Tarasha Season 2 Episode 196


Nicholas wondered where the other men had all gone. Since he shot the last one, he hadn’t seen anyone shooting at him again. He moved to the other edge of the car without standing up fully, he peeped and saw no one, he began to move back towards the opened door of the car. As he got there and closed the door to pass, he noticed a lady’s body on the floor. She was one of the enemies and she had been hit by a bullet but was still alive and probably crawled to that place. He fired two shots into her chest to hasten her death.

He stopped for a moment and looked forward from where he was. He noticed the burning car positioned close to the middle of the road about ten metres away from him. He could see two people beside the car at the left in a hand combat. He stepped over the dead lady and was about to step out from the cover of the bonnet area when a shot hit the headight of the car at his side. He quickly took cover in his previous position. He took in deep breaths before positioning himself to peep again. He noticed the shot came from the back of the car he had pursued to that place. The car was parked on a paved area in front of the gate of a residential building. He peeped again and saw the person who shot at him. The man was sitting on the ground weakly, pointing his gun towards his direction. It seemed the man had also gotten hit by a bullet.

Nicholas peeped for a third time before he turned and proceeded back to where he moved there from. He looked again from the boot of the Camry sports to where the weak man had shot from. The man was already trying to move away. He quickly fired two shots at the man and the man fell flat on his face.

He hurried back to the side of the bonnet where the dead woman was. He looked for some seconds to try recognize the men fighting. He realized that one of them was Cole and that the other man who was a member of the enemy gang was having a upper hand. He checked the pocket of the lady and picked a gun from it and proceeded quickly to the fighting men.

As he approached them, he raised his gun and targeted Carl. He cocked it and pulled the trigger but realized that there was no bullet in the gun. He quickly tossed it away and rushed towards the man.


As Carl was about to raise his leg, he caught a glimpse of someone through the side eye running towards him. He saw the man toss off a gun and charge crazily towards him. He turned away from Cole to face the new man who was coming from his right.


Tarasha could hear some little sounds and she knew that something moving under the vehicle behind her. She calculated the position of the sound and took a step forward, getting ready to make a swift turn.

Eric watched carefully as she moved a step forward, he refocused his gun. He was about to pull the trigger when she made a swift turn and fired in quick successions at the tyre he was hiding behind.

‘s***!’ He cursed aloud as he hid himself back behind the tyres. He took a one-second look and saw her moving farther from him, he could tell with the position of her legs that she was moving back without turning. She continued shooting towards his direction and he knew there was just a little time for the bullets to pierce through the tyres and into his body if he did not move away from where he was. He crept out from under the vehicle facing towards Tarasha’s direction, without targeting he fired some shots at her as he moved to the left side of the truck to take cover.

Tarasha kept moving back and shooting. She redirected her shots towards him as she saw him creep out of the place but no bullet touched him as he was fast in changing position. She took a glance back, looking for where to take cover but there was none. The only thing behind her was the fence of another compound and the gates of all compounds there had already been locked by the residents since their gun war started. A car which was brought by the enemy was some distance away and was in front of the second gate from where she was. The quickest option she had was another electric pole and she quickly hid behind it.


Nicholas struck blow to Carl’s face as he got there but Carl dodged easily and grabbed Nicholas by the arm. He placed a firm grip with his fingers on Nicholas arm positioned very close to the shoulder and also grabbed him by the belt. He raised Nicholas up and slammed him to the ground on the other side.

Cole had been able to gain some stamina and charged towards Carl but Carl was quick to stop his first blow with his hand. Cole threw another blow towards Carl belly but Carl met his fist with his and shifted a step back. Cole stepped closer and threw another punch with his right hand directed to Carl’s cheek but Carl dodged it and grabbed Cole by the wrist. Cole tried to throw another punch to Carl’s neck but Carl blocked it again with his arm and twisted Cole’s right hand. He grabbed Cole by the arm close to the shoulder with his right hand and dodged another blow thrown by Cole as he bent and swerved to the other side, turning Cole’s hand to the back, he grabbed Cole’s wrist more firmly and twisted it. Cole let out a scream as his wrist made a snap sound.


