Tarasha Season 2 Episode 189


Henry was still thinking of what to do when another message popped in.

He clicked open and the message displayed fully, it was a news update from a news portal he subscribed to.

BREAKING NEWS – Inspector General Of Police found in a hotel room. Read more here.

He flashed a quick look towards the bathroom after he clicked on the read more link. The link opened on the Google chrome browser. He scrolled past the heading to read the content of the article.

The Inspector General of Police, Chief Rikau Rafiu was discovered in a brothel some few minutes ago. The police command has sent men to the brothel and confirmed the news.

The brothel; Full Heights Hotel in Gbadolo, Gwagalada Abuja is known for its notorious dealings and accommodation of criminals and suspects and is usually being raided by the police officials from time to time. However, the police did not discover the Inspector General on a raid but were called by the hotel officials after they discovered the IGP in a room which was previously booked by a lady. The hotel official which attended to the lady when she checked in claimed that she didn’t come in with the man but only with a very big traveling bag and a backpack.

The police have refused to disclose the state at which the Inspector General was found in the room but according to a source in the hotel who pleaded anonymity, the IGP was found in the hotel room laying in the bed sleeping, with a intravenous fluid bag hanging beside him and the liquid running into his body through a vein in his left hand. The source claimed the liquid only remained few drops in the bag at the time of discovery.

The brothel official who called the police told our reporters that this discovery was made because the lady that booked the room only paid for twelve hours and she had not checked out at the time it expired. The hotel workers and security officials claim not to have seen how and when she left the hotel.

Investigations are still ongoing and more details to be reported later.

Henry heaved a sigh of relief after reading the news. She did not kill the Inspector General after all. But he couldn’t understand why she told him she killed him, was it to get him angry with her or was it her way of telling him that he was disturbing her too much?

He was still in thoughts when she stepped out of the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her chest.

She walked past him to the wardrobe and began to wipe her body clean.

He watched her in silence for a while, not knowing how to restart the conversation with her since he ignored her questions previously.

‘Tara, I’m sorry if I’ve been disturbing you a lot,’ he finally began. ‘I’m just too scared of killing people, I don’t want you to be seen as a wicked murderer or an assassin.’

Tarasha wanted to ignore him before but the last phrase he mentioned caught her attention.

‘Don’t you understand yet that an assassin is who I am?’ she asked, flashing a questioning look at him.

‘That was who you are, but you can change and make people see you differently.’ Henry said.

‘I don’t give a damn about how people see me,’ she replied him without looking back. ‘I came here to kill and that’s what I’ll do till I leave.’

Henry was quiet for a while, pondering on her words. They had been on this same line of argument severals times before and it has become like a circle which they have to keep going round in.

‘I can’t watch you continue to kill people,’ he raised up his head and looked at her. She was naked, with her back turned towards him. She had finished using the towel and was putting on her underwear. ‘I know you didn’t kill the Inspector General of police, but I beg you to keep it that way. You don’t have to kill others too.’

She flashed a look at him and turned back to continue what he was doing.

Henry had a rethink. He remembered that the IGP was found on drip. Could it be possible that she had decided to kill the IGP slowly through a poisoned fluid? He decided to keep his thoughts to himself and wait and watch what happens to the IGP after.

Tarasha put on a sleeping gown after putting on her underwear and turned towards Henry. ‘I’m here to kill and I would not make apologies for doing what I was born to do,’ she said in a stern voice. ‘I gave you the option of moving away from me already, if you can’t do that, you’d have to support and kill with me or you die trying to stop me.’ she said and bent to pick her phone on the bed.

‘I can’t leave you Tara,’ Henry said in a sad voice, shaking his head as he really wished he could leave her and choose a peaceful life instead of the one of hunting people everyday and also being hunted.

Tarasha unlocked her phone and raised her eyes to stare at his face, ‘Make no mistakes Henry, I’m going to kill you if you ever try to stop me or come in the way.’

Henry could tell she was serious with her words, but he didn’t know if she could really do it if it got to that point.

She sat on the bed and swiped down the notification bar of her phone. Cole had already sent her two links as she requested. She clicked on the message and opened it. ‘We still have some work to do this night,’ she typed and sent to him in reply.

After that, she laid in the bed and rested her head on the pillow gently.


Location: Andreas Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos State.
Time: 9:32pm

There was something strange about the Estate that night and it was the street lights, they were off and no one knew the reason.

