomi tore off his cloth as the doctor began to check his wounds immediately.

Tarasha stood at the entrance of the medical room for a moment, she took a look at Nicholas who was supporting his injured arm with the other one. He was dirty just like Cole was and they both looked like children who had played in dirty water and stayed several hours without cleaning up themselves.

‘Get seated somewhere and take off that dirty cloth from your wound, you need to get treated before you get yourself an infection.’ Tarasha said to him as she stepped into the room, she walked towards the left side and entered a washroom. She washed her hands with warm water and a sanitizer and returned to help Nicholas treat his wound.

‘Henry, help clear the NSCC records of our movement from Egbeda.’ she said to Henry who was standing by the side.


Rex was seated silently in the dark room. His laptop was on and staring at him. He had seen what happened between Tarasha’s team and the junior assassins team. He wasn’t too happy about the outcome, he had wanted it to go in either of two ways. He preferred to have had the two assassins injure Tarasha badly but would have still liked the outcome if it was Tarasha who injured both assassins or killed them, any of the outcome would have made him worry less about one of either teams. That was the reason he set them up against each other by placing Nicholas’ phone where the junior assassins found it. With Nicholas back in Tarasha’s team now, he was sure they would soon find out how they were set up but it didn’t bother him.

He picked his tobacco and took in a long drag. The outcome was not totally bad in itself, it had gotten both teams weak, which means they would be susceptible to his attack if he launched one which was very soon.


‘We made a total mess of ourselves today,’ Eric complained, a nurse was standing beside him and treating his shoulder wound.

‘Not a total mess I believe,’ Carl replied, another nurse was also in front of him, one of her knees was placed on the ground and a first aid box was beside her as she treated his wounds. ‘Lizzy killed the two b******s that fought with me and we’ve reduced her team with that,’ Carl added.

Lizzy looked up from where she was seated. She had been absent minded all the while until she heard her name mentioned. She tried to reason what Carl had just said about her. She made attempts to recall if she saw two men or just one and she suddenly remembered that she had seen two men fighting with Carl the last time she checked the NSCC cameras stream before getting to the place but on getting there she only remembered seeing Victor fighting Carl. She pondered more deeply and recalled that she saw a body on the floor, she realized that he must have been alive for Carl to expect her to kill two people.

‘Who was the second man fighting with you?’ Eric asked Carl.

‘Nicholas, the one whose phone we found.’ Carl replied.

‘Yea, I know he was there, he was the one driving the Camry Sports.’ Eric said. ‘Who was the second person?’

‘Victor,’ Carl replied with a curious gaze. He realized that Eric must have thought Victor died in the burning vehicle. ‘I don’t know how he got out of the car,’ he added before Eric could ask him. ‘He came out without the handcuffs.’

‘How’s that possible?’ Eric asked, looking at him stunned.

‘I was as surprised as you are now when I saw him outside,’ Carl said.

‘F***it! That b****** didn’t die,’ Eric seemed to be angry about it. ‘So you fought with him and Nicholas?’ Eric asked, another question rising in his mind.

‘Yes, the two of them.’

‘And you said Elizabeth killed the both of them,’ Eric said and flashed a suspicious look at Lizzy. He had been watching Lizzy closely and wondered how Lizzy who was fidgeting and didn’t want to capture Victor with them had the boldness to kill him. He suspected foul play.

Lizzy kept her gaze on his face without wavering. She knew he was doubting her and knew he would be so sure she didn’t kill Victor if she showed any sign of weakness. ‘I shot at both of them,’ she defended herself.

Eric kept staring at her quietly.

‘I shot both in the belly,’ she added another lie.

Eric still did not believe her but he kept his mouth shut and looked away from her to the nurse who was talking with him.

‘You have to be careful not to let this wound expand,’ the nurse said, referring to the wound on his shoulder which she had treated and put a plaster on.

Eric nodded in reply and flashed a look at Lizzy again.

‘We now have to focus on getting Samantha Osman herself,’ Carl said. ‘I don’t think we should take any break.’

‘Yes we shouldn’t but what steps can we take immediately?’ Eric asked.

There was silence for some seconds.

‘They have Mr Matthew,’ Lizzy broke the silence.

The two assassins looked at her, it seemed the announcement had brightened their mood.

‘They took him on his way to his house,’ she continued.

‘He has a tracker on his body, have you tried to track him yet?’ Carl asked.

‘No, I was tracking you two.’ she replied. ‘Except they take him somewhere else which isn’t their primary base, I’m not sure we’d be able to find them by tracking him.’

‘But the tracker was just a Plan B,’ Eric cut in. ‘Our main idea was for the man to lead them into our trap.’

‘Yea, we’re still going to get it done,’ Lizzy said.

‘I hope Samantha acts on it quick,’ Eric put in.

‘I hope she acts quick too, now that she’s got two men down, she’ll fall easily if she takes the bait .’

Eric took a glance at Lizzy again and Lizzy stared back at him. She also hoped that Samantha would take action immediately now that Victor would still be down, it will help keep Carl and Eric from knowing that the bullets she shot at him were only tranquilizers.

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Location: Aso Rock, Abuja.
Time: 08:05AM

Elvis Richards was seated at the backseat of the car comfortably, his PA and the driver seated at the front, an escort vehicle in front of the car and another at the back. They were on their way for his meeting with some foreign delegates at the ministry of mineral resources. He took out his tablet device and decided to check for news updates while they were on the journey.

He opened youngicee website and navigated to the news section. The first headline he saw was an update on the missing doctors, it read; ‘Man confesses to have thrown doctors’ bodies into the river, claims he was sent by Samantha Osman.’ He opened quickly and read through. The article explained how a man had been caught by the police during investigation after they found the bodies of the missing doctors in a river. The man had claimed that he worked as an informant for Samantha Osman and she brought the bodies to him in a car one night and asked him to dump them deep in the sea. When asked by the police to take them to Samantha, he said that she never revealed her location to him but always found him when she needed to.

‘Good job,’ Elvis Richard muttered under his breath. James had done just like he promised and that way his name was clear from the murder of the doctors.

He turned to the news homepage and began to go through the other headlines. A text message popped up on his phone and he paused to read.

BREAKING NEWS: Samantha Osman releases shocking confession video of the Inspector General. Read more here:

He reacted in shock as he saw the message. He wondered why he didn’t find such a headline on the youngicee website. He returned to his browser and reloaded the news page, the same headline was on top as the page loaded. It occured to him that the news was just posted.

He clicked on the headline and waited anxiously for it to load. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath to calm himself down while he waited. He needed to maintain a calm composure for the meeting he was going for. The page was already loaded when he opened his eyes, there were only few texts on the page and a video.

‘Who has an earpiece here?’ he asked aloud and was handed an earpiece by his PA.

He plugged in the earpiece and clicked on the play icon on the video.

A lady with a masked face appeared at the beginning. Part of her face could still be seen, but the mask covered alll features that could make her recognizable.

“Hi Nigeria, i am Samantha Osman”

To be continued