Tarasha Season 2 Episode 187


Location: State Staff House
Time: 5:32am

‘There’s no way she can get in here,’ Tarasha heard a voice say from the room. She had gotten to the end of the green track and all she had to do was to push the green button on the remote control and the space on the ceiling would open up for her to step down through the place.

‘We have five men standing at the door now, and seven others gone round the house to look for her. Some other men are on their way here, there’s no way she would beat all of us.’ the voice rattled on. This gave Tarasha an idea on what she was going to face.

She sat carefully on part of the roof truss and sat as quietly as she could. She stretched her legs and placed her backpack in front of her. Inside the roof was dark but the reflection of light from inside the building was bright enough to lead her through the track. She opened the zip of the bag and then searched her pocket for her phone. She turned on the flashlight of the phone and turned it into the opened bag. She took out a long gun and placed it carefully on the roof members. She then placed two short guns by the sides. She brought out two small shiny balls which had tiny red cork stoppers on top and placed them by the side. She then rolled her shirt up slightly and fixed the short guns one each at both sides under the belt of her trousers.

Her hand reached for the middle of her belt and she switched the button on a device attached to the buckle. Her communication device came on.

‘Cole,’ she whispered into her mouthpiece. For a moment, she didn’t get a response until she repeated the name twice.

‘Hey boss! I hope you’ve not been trying to reach me for a long time, Henry was in the room with me.’ Cole’s voice suddenly came up when she was almost giving up and thinking he had slept off.

‘Are you monitoring the live footages from the NSCC cameras?’ she went straight to her question.

‘Ermm…’ Cole seemed to stammer for a moment while he tried to make out her words. She was whispering so low that he couldn’t pick her words quickly. ‘I just rebooted the system and the app is loading already,’ he finally replied.

‘I just overheard the men saying they’ve called for reinforcement, I need you to confirm the number of officers they have as reinforcement and their positions outside the building and on the road to ease my escape. I plan to leave with the Inspector General in the next forty minutes.’

‘Okay boss, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.’

‘Keep connected,’ Tarasha concluded.

She looked into her backpack again and then zipped the main storage, she opened a smaller part. There she took out a treated nose cover and covered her nose with it. She then turned off the flashlight, returned the phone, zipped her backpack and strapped it on gently.

She took a quick glance at the time . She had less than forty minutes to round up if she wanted to be done with the operation before 6:30am. She picked the remote control placed beside her, picked the long gun with the other hand and crossed the handle around her shoulder.

She adjusted the speed control on the remote control to increase the speed at which the hole would open and then clicked on the green button. She dropped the control and picked the two small balls immediately in both hands. She uncorked one of the balls and threw it into the room through the opening hole and then launched herself in through the hole after it opened conveniently enough for her.

The gas from the ball circulated the whole room immediately and began to blur the vision of those who inhaled as well as weaken them. Some of the men behavior to cough as they closed their eyes and held to the walls for support. The Inspector General also began to cough profusely and was almost falling from his chair.

Tarasha dropped right beside the bed, behind the seat of the Inspector General. She took out the gun with the silencer and fired a quick shot into the body of an officer who was struggling with the knob of the door even with his weak body.

She looked around quickly as she took off her backpack again. All the officers were on the floor and weak. The Inspector General was almost falling from his chair also but she stopped him from falling and held him back to the chair.

‘Boss,’ Cole’s voice sounded into her phone through the earpiece at that moment

‘Yes, talk to me ‘ she replied as she placed her backpack on the Inspector General’s lap and unzipped it. She took out a spray and another nose cover.

‘There are four police Hilux Vans outside the gate, the officers just arrived in the vehicles and I’m not sure of their total number.’ Cole said.

‘Okay, keep me updated.’ she replied and continued with what she was doing.

She sprayed the content in her hand on the Inspector General’s face and gave him time to breathe in deeply and out, then she covered his nose and mouth with the nose cover.

The Inspector General could now breathe normally and could see clearly. However he could not make any movement as Tarasha’s gun was touching his forehead and her finger was close to the trigger.

He would have thought death would not mean so much to him anymore, for the fact that he had faced it so many times from her but he was still so afraid of death, more than he thought he could ever be.

She put on her backpack on one shoulder as she stepped back and ordered the man to stand up. She motioned him to move forward and move in front of her and he obeyed, slowly, with his hands raised in the air.