Eric spent some time by the side of the truck, making sure his two revolvers were filled before he began to walk to the bonnet. He caught a glimpse of the fight beside the burning vehicle and he looked a bit longer to see what was happening. He turned back and headed for the front of the truck when he confirmed that Carl was the one in charge in the fight.

He walked carefully and stopped at the right side edge at the truck’s front. He leaned against the truck and peeped to check where Samantha was. For the first look, he didn’t see anything. He looked more carefully the second time and he noticed the shape of a long gun formed in the shadow behind the electric pole. He stared intently at the place to see if any part of Tarasha’s body was not covered by the pole but it was difficult for him to tell. However, he pointed his two guns at the place and began to fire shots at her.

Tarasha had just positioned her gun well in her hand when the first shot hit the pole. She was shaken at first and tried to make sure her body was well covered by the pole. She was sure the person shooting at her could not see her but must have noticed a shadow. The black clothes she was wearing was supposed to act like a camouflage in the shadow. Two more shots hit the pole and Tarasha knew it was time for her to leave there, the challenge she had was where to move to and knowing the direction from which the shots were coming. She looked in front of her and right there was a fence which wasn’t too high to climb, there were also no spikes or other security items at the top of the fence. She hung the long gun around her shoulder and stared at the fence for a moment. She calculated the duration in seconds which it was going to take her to scale over. She had to bend down as the shots at the electric pole continued and were coming faster, some little parts of the concrete pole were now dropping to the ground. Though she knew that the little parts dropping were not enough to make the pole collapse or weak, she also knew it was reducing the surface area of the pole shielding her slender body. She waited until there was a cease in the shots.


Nicholas was already up on his feet as Carl made Cole dropped to his knees. He rushed a blow at Carl but Carl bent and he missed. Carl landed a quick punch on Cole’s face before turning to face Nicholas.

Nicholas grabbed Carl’s body and tightened his grip to make Carl unable to use his hands but Carl was stronger and could not be stopped from using his elbows to prod into Nicholas’ belly. Nicholas shifted back and his tight grip loosened but he refused to let go yet until Carl used his elbow on him two more times. He let out a scream and held on to his belly.

Carl turned to him sharply and sent him three quick blows on the face. Nicholas fell with his knees to the ground and used his hands on the floor to support himself and stop his body from falling completely to the ground.

Carl turned sharply towards Cole who was already standing up again. Cole saw him and launched another blow but it was easy for Carl to hold his fist as Cole’s punches were now weak. Cole was also very dirty from his constant falling to the ground. Carl sent two punches at him, one to his chest and the other to his face. Then he released his grip on the fist and punched his chest the last time to move him closer to the burning car. Cole was a metre and half close to the car. Carl turned again to Nicholas and dragged him up by the neck, he turned him forward and pushed him.

Nicholas staggered backward but struggled to stand after three steps. Carl hurried towards him and Nicholas expected another blow but Carl grabbed him by the neck instead and dragged him back to Cole who was coming forward with a blow. Carl stopped Cole’s blow with his left hand and released Nicholas’ neck to punch Cole with his other hand in the face again. He grabbed Nicholas’ neck almost immediately again, this time from the back and also grabbed Cole’s neck in the same manner. He slammed their heads against each other and both fell to the floor in pains.

He stepped back a bit and looked at them briefly for a moment. He searched his pocket for a pistol and took out one. To his disappointment, it was empty, he tossed it away angrily. He had dropped his bullet pack in the car since he didn’t prepare for a gun war at that moment and also wasn’t planning for the car’s explosion. He had only handed the explosive control to Eric for him to threaten Tarasha with and not to burn up Victor yet.