Two people; a couple; are seated in a moving Toyota Camry 2028 model. The husband at the driver’s side while the wife is seated at the passenger’s side in a very sad mood. The wife was the younger sister to the late Engineer Jimoh who was shot dead that morning and they were returning to their own residence from the residence of the late man where they had gone to pay a condolence visit to Mrs Jimoh.

Signs of dried tears could still be seen on the wife’s eyes while the husband’s face was without tears but gloomy. The news of Engineer Jimoh’s death had come as a shock to them and the way he died was more devastating.

The husband took a glance at his wristwatch, they had spent a lot of time being with Mrs Jimoh and he was driving at a high speed to ensure they drove out of the estate before ten o’clock. Ten o’clock was the closing time for the estate gate and he didn’t want to have to speak with the security guards before they would be allowed to go out. He took a look at the side mirror, the vehicle which had being behind them was now running at a lower speed and he guessed that the user had almost gotten to his destination. He wondered why that kind of vehicle was still on the road at that time of the day. It was a medium sized truck, the type usually used for the transportation of sand, gravel and similar construction materials.

There were usually very few vehicles passing through the estate, and at that time of the day the road users had become so few. Only those two cars could be seen at that part of the road.

‘Have you received any call from Esther yet?’ the husband asked his wife.

‘No, but she sent a message that she’s put Craig to sleep already.’ the woman replied. Esther was the name of their house help and Craig was their two year old son.

‘Okay,’ the husband replied. He took a look at the rearview mirror. He noticed that the vehicle behind had suddenly increased speed again and was coming forward with a very high unreasonable speed. He wondered what was wrong with the driver.

They were approaching a turn. The husband moved to the slow lane, hoping that the driver speeding crazily from behind would make use of the available space but all of a sudden, like a vehicle with a drunk driver whose brake had lost control, the truck headed straight towards the couple’s vehicle and crushed it into a fence.

Thirty seconds after the crash, Rex jumped out of the truck and turned to the right hand side. He stopped by the side where the wife was seated. The woman already looked dead as she was crushed in the car with blood rolling down her face already. He took out a syringe and injected the liquid into her shoulder to make sure she doesn’t survive.

He turned back and looked around to see if anyone was looking at him. He quickly hurried away to a car which he had parked some distance away.



‘Cole,’ Tarasha’s voice woke Cole up. He had slept off in the computer room, in front of the control system with his forehead on the table.

‘Boss,’ he said and got up to his feet as he saw her coming towards the main control system. She was dressed in jean shorts and an armless blue top and she had a backpack with her.

‘Get seated,’ she said to him as she sat on the chair in front of the main control system. She put the bag she came with on the table while Cole sat in front of the next computer

‘Where do you have Henry’s data?’

‘He stored them here, I don’t think he shared it yet.’ Cole replied, referring to the computer in front of him. He adjusted himself and faced the desktop before him after pushing the boot button on the CPU.

Tarasha tapped the space bar on the main computer keyboard to turn the desktop on.

‘I just checked the articles in the links you sent, did you read any of them too?’

‘I read only one,’ Cole replied. ‘I read the one on the PobsOnline website, it’s a reliable source.’

‘Has there being any update since then?’

‘I’ve not checked, I slept off after dinner.’

‘Why did you chose to sleep here?’

‘I didn’t want to be too relaxed since you said we still had work to do tonight.’

Tarasha turned to her system without replying him. The system in front of Cole had also booted completely. The browser on Tarasha’s system was opened and the homepage PobsOnline.com was already fully loaded. She opened another tab and then typed the log in address to her blog. She logged in immediately and clicked on ‘create new post’.

‘I’ve just shared the folder,’ Cole said.

‘Okay,’ she replied and minimized the browser. She opened the file explorer on her desktop and navigated to network places. She soon found the folder and copied it to the desktop. She opened the folder and found four images and a microsoft word document, she opened the images one after the other and confirmed them as the DNA test results and summary. ‘What’s in this word document?’ she asked as she clicked on it.

‘Some news articles with their source underneath,’ Cole replied.

‘Did he get this from the hospital too?’ she asked.

‘No, from the research he made here.’

She scrolled through the document as Cole continued to explain.

‘Two doctors were kidnapped two days ago, we found out that they were the family doctors of the Elvis’ at different points in time during late Mrs Elvis’ years of child bearing.’ Cole expatiated.

‘Oh! Good job by Henry,’ Tarasha said as she nodded gently. Her mind flashed back to her conversation with Henry few hours before that time and remembered the look on his face when she threatened to kill him. He had slept beside her few minutes after and she left him sleeping after she got up. ‘You can go to bed if you’ve told me everything necessary.’