They climbed over the bodies of the officers including Agent Tim who had all been rendered useless by the gas and proceeded towards the door. A phone rang just as they got few metres to the door.

Tarasha glanced back briefly, the sound was coming from Agent Tim’s body. She ordered him to wait while she stepped back slowly without turning her face fully. She took out the phone and answered the call on loud speakers.

‘Sir, we are at the gate now. We have a total of twenty seven men here,’ a voice said through the phone’s speaker.

Tarasha stared at the Inspector General’s face for a moment and their eyes locked. She walked closer to him and pushed her gun into his neck, making him panic more.

‘Hello Agent Sir, are you on the line?’ the voice asked from the other end of the phone.

She raised her nose cover just enough to leave her mouth free and raised his too the same way. She then covered the mouthpiece of the phone with her finger.

‘You’d tell this officer that I escaped through the back and Agent Tim has gone after me, tell him to instruct every other officer to turn around to the road at the back of this street.’

‘Agent Sir!’ the voice sounded through the phone again.

The Inspector General collected the phone from her and placed it close to his ear. He wished to say something else to the officer on the line but the pain caused by the pistol pushing his neck reminded him that he had no extra life and the only one he had could be taken if the trigger was pulled.

‘Officer, IGP Rikau on the line,’ he said into the phone shakily.

‘Yes sir,’ the officer at the other end saluted in a loud voice.

‘Samantha Osman just escaped and she escaped through the back fence, Agent Tim and other officers have gone after her. You should mobilize all your men there and follow through to the road backing this street,’ the IGP said.

‘All the men?’ there seemed to be an element of surprise in the officer’s question.

‘Yes, make sure it’s everyone. There are a couple of men still with me in the building.

‘Right away sir, the officer replied and ended the call.

The IG returned the phone back to Tarasha and turned to face the door. She placed the gun at his back, making sure it was touching his mid bone to keep him afraid.

Tarasha stepped ahead of him to open the door and stepped back again to motion him forward.

One of the officers outside the door stepped towards them to check who was coming outside as he saw the door opening. He was shocked to see the IGP coming out with his hands raised in the air.

He raised his gun quickly and pointed it towards Tarasha but she already had her arm wrapped around the IGP’s neck and her gun to the side of his head. Two other men were in the living room where they stepped into, all three pointed their guns at Tarasha and kept moving back slowly as Tarasha moved forward with her gun to the man’s head.

She located the door with her eyes and knew it was the quickest passage to the gate of the house.

‘Put down your guns or I kill him,’ she threatened the men as she stepped a bit away from the passage entrance behind her. She remained conscious of the space behind and was ready to deal with anyone coming from behind. The men held fast to their guns and none moved from the spots where they stood.

Tarasha cocked the gun and put her finger close to the trigger. They moved uncomfortably and fastened their grips on their guns.

‘Put..down…your guns,’ the IGP stammered in a stiff voice. ‘Put them down,’ he shouted when he saw their reluctance.

Slowly and one after the other, the men put their guns down and raised up their hands.

‘Push the guns forward,’ Tarasha said to them, pointing to a spot in the middle where she wanted the guns. All three men obeyed.

‘You, open the door,’ she said to the man closest to the door and he obeyed immediately, opening the door wide and stepping aside. She turned to another man, ‘Go get the bullet proofed hilux out there ready for me.’

The man stood at a spot, reluctant to obey until the IGP spoke.

‘Obey her!’ he shouted with all his strength.

‘Move out one after the other,’ Tarasha motioned the other two guys.

With their hands raised in the air, the men stepped out and Tarasha followed with the IGP behind. They stepped down the balcony and stopped some distance away and faced Tarasha with their hands raised.

Two new men surfaced from the left side of the building pointing their guns towards Tarasha as they saw her.

Tarasha glanced at her wristwatch. The day was getting bright already.

‘F*** you guys, drop the guns,’ she said to the two new men but didn’t wait for them to obey as she fired shots into their bodies immediately with moving. She put the gun back to the IGP’s head to warn the other men of making any move.

‘Over here,’ she said, raising the hand with the gun to show direction to the man preparing the hilux.

The other men remained in the same position until the man drove the hilux and stopped in front of the balcony. The man stepped out of the car and joined the other men at the same distance.