He took out a knife jacket from the back of his shirt and took out the knife from the jacket. He stared at both Cole and Nicholas again, wondering who to stab first with the knife. Both were still on the floor, struggling to get up and had not seen him with the knife. While he was still yet undecided, his phone rang and he decided to answer the call first. He brought out his phone and answered while keeping his gaze on both men.

‘Lizzy,’ he said with a bass voice into the phone.

‘Get yourself ready, I’m three minutes close to getting your a** out of that place .’ Lizzy’s voice sounded from the speaker.

‘What the f*** are you coming here for?’ Carl asked angrily.

‘Don’t you know you’re surrounded by police officers already?’ Lizzy questioned. ‘The only reason you haven’t been attacked yet is the sophisticated machine Samantha Osman is using. The police scared of the sound and cannot attack till other troops with better weapons arrive.’

‘And how do you know other troops are coming?’

‘I was summoned to also join the SSS men coming.’

‘Can’t you delay those security forces a little longer?’ Carl asked, not too happy that they might have to leave without finishing what they came for. He wasn’t sure yet if Eric and the other men had been able to capture Samantha or kill her.

‘I only delayed them for some minutes, so I can get there to pick you before them.’ Lizzy replied. ‘Some of the police officers in the station nearby are already around you guys but have refused to come closer because of their low power weapons.’

‘How long will it take you to get here?’ Carl asked. He stepped forward as he saw Cole already getting up. He wiped Cole a kick in the neck and Cole fell back to the ground.

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Eric began to move towards the pole and firing shots with every step he took. He noticed there was no movement behind the pole and couldn’t also see any shadow anymore. He stopped for a second, realizing that she must have left the back of the pole while he was reloading his guns. His eyes searched around sharply but he couldn’t still locate where she could have moved to, he hastened his steps towards the pole with his eyes dancing to and fro carefully. He got there in less than seven seconds and noticed some dirty spots on the fence of the compound. The dirty spots had been created by the muddy soles of Tarasha’s shoes when she climbed over. He headed towards the gate of the fence immediately. He tried to push the smaller entrance to see if it wasn’t locked but it was. He fired two shots at the lock and it opened. He kicked in the door to the smaller entrance but quickly hid his body behind the fence. He didn’t get any response from inside but he knew Samantha was aware of his closeness to the compound. He peeped again from where he stood, he could see a car parked close to the wall. The compound was a small one and had very little space. He targeted his gun towards the fuel tank cover and fired a couple of shots, two of the shots pierced in through the cover and the car went up in flames after five seconds.

With that he got the response he wanted as a heavy rain of bullets on the gate started. He hid himself behind the wall safely and made sure his eyes were looking all around to ensure he wasn’t shot from another direction. The gunshots at the gate stopped for a while and he took a quick look into the compound. He quickly hid himself back as his eyes met with Samantha’s who was now standing at a straight direction from the smaller entrance of the gate.

‘It’s time to settle this, don’t you think it is?’ she shouted with a loud voice from inside the compound. She was now standing in front of the corridor. With the gun in her hand raised up above her head.

Eric peeped and saw that her gun was raised even though her grip was still firm on it. He knew she was suggesting a fist battle. He stepped out from his hiding place and also raised his gun up. ‘You want to go hand to hand?’ he asked.

‘Step in and let’s see if you’re a man,’ Tarasha offered.

Eric stepped in cautiously. He took a quick glance at the gate and stepped closer to the middle without taking his eyes of Tarasha. He used his legs to raise the locks on the floor and he kicked open a side of the gate with his feet. He pushed the other side open too with the other foot. He stepped back and pushed each side of the gate well back to leave whole entrance opened.

Tarasha understood his message with the opening of the gate. He was telling her that the space in the compound might be too little for him to trash her, so he had to create enough floor for the trashing.

He shook his hands in the air, signalling to her that it was time to drop their weapons. Both of them bent down slowly and drop their guns. Then they began to step closer towards the centre of the compound.

