Tarasha Season 2 Episode 190


Location: Presidential Quarters, Lagos
Time: 8:24am

Elvis RIchards was woken up by a knock on his door. He stretched and yawned angrily under the blanket. He opened his eyes and looked at his side, it was empty, Janet had gone. The last night had not been an eventful one like he had hoped for, his male organ had disappointed him again. Even though the first round had been fair, he had hoped for a better second round but to his disappointment, a second round could not happen because his organ did not respond anymore to Janet’s touches and attempts to arouse him, instead it remained flaccid like it went after the first round, leaving Janet totally unsatisfied and unhappy with him. He wasn’t surprised that she did not tell him before leaving the room.

He was angry with himself and angry with life. Life had not been fair to him. There was nothing he had been able to enjoy in peace, not even a nice time with a lady. But then he remembered it had not always been so, especially when he was young and he also reminded himself that he had now grown older. He remembered Janet, asking him if he needed a sex enhancer so that she could bring one along with her the next time but he couldn’t remember what answer he gave her, all he could hope for was that she would bring it along the next time so he could enjoy his time with her more.

The knock sounded at the door again, reminding him that someone was there.

He didn’t reply in a hurry but picked his phone first to check the time. He saw the missed calls signal at the notification bar and he swiped down to check, he had gotten three calls in the last twenty minutes which he didn’t get to answer as his phone was on silent mode.

The knock sounded again the third time.

‘Come in,’ he shouted, looking towards the door.

It opened and Ayo stepped in briskly, he had a worried look on his face.

‘What is it again this morning? Has Samantha Osman killed the Inspector General?’ He asked on seeing the look on Ayo’s face. He had seen Ayo’s device in his hands, the same device Ayo always brought to him whenever he had a news article or something to show him online. He sat up and rested his back against the headboard.

‘Good morning sir,’ Ayo greeted first. ‘No, there has been no news about the Inspector General’s health yet but there’s something else going around the internet since seven thirty am and it has also been reported on the news this morning. It’s concerning you.’

‘And what could that be?’ The Vice President raised his brows.

Ayo raised his tab and unlocked it, he wanted to read out the news but he could not complete the first word. ‘Sir, I think you should see it yourself.’ he said and began to proceed towards the man.

‘Stop! What in the world is wrong with you?’ Elvis RIchards shouted angrily, mad at Ayo for already making his morning worse than it was.

Ayo stopped. He was already close to the bed.

‘On what site can I read it on? I want you to get out so I can check it myself,’ the Vice President asked.

‘You can visit the news section of the PobsOnline website to read, the news videos can also be found on PobsOnline TV.’ Ayo replied.

‘Okay, you can go out now,’ Elvis Richards said, dismissing him with a wave of the hand.

He watched until Ayo stepped out before he picked his phone. He quickly opened his browser and logged on to PobsOnline.com, he found the headline of the news relating to him on the first line.


His whole body froze in shock and for a moment it seemed like he was going to pass on but somehow he remained alive. His body continued to tremble and his phone fell off his hands. The secret he had promised himself would never leak out was already out and would have been read by several thousands of people in the nation and outside the nation as well.

How could it have leaked? Could the doctor have let it out to someone else who told a journalist? Or did a journalist visit the hospital after seeing that his children had visited there previously? Or had the doctor told the children the results of the tests after he warned him not to? All these questions were formed in his mind. He knew however that it was impossible for a doctor working in a hospital of that calibre to let out information about their patients talk more of such a sensitive information.

A thought came to his mind. One of his children could have stupidly confided in a friend about the DNA test and the friend had taken the news out on the internet without verifying. He hoped that was the case as he picked up his phone which had dropped to the bed. He unlocked it and clicked on the link. The page loaded in a second and he began to read through.

Hitting the internet early this morning is a new post from the Samantha Osman blog giving some dirty secrets about the Vice President.

Elvis RIchards paused and took in a deep breath and exhaled deeply on seeing Samantha Osman’s name in the news. He knew if it was Samantha Osman, it would be more devastating than he was expecting.

On her blog, the assassin made dangerous claims about the potency of the Vice President and the paternity of his children but she didn’t just make the claims, she had evidences to support her claims.

In the past week after the Vice President visited the hospital to treat his ill health, his children were also spotted in the hospital after he left and their visit to the hospital had been to do a DNA test whose results all confirmed that they were fathered by a different person who is still unknown. Pictures of the results can be found below.