‘Get the gate opened,’ she said to them. ‘Two of the men went to the gate and each opened the both wings of the gate.

‘She opened the passenger’s side of the car and stepped in first, still holding the IGP’s neck with her. She dragged him in and then moved to the driver’s side. The first thing she checked was the fuel level of the vehicle and saw that it was enough. She then checked the controls to see if any function was locked, none was.

She wind up the glasses and with a crazy speed, sped out through the opened gate.

The embattled three men sprung into action immediately and quickly located guns as one of them went to prepare another car. They all got into one car and one put a call through to the office to report the situation.

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Location: Presidential Quarters, Lagos

Time: 6:02am

‘You want me to do this alongside my pursuit of Samantha Osman?’ Rex asked the Vice President.

‘Yes,’ Elvis Richards replied in a desperate tone.

‘Have you had a public clash with the man earlier?’ Rex asked. ‘Or is there anything that would make people suspect you after I kill them?’

‘No, I’m going to be the least suspected person.’ Elvis Richards replied.

Rex remained silent for a moment, he went through the details of the new job sent to him and tried to memorize the name of all the death targets and their locations.

Elvis Richards stared at Rex keenly. He needed Rex for this job because he wanted it as neat as it could be. He also couldn’t wait for the man’s children to be killed and for the man to have the feeling of not having any children in his lifetime just like him. His greatest joy had been when Chima Bright told him that his boss wasn’t aware about the fact that the Vice President’s wife had any kids for him. That knowledge had always been a secret between Chima Bright (the driver) and the doctor who only knew that Elvis Richards wasn’t the father of the kids but didn’t know who the father was.

Rex raised his head up after some minutes and stared at the Vice President thinly, ‘Do you know anyone in this nation who also has connection with the Vilary Clan?’

The Vice President squinted at him. He wasn’t expecting that kind of question and he wondered why Rex was asking such.

‘The Vilary clan? Why do you ask?’

‘I need to know, it’ll help me make some decisions,’ Rex replied.

Elvis Richards stared at him for a moment, doubting his reply. ‘The Vilary clan… The only person who knows about the Vilary clan and is probably still alive is Gabriel, I don’t think anyone else…’ he stopped talking as he remembered someone else who may know. He blinked and shone his eyes widely in awe.


Tarasha took a glance at the side as she made a turn into another direction. Only two vehicles were trailing after her but she already saw two more coming from the opposite side of traffic. The new road she followed was a one-double way traffic road and the both lanes were busy at that time of the day. Only two vehicles turned with Tarasha into that new road and that reduced the gap between Tarasha’s vehicle and those trailing after her.

Tarasha could see the vehicles coming after her through the side mirror. She couldn’t speed up because of the vehicles in front of her and the muddiness of the road. She took a look at the Vice President and took out the pin she drove into his neck. The man still had his forehead resting on the bullet resistant glass unconsciously. She adjusted the gear as she spotted the turn into a street. Without putting on the indicator, she swerved into the street and continued without reducing her speed.

The men driving after her were shocked to see her turn into the street, wondering what her aim was. The man sitting on the passenger’s side at the front pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

‘Officer, she’s driven into Anguwar Sarki and we don’t know where she’s headed for.’ he said into the phone. He listened for some more seconds before he dropped the phone.

‘We’ve got to follow her, they’d join us from the other side.’ he announced to the other men in the car.

The roads were filled with pot holes but Tarasha knew well how to manoeuver past them even though she had never drove past that street in reality. The only time she had driven past the street was through the gaming app she developed which included all streets and routes in the capital city. The game also featured the characteristics of the roads and streets just the same way they were in real life, so she could recall the exact spots the potholes and other obstacles were, making it easier for her to drive through.

The men after her drove into the street and tried to follow with the same speed at which she drove but the first car soon got into trouble with the front tyre as it entered into a pothole and the second vehicle had both front tyres burst after two more minutes of trying to pursue. It was then the officers realized why Tarasha had taken them through that route. The other two vehicles Tarasha had spotted coming from the opposite lane the other time joined them where they stopped on the street and couldn’t pursue further.

Location: Gbadolo, Gwagalada Abuja.
Time: 7:35am

In a moderately furnished hotel room, Tarasha sat on a plastic chair with her elbows resting on a plastic table in front of her, her laptop in front of her and her phone held by her right hand close to her ear.

