Tarasha Season 2 Episode 188


Location: Presidential Quarters, Lagos
Time: 7:40am

Elvis Richards wiped the soles of his feet dry on the foot mat at the door of the bathroom. He walked slowly but straight to the large mirror and stood in front of it, staring at his reflection for a couple of seconds. After a moment, he took the towel off his waist and stared at his naked body.

He heaved a sigh as he remembered how strong his body was when he was younger, especially when he just joined the police force. Or maybe it was how strong he thought it was because he didn’t think anymore he was ever strong at any point in his life. How could he say he was strong and wasn’t strong enough to impregnate his wife that she had to bring b******s home to him as his children.

He focused his eyes for a while on his male organ. The sight of the organ seemed to disgust him the longer he stared at it. As far as he was concerned, it had been useless in real life. The only thing he had used it for was having fun. He had slept with several other ladies before and after he met his wife. So he himself hadn’t been faithful to his wife. He never had any specific extramarital relationship but he did one night stands with ladies and slept with anyone that presented him the opportunity. His wife’s unfaithfulness though was painful to him wasn’t the most heartbreaking part of the situation. She had made the situation worse by her sainthood pretense, the man she cheated with and also deceiving him with children that were never his.

He began to wipe his wet body with the towel, still standing in front of the mirror. He imagined how the pain of the man who cheated with his wife would be when the death of the man’s own children were announced. He didn’t care if they had been friends or not, all he wanted was to make him feel the same pain he was feeling. The only person that gave Elvis Richards some joy about the discovery of his wife’s unfaithfulness and the children’s real paternity was the fact that the real father also did not know about the paternity of the children. Chima Bright had told him (Elvis) that his wife had always told him not to tell the man about their visit to the hospital or anything he hears from the hospital and because of the tips the driver gets from the woman, he indeed never told his boss about the visits to the hospital.

Elvis Richards was desperate to keep the truth about the three children’s paternity to himself and if possible away from the children themselves. He would love it if he died with people thinking that he had kids than dying with the whole world knowing he wasn’t able to father a child. He also determined not to lose all in life, he would not allow his childlessness affect the other areas of his life and other goals he was pursuing.

As he turned back after drying his body and flinging the towel into the wardrobe, he heard a knock at the door.

Without answering, he proceeded to the wardrobe first and took out his briefs. The knock sounded about thirty seconds after when he had put on his boxers and was putting on a white singlet.

‘Who’s at the door?’ he asked as he turned briefly towards the door.

‘Ayo,’ his PA’s voice came through.

‘Give me a minute to dress up,’ he said and turned back towards the wardrobe. After some seconds of searching, he pulled out a robe and stripped it on.

‘Ayo, you can come in.’ he called out to the person at the door and sat at the edge of his bed.

The door opened and Ayo stepped in. ‘Good morning sir,’ he greeted, bowing slightly. ‘Your breakfast is ready,’ he added.

The man sighed, not knowing what to do for a moment. ‘Bring it in for me,’ he said.

‘Okay,’ Ayo bowed and turned to leave the room.

Two minutes later, Ayo was back. This time with a lady carrying the tray of food. Ayo pulled the stool to the right position beside the bed and the lady dropped the tray on it.

The Vice President who was busy with his phone looked up at that moment and caught a glimpse of the lady. It was unusual for the ladies working around there to come into his room when he was in and he didn’t know the reason Ayo had brought this one at that time but he wasn’t bothered much about the reason, the only thing that bothered him was the heaviness of the backside of the lady.

It had been a long time he had been attracted to ladies because he had been more focused on acquiring wealth, but it seemed his discovery of his childlessness and reported unproductiveness of his male organ had awoken the urge in him and now he felt like putting it to test again.

‘Please, call me sir if you need anything else.’ Ayo’s voice sounded distant to the Vice President as he was full of thoughts on what to do. He thought of asking the lady to wait but he didn’t want Ayo to have a clue or imagine what would transpire after. As the two got close to the door, he suddenly realized that he needed not to hide anything from Ayo, if Ayo could know about his other dirty secrets, then there was no need hiding this from him.

‘Hey you!’ he called loudly as the door was opened. The two turned back. ‘Ayo can leave, you come over here.’ he said pointing to the lady.

Ayo wasted no time in stepping out and shutting the door but the lady still stood at the door wondering why the Vice President asked her to stay back.

‘What can I help you with sir?’ she asked, bowing her knees slightly in respect.

‘Come over here,’ Elvis Richards replied. He watched her as she walked briskly towards him. She was not dressed in any provocative way nor did her uniform expose any part of her body.

‘Come sit here,’ he said, tapping the space beside him on the bed.

The lady was reluctant to sit and when she did, she sat at a far point from him.

‘Come here,’ he insisted, tapping the same place he showed her the first time.

She moved closer but didn’t still move so close enough to him. He moved towards her and closed in the space between them. ‘What’s your name?’ he asked as he placed his hand around her shoulder.

‘Janet,’ she replied and shifted uncomfortably.

‘Hey! Stop behaving like a kid,’ he said to her in a stern voice. ‘Do you know I can change your life totally?’

