Tarasha Season 2 Episode 198


Hi Nigeria, I’m Samantha Osman.’ she started and paused to smile. ‘Well, you may go ahead to record and sample this voice if you like but I’ll warn you to treat the owner carefully because I only borrowed it.’

‘Since I started my blog, it has been receiving massive followership and we’re close to a million subscribers from all around the world already.’ she paused and smiled again. ‘I have therefore come with a new strategy that would get my readers entertained and would keep them engaged on the blog. I’m starting with a new video series and the main actor for the first episode is the one and only Inspector General of Nigeria.’ she smiled again. ‘In today’s video, the Inspector General talks about how he started his life and how he met Elvis Richards in the police force. It’s an interesting story, I tell you. Enjoy!’

Elvis Richards heart began to beat faster as he heard his name being called. There was a transition and the Inspector General was seen sitting in the hotel room where he was found and he began to talk.

Good day everyone, I’m Rikau Aliu, the Inspector General of Police for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I want to tell you how I started my journey in the police force and how I got to the level I am today…’

‘Is everything okay sir?’ the Vice President’s PA interrupted. He had noticed the man was acting strange.

‘Yes, no problem.’ Elvis Richards took off a part of the earpiece to reply.

He continued with the video and listened as the Inspector General narrate his early life briefly and tell how he grew up and joined the police force. That part of the video ended after twenty eight minutes and Samantha was seen again full of smiles.

That’s it for today, the next episode of this series would be posted on Thursday. I hope you hit the subscribe button. See you on Thursday.’

The video ended with that and returned to the news page. Elvis Richards heaved a sigh as he scrolled down to read the comments. He could see that several people were excited about the video series and were willing to get more of it.

A notification tone sounded just as he unplugged the earpiece, he had a new email. He swiped down the bar and clicked on the new message. His heart skipped a beat as he saw the name of the sender, ‘Samantha Osman.’

Hey Man! I guess you must have seen today’s video, if you haven’t, go check my blog before you continue reading this message.

I guess you must have seen the video now. Thursday’s episode would be very interesting. The Inspector General talks about how he joined the terrorist group Boko Haram, hope you also subscribe to my blog.

Elvis Richards was confused, he didn’t have an idea what she intended to achieve to do with the email. He was however sure that he needed to stop her from posting the remaining videos, he was certain that the Inspector General must have revealed several of their dirty secrets in the videos.

He returned to the news homepage and reloaded it again. There had been several other news updates in the last forty five minutes. He quickly scrolled through, two of the new headlines caught his attention. The first one was ‘Nigerians react to the new video series by Samantha Osman’ and the second was ‘Inspector General Rikau’s health worsens’ .

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Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.
Time: 8: 15AM

Cole felt a palm touch him on his arm gently, then he felt fingers on his face gently stroking his hair. He opened his eyes slowly. His vision was at first blurry but after some seconds it became clear.

At first, he thought he had already died and was surprised to find himself in heaven. The room where they were was painted all white and Tomi who was standing right in front of him was also putting on white. He didn’t quickly realize that she was only putting on her nurse gown.

‘What happened?’ he asked as he tried to get up.

‘You shouldn’t get up yet,’ Tomi held him by the shoulder and tried to push him back down.

Cole laid his head back as he realized he had a drip connected to his right hand. He closed his eyes and tried to recall what happened. Then his memory suddenly came alive, he remembered Lizzy pointing a gun at him and firing twice at his belly. He quickly placed his second hand on the belly and met a bandage already around the place. He realized he was naked and only covered by the white bed cloth. He looked at Tomi’s face again and wondered if she was the one who had cleaned him up.

She smiled at him and stroked his hair again, ‘You’re alive and you’d be okay soon.’

Cole squinted at her, wondering the reason for her unusual kindness. He was now sure she was the one who bathed him. She must have seen his male organ and played with it in the process and was now imagining having it inside her again. That was the only reason he could think of for her unnecessary kindness.

His thoughts shifted to Patricia and he remembered the look on her face as she fired at him. He didn’t know what to think, he had thought she would consider the good times they had together and not shoot him but she proved him totally wrong. He was however grateful he was still alive, she had thought him a great lesson needed by an assassin. Love was not something to be considered by assassins, it made them weak and vulnerable.

Tomi turned back as the door opened and the doctor walked into the medical room. ‘He’s awake Doc,’ Tomi said to him as she walked to the other side to check the drip connected to Cole’s arm.

‘Great,’ the doctor walked to Cole with a smile. ‘You’re alive,’ he stared at Cole with fatherly eyes. ‘But you’d need a lot of time to rest and regain your strength.’

‘What happened to Nicholas?’ Cole asked, closing his eyes tight for a moment. He was now feeling a headache.

‘Nicholas is fine, he brought you home.’ the doctor replied.

Cole frowned as a lot of thoughts ran through his mind. His mind flashed back to the fight with Carl and he recalled looking up to see Lizzy standing at his front and pointing a gun at him.

‘Kill the two bas*****,’ Carl’s voice echoed in his head again. It made him wonder how Nicholas was still alive and was able to bring him home.

‘Was he shot too?’ he asked the Doctor, not being able to curtail his curiosity.

‘No, he wasn’t.’ the doctor said.

The Doctor’s reply made him think more. How come Patricia shot him only and left Nicholas alive? Could it be that it was because he was her main target and she had no business with Nicholas?

‘You were lucky,’ the doctor said and Cole’s eyes moved to his face. He was preparing an injection. ‘I’m sure the girl did not know that the bullets in the gun were tranquilizers.’

Cole looked away again. He tried to recall the scene again. He could see Patricia pointing the gun at him and taking out another one which she shot with. He flashed a look at the doctor’s face again. He was now confused. Why would she have shot him tranquilizers if she really wanted to kill him?

He was distracted from his thoughts as he felt a touch on his hand. The doctor slowly disconnected the drip bag from the **** and inserted the opening of the syringe chamber into it.

To be continued