Eric had an evil smile on his face as they got closer to each other both giving only a space of a metre between, their eyes looking into each others. A drop of sweat rolled down Tarasha’s face as she positioned her hands for the fight. The heat and smoke from the burning car in the compound was filling the whole place.

Eric was the first to launch a blow. Tarasha dodged it easily. He followed up immediately with another blow to the other side but she blocked the blow with her hand. He took a step back with his right leg and swiped a kick with the leg in the clockwise direction but Tarasha bent and his leg swung above her head while she sent a blow to his belly making him stagger backward.

He stared at her and smiled when he regained his stamina. He knew she was a well trained assassin so he wasn’t expecting the fight to be easy. She moved closer to him this time and launched a kick but he blocked it with his hand. She grabbed his neck and tried to run her fingers nails into it but he hit her with both hands on her shoulders and she staggered a step back. He directed a blow to her face but she hit his fist away, he followed with a knee kick to her belly but she still met it with his fist and jumped a step back to balance herself. He followed immediately and began to rush her blows but she stopped each blow from hitting her other body parts with her hands. He directed her blow to the side of her head and she bent and swerved to the right side and was able to land a blow on his chest which made him stagger back and stumble.


Carl moved towards Cole and pulled him up, he turned his face to him and was about kick his groin with his knee when Nicholas grabbed his waist from behind and pulled him back. Carl staggered back a bit and unfortunately for him, his right foot entered into a marshy area covered with water. Before he maintain his balance, Nicholas dived and grabbed him by the waist again, he pushed him to the ground and both fell into the dirty stagnant water behind.

Angrily, Carl began to punch Nicholas’ face even in the water and pushed Nicholas’ body away from himself as he tried to get up from the floor. He wasn’t able to stand to his feet as Cole sent him back down with a kick. He fell again into the dirty water. The knife he was holding was no longer in his control and had cut into his hand severely. Cole rushed to him in the dirty water and dealt him blows on the face nonstop for a minute. He pulled him out of the water and dragged him to a drier ground. Nicholas also got up from the water and moved towards them.

Cole grabbed Carl by the neck and tightened his fist around it while Nicholas held Carl’s feet to minimize his resistance but Carl was stronger than they thought. He was able to grab Cole’s neck and send Cole a punch in the face which made Cole fall back a bit. He pulled Nicholas closer to himself with his leg and grab Nicholas’ head and pushed him away to the side. He got up from the ground immediately and tried to clean his face with the dry part of his clothes. He was now as dirty as Cole and Nicholas were.

By the time he looked up Cole was already close to him and had raised his hand for a punch, he quickly made a move to block the punch but it still did not save him from the impact as he staggered back. Cole moved closer and directed more punches to his face but he was able to block them better. Cole had the intention to push Carl into the fire like Carl had been wanting to do to him but it appeared Carl strength was going to make it impossible.

Nicholas also got up to his feet and charged towards Carl like he had been doing, trying to grab Carl by the waist again and push him to the burning car but Carl was swifter than he was, he saw Nicholas coming and swerved to the side, making Nicholas miss him. He grabbed Nicholas by the shoulder and pushed him to the car instead. Before he could look up Cole had sent him a kick on the face. He fell to the ground.

Nicholas body touched the burning car and he quickly moved away but he was shocked to see that his cloth had caught the fire even though it was wet. He rolled his body on the floor for a moment but the fire did not go off until he rolled his back into the dirty water beside.

Carl rolled away immediately his body touched the floor but Cole followed him. He turned his face up and saw Cole’s feet coming to his face and he quickly grabbed Cole by the leg and dragged him to the floor. He managed to get up before Cole.

‘Hold on Misters,’ a lady’s voice brought their fight to a halt.

Lizzy had arrived the place and come out of a vehicle to meet them without anyone noticing her arrival. They all turned to her and saw her pointing a gun at them. Carl was relieved on seeing her and he stepped back towards her.

‘Kill the two ba*****s,’ Carl said in an angry voice. He glanced at Cole’s face again and looked at Nicholas who was still on the ground.