Elvis Richards widened his eyes in shock as he saw pictures of the test results which had been sent to him through email. His lips and fingers trembled. There was no way he was going to claim that the results were fake, the pictures showed the signatures and stamps from the hospital. He managed to continue reading the article.

Samantha Osman has supported her claim by referring to the recent kidnap of two doctors, Doctor Musa and Doctor Reuben. Her findings have proved that the doctors were kidnapped on the same day the test results came out. Doctor Musa happens to be the gynaecologist who was in charge of the three kids birth while Doctor Reuben happened to treat the Vice President during an accident. She claims on her website that the Vice President had kidnapped the doctors after finding out that the children were not his. However, she did not tell what the Vice President would do or would have done to the doctors.

This information being reported was posted on SamanthaOsman.com in a very insulting manner this morning by 7 o’clock and our reporters have been trying to verify all her claims. As at this time of reporting, female artiste Vivy who is the only ‘daughter’ of the Vice President has been reached through her manager and it was confirmed that they really went for a DNA test but claimed that have seen the results of the tests yet. Efforts to reach the Vice President and the other children have proved abortive. However, our reporters are currently on duty, some at the hospital to make some verifications.

More details to come as we make more verifications.

Elvis Richards got up angrily and smashed his phone on the wall. He picked the pillow and blanket on the bed and flung them away. His hands reached for the footstool and he also flung it to the mirror, shattering the large rectangle object noisily.

Ayo opened the door of the room and barged in without permission. He seemed to have been expecting such a reaction from the man so he waited outside the room. Two other men which were alerted by the noise been made stood outside behind him.

‘Is everything okay sir?’

‘D*** you, nothing is okay.’ he barked at Ayo, looking around for something which his hands could reach so he could fling but he found none.

Ayo stood looking at him as he paced about angrily. His secret had been leaked to the world and there was nothing he could do to hide it anymore. The whole world would now see him as impotent and without nothing in the world. He had thought life wasn’t fair on him earlier that morning but after reading the news, he concluded that life was indeed very cruel on him.

A thought struck his mind and he stopped pacing for a moment. He decided he was going to lose everything just like that. He wasn’t going to let his name be tarnished totally, not before destroying every other person that could be destroyed too. He needed to make sure some things were in place first.

He turned to Ayo, ‘Which boys did you use in getting the doctors and Chima Bright?’

‘Sir, some of our boys here and officers.’ Ayo replied.

‘Make sure that none of them say a word about it, they should all deny if they are asked. We have nothing to do with the doctor’s kidnap and their deaths,’ he said, shining his eyes widely at Ayo.

‘Yes sir, I instructed them already.’

‘Good. Now, we have to get that doctor at the hospital…’ he paused as another thought struck his mind. He had thought of sending men to kill the doctor who carried out the DNA test but he remembered that it would deep him further into the mess. He began to pace about the floor again. Then he stopped and looked up. ‘Go back and resume your activities as if nothing is happening.’

He watched until the door was closed before he returned to seat at the edge of the bed. The whole place was dead silent for a couple of minutes until he began to hear the sound of his phone’s ringtone. He looked around to locate where he had flung it to. He got up and proceeded to the place to pick it up. He checked the screen to see who the caller was but the phone’s screen had gotten completely damaged and the ink could be seen covering the entire surface. He placed a finger at the fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone to answer the call.

‘Hello,’ he said into the mouthpiece.

‘Hello Dad,’ the voice that replied him was the least person he expected to hear from that morning.

‘James, how are you?’

‘I’m fine, where are you Dad?’ James asked.

‘In the presidential quarters,’ Elvis Richard replied.

‘I’m on my way there already, we need to see.’

Elvis Richards took the phone off his ear slowly without replying James. He wondered what the boy was coming to see him for. Was it to hear a verbal confirmation that he wasn’t their father or was it to ask who their real father was?

He felt afraid to meet with the boy but he drew in a deep breath. He returned to the bed. He had already developed a headache. He thought of taking his own life before James arrived but changed his mind on a second thought. It would be the most cowardly thing to do because that way, he would have assisted his enemies in defeating him totally. He was not ready to go down yet, at least not before his enemies.


Location: Tarasha’s New Base.
Time: 9:15AM

‘Apart from the ingredients we left at the other Base, do we need to get anything extra?’ Tarasha asked Doctor Ekwueme.

