The Hidden Heart Episode 1


Story By Lewis Dampson

When I was young, I thought everything was possible under the sun. I remember the wild dreams I had and the enthusiasm to bring them to reality through all means. Life is fickle. It mostly goes parallel to our desires and wants. I am guessing by now, you are wondering, what is all this about? Well, I don’t know myself what to think of this life as I have been stung by life’s poisonous sting that makes men a counterfeit of themselves. I have seen a lot of things under the sun. Many things that makes tears well up in my eyes when I think about them.

Anyway, my name is Olivia Banks. I have a story to tell. A story about my first love or better still my first obsession. I know you may think of my several decisions as stupid and irrational. It is amusing to know love comes with an invisible blindfold. It makes us lose diffidence because of its wheels we ride on which often leads us to its counterfeit-obsession.

I can’t forget the first day I set my eyes on Ethan Nelson. A dark tall gentleman. I caught a glimpse of him when he entered through the back door of the church. I was standing behind the pulpit when he entered and took a seat in the middle of the church. What a handsome young man, I thought to myself. I could have done anything possible to talk to him the instance I saw him, but we all know that was not possible. I was an executive member in my campus fellowship and was impeded by my location. I couldn’t just leave the pulpit, walk up to him, and say “Hello, my name is Olivia Banks. Can you please tell me your name? Because I am dying to hear it!”

I was hoping these hungry looking girls in the church won’t foil my quest by talking to him first. Especially, Martha! That girl is a perfect description of the devil’s incarnate who had been designed specially to torment my love life. She had whisked away every guy I got interested in. She could perfectly discern every guy I had interest in and lured them away from me. I wasn’t bothered because she went out with all the guys I wanted to go out with, but what irked me was, she never got serious with them. She dated them for fun and left them at will when she lost interest in the relationship. This attitude of her made me livid. I couldn’t just stand her!

To think of the devil! Martha walked into the church and as usual and sat by my crush. “Oh, this girl won’t kill me!! How I wish I had wings to fly or the ability to disappear. I would have caused a rift between them, even to the air they shared. But, what frail creatures we are as humans. We are limited in our physical bodies.

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Now let me say this. I know you are thinking of me as a bad girl. No! I was a staunch Christian, and I loved the Lord with all my heart. I love everything about Him and the church except the guys in the church. Why do I say that? The guys in my church were old-fashioned and unromantic. Can you imagine one of them approached me to propose to me and was like, “Err… Err… I have been thinking about you lately and wanted to ask you if you could be the mother of my children?” Man!! Who does that!!? The guy made me feel like some baby producing machine. Is that all he will offer if I settled with him? The mother of her children!! Oh, no! That can’t be me! I need a guy who is romantic. The one who will wake me up from bed with sweet words and a kiss on my cheeks.

Now back to where I was with Martha and my crush. The girl was advancing and using her charm to whisk away my crush. I had to rap up with my announcements if I wanted to win the battle. In no time, I was through with the announcements. I quickly got down from the pulpit and headed straight to a set near the gentleman. Martha was sitting on the left of the gentleman. I immediately scanned the area and realized that the seat on the right to the gentleman was unoccupied. “Wow!! This is a good omen!! This means I am Miss. Right and Martha is Miss. Left,” I thought to myself as I gave a wry smile.

I don’t know how I got to the seat in such a short time. It was as if I had immediately been transformed into a superhuman. Oh, love is blind and lovers cannot see the pretty follies they themselves commit.

I pinned my buttocks on the seat and immediately interrupted the conversation between Martha and the handsome gentleman. “Hello, my name is Olivia Banks. May I know your name?” I asked him. The young man stared at me for some time before answering. I didn’t know whether he was admiring me or was thinking something different about me. Finally, he opened those cute lips of his to speak to me.

“My name is Ethan… Ethan Nelson. It seems I know you somewhere,” he said.

“I don’t think so. Maybe I bear semblance with the person you met. This is the first time we are meeting,” I answered feeling satisfied that I have been able to divert his attention from Martha.

I was oblivious to what was going on in the church. My whole focus was on this gentleman. I was lost in my world fantasizing about him while the service was ongoing. Oh, and as for Martha, I was watching her with an eagle eye. I won’t allow her to snatch this one from me.

Martha and I seemed to have the same taste for guys. We all saw the guys in the church as brothers and most of them were not refined. Go into a relationship with one, and you will do vigils all your life. I love romantic nights and other things that makes a lady happy.

“Yes! His cell number! I need it,” I thought to myself as the service was coming to a close. I heard not even a single word of what was preached in that service. I looked at Martha and the look on her face made me want to laugh out so loud. She looked angry, and I knew the source of her fury. She feels defeated. This is the first time her charm hadn’t worked on a gentleman and the fact that I of all the girls in the church was winning this battle irked her.

Now I was battling with something in my mind. How was I going to get this gentleman’s number?

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To be continued….