‘Ermm… Won’t you need me for something else?’

‘Not tonight.’ she replied briefly.

Cole got up and slowly walked out of the room.

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Location: Presidential Quarters, Lagos.
Time: 10:25pm

‘Wow! Rex, you did a really good job today, I didn’t expect it’ll go that smooth.’ The Vice President said, elated with the news of the death of two of the children of his late wife’s cheating partner.

‘The third one will be dead by morning tomorrow,’ Rex said in reply, ignoring the compliment. He got up from the seat in the dark room and turned towards the door.

‘Rex, what about the clue I gave you on Samantha Osman?’ Elvis Richards asked.

‘I’m still working on it, I’m putting a structure in place already and by the time I’m done. Samantha Osman would not be able to overcome the bait.’ he replied.

‘Okay Rex, I’ll be waiting to hear from you.’

Without saying anything else, Rex walked out of the place.

Elvis Richards got up, he felt some kind of delight knowing that the man who slept with his wife would also be feeling pains and sorrows that moment but he still didn’t feel the kind of fulfilment he longed for. He could still tell that there was something missing, he didn’t know what it was. He began to think of what he could do to fill the hole in his heart. He thought of taking alcohol to clear his thoughts for a moment but he remembered the doctor’s warning for him not to drink alcohol anymore. Then he remembered Janet who he met in the morning, he felt a bit relieved.

He picked up his phone and dialed his PA’s number. ‘Hi, Ayo, I’m coming inside the house now. Sneak that girl Janet into my room and let her wait for me.’

‘Okay sir,’ Ayo replied from the other end.

‘After you do that, I want you to also take away the two doctors and Bright Chima from this place. You can wipe off Doctor Reuben’s memory and leave him alive but kill the other two and dispose off their bodies safely.’


Location: Ilorin, Kwara State.
Time: 10:30pm

The same expensive living room of engineer Jimoh’s parent’s house. Two of the men who were there earlier could be seen there but now putting on different clothes from the one they had on in the morning. Four other people in the room, three women and a young man in his mid twenties. Two of the three women were in their mid ages while the third one was a woman of about seventy year old. They all sat in silence, all with gloomy face.

A younger woman who bore a striking resemblance to Engineer Jimoh’s mother walked into the living room from inside. She was just walking through to the kitchen.

‘Is she asleep now?’ one of the elderly men asked her.

‘No, she’s not sleeping. I left her with Shefau,’ the woman replied before walking into the kitchen.

‘You people should talk to your elder sister, she’s old and she doesn’t need hurt herself.’ the man said, turning to the middle aged women seated in the living room. ‘At least, her husband has been confirmed alive by the doctors and is already receiving another drip. God is the only one who gives and takes and we don’t know what he did with this occurrence.’

The women sighed and whispered to each other. After that one of them got up from her seat and proceeded towards the room section. The woman who had gone into the kitchen came out at the same time and joined the other as they both went into the room.

A phone began to ring in the living room and one of the elderly men took it out from his pocket. He squinted at his phone’s screen for a moment before answering.

‘Hello… What!’ he shouted and jumped up in shock at the same time, alarming the other people seated. ‘Ah! Okay, I will call you back.’

‘Baba, what happened?’ the women in the room began to panic and the second elderly man stared at the man’s face.

‘It’s nothing, please calm down everyone, don’t mind me. It’s my farm, I just heard that one of my workers applied excess herbicides and killed a lot of the growing crops.’ he lied as he rested back in the seat.

The lie seemed to make the people calm down a bit but they kept staring at him as if they were expecting him to say something else or like they did not believe him completely. He ignored them and remained quiet.

After about five minutes, he got up to his feet and turned to the second man.

‘See, Baba Musa, let’s talk. I need to leave here and see my farm manager immediately.’

‘Okay,’ Baba Musa replied and also got to his feet. ‘Remain here women, I would be back in a minute.’

The men walked out of the living room to the front yard of the house. They stopped when they got to a distance where they were sure no one could hear their conversation.

‘See Baba Musa, another wahala has happened o.’ the man who received the phone call said.

‘Which wahala is that again?’ the other man asked.

‘That call I received was from lawyer Lateef and he said that Aishat, the second daughter of Chief was involved in a terrible accident on her way back from her late brother’s house.’

‘Kai! Allahu Akbau,’ Baba Musa shouted and placed his two hands on his head.

‘Don’t shout Baba Musa,’ the other man cautioned, looking towards the windows and doors of the house to see if anyone was watching them from there. ‘Look here,’ he continued. ‘She was with her husband in the car but she died instantly while her husband is in a critical condition at the hospital.’