She gave no reply and didn’t look up, but gave less resistance as the man began to rub his fingers on her knees and gradually go under her skirt.

A knock sounded harshly on the door. She shifted and the Vice President took a quick glance angrily towards the door.

‘Who’s that?’ he shouted.

‘Ayo sir,’ his PA’s voice sounded.

He hissed and continued to go dip his hand further under her skirt, rubbing her thighs.

‘I’m busy now, come back later.’ he said nonchalantly.

‘It’s really very urgent sir,’ Ayo’s voice sounded disturbed.

The Vice President stopped and hissed, he shrugged and signalled for the girl to get up. ‘You may leave, I’ll call for you later.’

She adjusted her skirt and shirt properly before heading towards the door. Ayo stepped in after she got out.

‘What is it?’ Elvis Richards asked in an angry tone.

Ayo moved closer to him, holding a tablet device in his hands. ‘Sir, see what we found in the news this morning.’ he said as he proceeded towards the man.

‘Stop!’ Elvis Richards shouted at him angrily. ‘Can’t you tell me what it is?’

Ayo stopped as he was commanded. He sighed before he began to talk, ‘The Inspector General was kidnapped this morning by Samantha Osman.’

Elvis Richards widened his eyes in shock. His fingers held the mattress for support. Not that he felt pity in anyway for the IGP – he had stopped pitying the Chief since he found out the truth- but he didn’t expect that Samantha Osman could stop the man from travelling. ‘How can that be? Rikau is supposed to travel this morning and we made sure that his convoy would be heavy and impossible to defeat or penetrate.’

‘Sir, she kidnapped him from the Staff House, very early in the morning.’

The Vice President picked his phone and checked the time, it was just few minutes to eight, the time for the flight was still hours away. He wondered how Samantha knew that the IGP was at the state house and how she knew he was going to travel. The IGP’s whereabouts and travel plans had been kept as top secret.

‘Bring that device, I need to read it myself.’

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Location: Ongoing Flyover Construction Site, Badagry Expressway.
Time: 9:55am

Different construction plants could be seen on the site and engineers with their site wears and helmets could be seen standing at the different points along the Flyover Construction Site while other manual laborers which were more than the population of the engineers also went about their own jobs.

A part of the road which was untarred had been left for the movement of vehicles along the road. It was usually hooked up by several vehicles at busy hours but at that time of the day many people had left for work already and other motorists were avoiding the place. The rate of traffic jam was quite low even though there was a hold up at that moment. As the cars began to move slowly forward at the both directions of traffic, a black Corolla with tinted glasses appeared from the left side behind. The back glass slowly wound down a little and there appeared the mouth of a long gun.

Engineer Jimoh stood beside the plant erecting the precast concrete members, giving instruction to the trained labourers and inspecting the work. A beep sounded from his pocket and he dipped in his hand to bring out the communication device.

‘Hey Engineer Tunmise,’ he said into the device. He turned his back to the manual labourers and walked away. The labourers and the equipment drivers continued with their work when the sound of a gunshot was heard. All the workers ran for cover immediately as no one knew where the sound came from.

After some seconds of no activity, the workers began to come out of their hiding places and they found Engineer Jimoh on the floor, a bullet had pierced into his back of his head.

They looked towards the moving vehicles from where the sound came. They couldn’t tell from which of the vehicles it was. The traffic jam was less now and the cars were moving at a faster rate.

‘Ah Oga!’ the driver driving Rex’s vehicle exclaimed at the sound of the gunshot. He had seen through the rear view mirror how Rex brought out the long gun and placed it at the top corner of the window. He was shocked but Rex flashed a warning look at him and he could not utter any word. Rex did not shoot immediately until the vehicles began to move, and not just when the vehicles were moving but just at the moment the road became totally clear. The driver did not see who the bullet hit as they did not wait to watch but he saw the reaction of the people after the gun was shot.

‘Shut the f*** up and concentrate on the road,’ Rex said to him as he returned the sniper into the bag. His tablet device was still on his laps, he picked it up and continued to watch until their car appeared in the video. He had been monitoring the traffic from the front through the NSCC cameras, so he knew exactly when it was free and the time to shoot that would allow them escape easily.

‘Drive faster,’ he said and placed the tablet beside him on the seat. They had now gotten to the tarred part of the road away from the site of construction.

Rex phone began to ring and he reached for it, the Vice President was calling.

‘Hey man! I killed the first dude,’ he said as he answered the call.

‘Uhm… Where are you now?’ Elvis Richard’s voice sounded disturbed.

‘On my way to find details of the lady amongst the targets,’ Rex replied. The driver in front shivered uncomfortably. Rex raised his gun and put it close to his neck.

‘Do you have a solid plan against Samantha Osman?’

‘What do you mean by solid plan?’

‘Do you have a plan that would surely kill her?’

‘Yes, I do. This new job is a distraction but I’ll still finish her up in less than two weeks.’

‘I think I have a hint.’

‘What hint?’