‘Get into the car Carl,’ Lizzy said to him. She didn’t hear what he said, her mind and senses had become unstable immediately she saw Victor.

Carl did not wait to see any other thing but walked straight into the car whose headlights he could see on behind.

Cole who was panting heavily before and had his heart beating faster now that he saw Patricia, his mouth was left agape and he did not know if he should speak before she finally shoots him dead or just let her kill him without talking.

Nicholas who had seen the new development refused to get up from the floor and hoped he would be taken as dead by the lady and that Carl would not return.

Lizzy took a glance back to see if Carl had entered into the car already and he already did. She took out another gun from her pocket and fired two shots into Cole’s belly.


‘Where is Eric?’ she asked Carl as she stepped back into the car.

‘I don’t know,’ Carl replied. ‘Let’s check that building,’ he said, pointing to the compound with the opened gate he could see with signs of fire in it.


Tarasha rushed towards Eric before he could gain his balance and punched him hard twice in the face, he dodged the third punch and grabbed her hand, intending to twist it and bend to the back but she grabbed his neck and pulled him back as he made his move.

They got separated for a moment and maintained the initial distance between them. Eric used the opportunity to straighten his neck and stretch his muscles while Tarasha also stretched her fingers and arm.

They continued in a rotary movement for some seconds while staring each other in the eye, the movement lingered for a little longer as both of them were waiting for the other to make the first move.

Eric finally made the first attack again. He threw a punch and Tarasha dodged by swerving to the side, he threw another to her abdomen and she blocked it with her hand as she turned and wiped him in neck with the side of her palm. She rolled to the other side as they changed position and she threw a punch with her left hand but he managed to block it, he blocked another from the left and raised his knee to kick her groin but she escaped it by moving her feet back and she sent another blow to his belly which he blocked again.

There was another five seconds of inaction as both in a rotary manner made one-eighty degree movements. Tarasha attacked first with a dummy blow to his right and he made move to block it but she swiftly sent another to his left hitting him in the shoulder.

He let out a slight groan as he stepped back. The shoulder where she hit him was where the bullet scratched earlier.

Tarasha noticed his pain when her fist hit the shoulder, it wasn’t a very heavy blow, so his reaction to it gave her the knowledge that he had an injury there.

‘Eric!’ someone shouted from an unknown direction and gunshots followed suddenly. Both of them ran for cover immediately.

A car drove in through the opened gate of the compound and Eric heard Lizzy call his name.

‘Get in Eric, we can’t finish this today. The police are on their way,’ Tarasha had gone to hide at the corridor of the house and could see her gun from there but someone was shooting from the car in her direction and she couldn’t step out yet.

Eric was reluctant at first. He looked towards the direction where Samantha ran to and wished they could kill her before leaving.

‘Eric, get into the car, security officials would be here in two minutes.’ Lizzy warned again.

Eric had no choice than to rush join them in the car. He entered into the backseat and the car reversed out of the compound.

Tarasha got out of her hiding place, she picked her gun and her backpack and then rushed out through the gate immediately. She stood on a spot and began to fire shots at the vehicle but she noticed her bullets were bouncing to the floor. The car was bullet proofed.

She glanced back and saw another car coming, it was the Camry sports car. Sounds of sirens of police vehicles could now be heard.

She held her gun ready and pointed at the car in case an enemy was the one driving the car.

‘Get into the car boss,’ Nicholas said as he stopped by her side. She quickly joined him at the front seat and they journeyed in the direction the enemy’s car went.

Tarasha glanced at the back, no one was sitting there. She glanced at Nicholas’ face.

‘What happened to Cole?’ she asked.

‘He was shot, twice in the belly.’

They could see some police vehicles coming from behind as they turned into the main road. Nicholas increased the speed of the vehicle.

Two of the police cars followed after them while the others coming from behind turned into the untarred road which they had driven out from.

To be continued.