‘Ah!’ Baba Musa wanted to shout but quickly covered his mouth with his hands. ‘This one is too much now,’ he said panicking. ‘God, what have we done to deserve all these?’

‘Hmm…’ the first man heaved a sigh of frustration, placing his hands on each other across his chest. ‘I don’t just know what to do.’

‘Kei! Can this be told at all? A family who just lost the first child, the father’s life was just saved by God today and the second child is now dead by accident.’ Baba Musa lamented.

‘Look Baba Musa, it’s not time to cry now. Go back inside and behave as if nothing happened,’ the first man instructed. ‘I’m going to see Alfa Kazeem right now and when I come back, we will know what to do.’


Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.
Time: 11:02pm

Tarasha clicked on schedule after reading through the post again. The news will be posted automatically at exactly six o’clock the next morning and she was sure it would shock Elvis Richards and the nation at large. The post scheduled successfully and she closed the tab. She returned to the PobsOnline website and scrolled through the list of amazing fiction stories. She then opened the news section of the site to check for new updates, there was a trending news headline at the top.


She raised her brows as she saw the news headline. She had seen a similar headline reporting Engineer Jimoh’s death earlier but she didn’t read it then since she didn’t know who Engineer Jimoh was but it now seemed she needed to know who he was since the news made it appear like his family was an important one in the nation. She clicked on the link and it loaded completely in less than five seconds.

She read through the well detailed news of how a truck whose driver lost control had crushed the car of the couple. The wife had died instantly and the man was on life support in the hospital. The driver of the truck was found still alive and being treated in the hospital. The driver was found drunk and only slightly injured by the accident. From that article, she followed a related post link to read the one detailing the story on Engineer Jimoh’s death. The details of Engineer Jimoh’s death caught her attention, the distance from which a single bullet was shot and hit the target in a very good area was noteworthy. She knew it wasn’t just a random shooter or assassin.

She returned back to the news on Aisha’s death and read through again, she began to have suspicions. She knew the country had strong laws against drinking and driving and wondered how a man driving a truck could have gotten himself drunk. She knew it was possibly not a coincidence like everyone else was made to think and it was also not a coincidence that it was happening at a time there was more than one assassin from the Vilary clan in the country.

After some minutes of thinking, her mind wandered off and she remembered Madam Henrietta, her mother. She minimized the browser and opened the tracking app. The last time Cole spoke to her about it, he had told he already set up the app to track the new phone he bought for her.

It took sometime for the app to load and it brought the result of the previous activity. It showed the details of the device being tracked and the position on earth. When Tarasha clicked to get more information about the position, she got the location of the device. But it wasn’t what she expected. The location gotten was the airport address at the US and not a residential address. She refreshed the app and waited for some minutes but it still brought the same location.

She didn’t know what to think. Was it that Madam Henrietta had not left the airport yet or she lost the phone at the airport? The latter could mean it would be quite difficult to find her again.


Location: Miami, United States.

‘Thank you,’ Madam Henrietta waved off the cab man after he dropped her at her residence. She turned towards her house with her bag in her hands and heaved a deep sigh of relief. She then proceeded towards the entrance. She stopped at the door and pressed the bell. Someone opened in a few seconds.

‘Hey Henrietta!’ the woman shouted her name in surprise. She drew her into a warm embrace and pulled her in. ‘What happened? I was scared something bad had happened to you?’

‘I’m fine,’ Henrietta said with a light smile. She sank into the comfortable cushion and dropped her luggage beside it. ‘I returned since yesterday but lost the phone I brought with me at the airport, it’s a long story my friend.’

Agnes kept staring at her as if she had seen an alien. Agnes was her friend and housemate who ran the same business with her and also left Nigeria at the same time. Madam Henrietta estranged husband was staying somewhere close to the house.

‘You need to rest now, you’d tell me the story later.’ Agnes said, rushing into the kitchen to get something for her friend.

Henrietta rested her head and heaved another sigh of relief as she remembered Nigeria. She remembered Stephanie and Atinuke. She was glad she was finally away from the troubles. She wasn’t sure she was going to be returning to Nigeria anymore. Stephanie was almost done with school and could see herself through and the girl seemed glad to be with her mother with her. She had nothing more to do in the country, it would only remind her of bad memories. All she needed to do now was focus on her business and make more millions from it.

To be continued

Some details in this Episode might seem a bit contradictory to other details in the story. They’ll be corrected when confirmed.


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