‘Samantha Osman kidnapped the Inspector General of Police again just this morning,’ Elvis Richards began. ‘He was scheduled for a flight out of the country by ten o’clock this morning.’


‘The knowledge of his flight and whereabouts is supposed to be kept as top secret within the top police officials and the Presidency, so it means she must have gotten her information from the people involved.’

‘Ermm… How can that help?’

‘I think we can come up with a plan and pass a secret information through this same channels too, it would leak to her and she could try to take actions against me and then we trap her.’

It took Rex some seconds to reply, ‘Sounds like a nice idea.’

‘Yes, so you think it would work?’ The Vice President asked, already having a victory note in his voice.

‘Yes, it would. I would come up with a plan and get back to you later.’

‘Okay,’ the Vice President replied and the call ended.

Rex took the pistol away from the driver’s neck. He rested his left hand on the driver’s seat and his right on the passenger’s and with that, he helped himself to get to the passenger’s side at the front.

‘Pull over,’ he said in a command tone to the driver.

The driver quickly looked for a good space and parked the car.

‘Get out,’ Rex said after the driver parked.

The man opened the door and stepped out quickly, raising his hands up as Rex’s gun was pointed at him.

Rex moved to the driver’s seat, he fired a shot into the man’s chest before closing the door and driving away.


Location: Ilorin, Kwara State.
Time: 11:46AM

In a pensive atmosphere, three men in a living room and putting on white shirts on black trousers all sat looking sad and disturbed. The living room was a large and beautiful one. The black leather sofas were clean and sparkling, so also the tiles and the centre table. The wall was painted with a mixture of white and wine colour, not in a conventional way but in a way that would make a visitor awed by the creativity of the painter. The ceilings were also made of shiny white and spots of wine materials.

On the walls were hung different photos of people. On the right side were three photos of a man, one in his younger years another during his early marriage year and the third several years after marriage. On the left was the picture of a woman who was obviously his wife, three of them, in the same pattern as the man’s. The pictures on the wall behind the long leather sofa were that of the man and the wife in the middle, the man, his wife and his three grown up children on the left and the children without the couple in a picture at the left. All the pictures had wine coloured frames.

One of the men seated on a one-seater sofa with his arms folded across his chest and his lower lip folded in shook his head in sadness as his eyes met the face of Engineer Jimoh in the picture of the children.

‘Hmm,’ the man hummed out loud and shook his head. ‘How are we going to tell this woman that her first son was shot dead on this same day we’ve been running around about his father?’

‘I tell you, this is not a good thing.’ Another man joined in. ‘How can she even take it? They’ve been living in peace all these years, only for them to retire and enjoy their lives and the enemies would not let them rest.’

‘Seriously, something must be done about this nation. We need drastic change,’ the thrid man joined.

Just as the third man said his last word. A woman putting on a native attire rushed into the living room in a grieved manner. She had her scarf tied on her loosely and her wrapper almost falling off as she supported it with her hand. The three men got up to their feet immediately they saw her.

‘Please, tell me it’s not true. What happened to my son?’ she wailed as she rushed to the centre of the living room.


Location: Tarasha’s New Base, Lagos.
Time: 8:23PM

‘Tara, you can’t tell me you had nothing to do with the Inspector General’s kidnap, there’s no way I’m going to believe you.’ Henry argued, following her into the room.

‘Please Henry close the door,’ Tarasha said to him, reminding him that he forgot to lock the door of the room.

Henry stepped back and closed the door. ‘Tara, I asked you a question.’ he reminded her, seeing that she paid no attention to him but was taking off her clothes.

‘I gave you the answer you need already,’ she said as she folded the top she just took off and threw it into the basket.

‘You didn’t tell me what you did with the Inspector General,’ he questioned further.

Tarasha turned to him and gave him a stare. ‘What the hell is wrong with you man? How is that your business?’

‘But Omotara, we agreed that we should no longer kill anyone except it happens by error.’

‘So who told you his death didn’t happen by error?’ she replied.

Henry’s mouth was left agape, he shone his eyes at her for some seconds before he spoke again. ‘So you killed him already?’

She didn’t give him a reply but continued to take off her clothes. She threw her trousers into the same basket she threw the top, leaving her body only covered with her bra and pantie.

Henry sank into a chair tiredly.

‘What’s the time now?’ she turned and asked him as she took off her bra. He didn’t answer her or look towards her. She picked her phone on the bed and checked the time. ‘Do you have sms or email subscription to a news website?’ she asked Henry.

He still did not answer.

She dialed Cole’s number on her phone. ‘Hey Cole, I’m gonna rest for a few hours after taking a shower. Please forward links to me whenever a news site gives update on the Inspector General.’

Henry flashed a look at her as he heard the mention of the IG but she said nothing to him anymore.

She dropped the call and continued with her undressing.

After some seconds, she walked past Henry’s front into the bathroom.

He stared unmoved at her naked behind until she was out of his sight.

His phone made a beep sound. He picked it out slowly after letting out a sigh. There was a new message, it read;

We’re still expecting your feedback.

He was still thinking of what to do when another message popped in.

To be continued