‘It’s all over the internet boss,’ Cole’s voice sounded through the phone’s speaker. ‘Everyone knows Samantha Osman has kidnapped the IGP once again.’

‘Any report on police action?’ Tarasha asked.

‘None yet, no one knows how you left the town.’

‘Okay, keep me updated with necessary information.’ Tarasha said, hoping to conclude the phone call with that.

‘Yes boss, there’s an important information available already.’ Cole replied.

Tarasha raised her brow, she was in a hurry to continue with her work and hoped that what Cole had to tell her was really important. She turned back towards the bed as she heard some noise.

There was a big rectangular box in the bed, an unusual big travelling box which she carried with her into the hotel room. There were some movements in the box and it looked like a live animal was kept in it.

She turned back and tapped the space bar on the keyboard of her laptop. ‘So, what’s this information?’ she asked as she picked the cup of tea and began to sip from it

‘It’s Henry’s discovery from his visit to the hospital yesterday,’ Cole answered. ‘The Vice President’s kids had gone for DNA tests and the results proved that none of the three are his biological children.’

Tarasha dropped the cup. ‘Huh? You mean those kids aren’t his?’

‘Yes, and he’s just discovering.’

‘Are you sure of this?’

‘Yes, Henry has copies of the test results.’

‘That’s cool, it’s a good one for us to work with. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.’ she said and ended the call.

She got up from the seat immediately and took two steps to the bed. The noise and movement from the box had increased. She unzipped the box completely and split it open. The IGP was there struggling to no avail. His hands were tied and so also were his legs, his mouth was covered firmly with a tape.

He stopped struggling as he saw Tarasha. She stared into his eyes for a moment before she began to pack the clothes she had put on top him in the box aside. After that, she dragged him up and made him sit with his back resting against the headboard, his knees raised and his tied hands on the knees.

She smacked his cheek gently and made an evil smile. ‘Don’t worry man, I’m not keeping you here for a long time. I just need you to cooperate with me.’ She walked back to the table and picked the backpack under it.

She took out a video recorder and dropped it on the table. Then she walked back to the IGP and sat beside him.

‘Like I said before, I don’t plan to keep you with me for long. I brought you here for a purpose and I have two options right now,’ Tarasha stopped and readjusted herself. ‘The first is killing you right here and now and the second option is getting some information from you and leaving you here to be discovered later by the authorities, that way you’d save your life.’

The Inspector General remained silent.

‘Would you like me to repeat myself or have I made my point clear enough?’ Tarasha asked.

He raised his gaze to her face and made a signal that he was ready to talk. She took off the tape from his mouth. He took in a deep breath first and exhaled deeply too.

‘After this, will you still need something else from me?’ the IGP asked in a desperate tone.

Tarasha stopped to think for a moment, then she shook her head. ‘No, it will be the last time you’d have any business with me,’ she replied, meaning her words. She knew the next thing after their meeting was his death even if it came slowly.

The IGP sighed. He bowed his head and closed his eyes for a moment. ‘What information do you want from me?’ he asked, with the feeling of hopelessness. He knew there was no way out for him, it had not been her first time of kidnapping him and it now seemed that she just did it anytime she liked without anyone being able to stop her, his freedom was in her hands.

‘I want you to talk about your relationship with the Vice President, how you met and all the deals you had together, and explain especially the murder of the Danjuma’s family.’

The IGP felt a heavy pain in his chest. He coughed repeatedly but couldn’t help himself because his hands were tied and Tarasha made no move to help him.

‘Why don’t you just kill me, giving you all that information leaves me without nothing, it means I’m dead already.’ he complained bitterly after he was calm.

‘But it’ll leave your family alive, refusing to give me the information would ensure that your whole family is wiped out.’ Tarasha threatened. She saw the fear in his face, it was what she expected. She had come to learn that most people cherished their families highly and were always willing to protect them.

The IGP cleared his throat. ‘I’ll tell you.’

Tarasha gave an evil smile. ‘You’re not just telling me, you’re telling the nation and the world.’

He squinted at her wondering what she meant.

She got up and walked to the table, she picked up the video recorder and inserted a card reader. Then she put the recorder on.

‘Start, tell us everything.’ she said as she faced the camera to him and began to record.

To be continued


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