Both were in a large room. The doctor was seated in a comfortable plastic chair beside a hospital bed, Tarasha was standing by the window close by and Dave James was in the bed, his hands and feet fastened to the bed with straps.

‘I’m not really sure, I’ll only be able to tell after we retrieve those ingredients.’ the doctor gave an answer to Tarasha’s question.

‘We should get them before the end of today,’ Tarasha said. She stepped closer to the bed and placed her gaze on Dave James who was awake and listening keenly to them. ‘I don’t want us keeping unnecessary people with us, we should let him go as soon as possible.’

‘Yes, he should be free once the mixture is ready.’

Tarasha took a glance at the doctor’s face and again at Dave James’ face before walking out of the room.

The doctor stood up from his chair and flashed a look at Dave James. He looked at the drip bag hanging on the stand beside the bed as saw the content had finished already. He glanced at his wristwatch and nodded.

Dave understood his nod. He had been alive and sound but left immobile on the bed for days. His method of feeding had been through the intravenous fluid mechanism. The doctor always came to change it at meal times and it had been helping to keep him alive but Dave was tired of being fed artificially like a puppet, he was in dire need of natural food and he didn’t know how longer he could survive without it.

‘Doctor, what mixture are you preparing for me?’ Dave asked as the doctor turned towards the door.

The doctor glanced back at him and raised his brow. ‘We are preparing something that will make you free from here,’ the doctor replied.

Dave remained quiet. He hoped that the mixture was not going to hurt him in anyway. He somehow had some trust in the doctor for the fact that the doctor knew his parents and had helped him before and he had also explained that he was trying to help the doctor when he was captured by Samantha Osman.

The doctor heard no more words from Dave as he stepped out of the room and closed the door.

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Location: Police Headquarters, Lagos.
Time: 10:50AM

‘Please, excuse me, I have other things to attend to right now.’ Officer James said repeatedly as he shoved his way through the crowd of reporters waiting in the compound to interview him. The reporters couldn’t follow him as he climbed up the verandah of the building, other officers were there to barr them for proceeding further.

Agent James hurried through the offices, responding to some greetings while ignoring others. He could literarily feel the eyes of the other officers on him as he passed through. He knew the news about he and his siblings being ‘b******s’ would be the talk of the moment even at the police headquarters, though everyone was silent as he passed.

He found his way to the Superintendent’s office and got in after going through some procedures.

‘Officer James,’ the superintendent replied as James saluted him. ‘Please have your seat.’

‘Thank you sir,’ James thanked the man as he sat.

‘So what brings you to my office?’ The man asked.

‘Sir, I’m here to make a request and I would be eternally grateful if you grant the request.’

‘What could the request be?’ the superintendent asked, squinting his eyes. He folded his arms across his chest and rested his back.

‘Sir, I want to get involved in the kidnap cases of Doctor Musa and Doctor Reuben. I want this because I really want to get to the end of the matter personally.’

The superintendent fixed his fingers into each other as he stared at James. ‘I don’t understand your reason for wanting to be involved yet but don’t you think it’ll make the scandal get messier?’ the man asked.

‘Sir, I think it’ll help in clearing my father and my family’s name.’ James replied.

The Superintendent stared at him silently for a moment. He felt the urge to ask if Samantha Osman’s claim about he and his siblings paternity was wrong but he resisted it.

‘So you don’t think the officers in charge of the case are capable of handling the case?’

‘No, I’ve not said that yet…’

‘But that’s what you’re implying by requesting to handle the case,’ the superintendent cut in.

James shook his head, he already knew his request would not be granted. ‘I would handle it more passionately if I do.’

‘Agent, those handling the case are also well trained officers. They know what they’re doing and would get to the root of the case. They will find out if they were really kidnapped by your fath… I mean by the Vice President like Samantha Osman claimed or if someone else kidnapped them. I think you already have enough tough cases in your hands you need to focus on.’

‘It’s okay sir,’ James replied with a bow. ‘That would be all,’ he said as he got up to his feet.

‘Okay, officer James.’ the superintendent stretched his hand out for a shake and James met with his respectfully. ‘I wish your family luck in handling this scandal.’

James replied with a smile before turning away. He proceeded out of the office immediately. He had not really come to get permission to get involved in the case, he had only come to inform the superintendent because even without the permission he would still involve himself.

James was sure there was no way any of the officers handling the case would get to the root except an insider betrays Elvis Richards. He had taken some time to talk with the Vice President but he did not bother to ask if the DNA test results were real, he was sure they were. And he also did not try to ask who his real father was, he knew it would be an insult to Elvis Richards as his late mother would be the right one to answer the question. However, he did not care what the world would think or say, he decided to keep recognizing Elvis Richards as his father. To him, fatherhood was not about donating the sperm cells to make the children but raising the children and making sacrifices for them which Elvis Richards had excelled in. So he wasn’t going to turn his back in Elvis Richards at that point, he would try his best to get the man out of the mess he was in.

His phone began to ring as he walked to his own office in the building. He picked it out and checked who the caller was, Inspector Dakolo.


Location: Sango Ota, Ogun State.
Time: 11:24AM

Taofeek sat at the back of the Jeep dejectedly. Two of his friends were at the front and one other was seated with him at the back.

The news of his elder brother’s death had come to him as a shock while he was in a business conference he traveled to the state with his friends and fiance for. He had wished to return immediately but his friends had insisted he stayed and they all leave the next day. It was more devastating when he heard the news of his sister’s accident and death that morning. His friends had seen it online the last night but kept it from him, he had woken up that morning to see a push notification from a website he subscribed to. He couldn’t hold back his tears and it took more than just pleading from his friends to make him calm.

Taofeek’s phone began to ring as they got close to a bridge. The friend who was seated at the passenger’s side in front was with the phone and he raised it for Taofeek to see the screen.

‘Your girlfriend,’ the friend said calmly.

Taofeek stretched his hand out to get the phone and he was given. He answered the call.

‘Hello baby, where are you now?’ the girl’s tiny voice sounded through the speaker.

‘On my way to Lagos already,’ Taofeek replied lifelessly, wondering why she was asking him the question. They already talked that morning and he had told her he was traveling to Lagos.

‘Okay, I just left the hotel room now and I’ll be on my way to Lagos too, I’ll call you when I get there.’ the girl said in a shaky voice.

There was something strange about her voice but Taofeek was too dejected to notice.

‘We are close to the bridge, should we wait for you?’

‘Ermm…’ her voice trembled more. ‘Yes.’

‘Okay, don’t keep us waiting.’ he replied and ended the call. ‘Please guys, let’s stop and wait for Bisi to join us.’ he said to his friend.

The friends agreed and they soon found a reasonable space close to the bridge and parked.

‘He’s waiting,’ Bisi said in a trembling voice as she dropped the phone.

‘Cool,’ Rex said with an evil smile.

They were both seated at the backseat of a taxi and the driver who was putting on dark shades was alone at the front.

‘Tell me once you see their car.’

Taofeek checked his time. It had been ten minutes since they had parked to wait for Bisi and she had not showed up yet. There was no traffic jam which could have been her only reason for staying so long. He picked up his phone to call her again.

It began to ring but it wasn’t answered. He tried a second time. He turned his face to the right as a moving taxi got close to them. A gun was pointed from the taxi and before any move could be made, a bullet ran into Taofeek’s forehead and the taxi sped off.


Location: Orile, Lagos
Time: 11:32pm

Carl kicked the door open and rushed in with his gun. The room was completely dark except for a small phone’s Torchlight at the corner. Eric entered after him and stopped by the door. He took out his phone and pointed towards the direction Carl was going, there was someone there, tied to a chair. Eric followed Carl to the corner.

‘Is this not the f****** girlfriend?’ Eric asked aloud.

‘I think she is,’ Carl replied as he took off the tape from the girl’s mouth.

‘Where are those with you?’ Eric barked.

‘They went out just now,’ Bisi said in a shaky voice.

‘Where did they go to?’ Eric barked.

‘I don’t know, I don’t know them.’ she answered.

A third person walked in and Eric flashed a look back.

‘I found nothing and nobody in this building.’

Carl walked to the other corner to pick the phone with the switched on torchlight there. He turned to the screen, the SMS application was opened. There was a draft at the top. He clicked on the draft to read.

Cole, you haven’t been answering the calls. We’ve got the Taofeek’s girlfriend in the building at Orile, what do we do to her?

‘You guys need to see this?’ Carl said as he walked back towards Lizzy and Eric. He got to them and showed the text message.

‘Cole,’ Lizzy voiced out thoughtfully.

‘Do you know him?’ Carl asked.

‘You don’t remember Victor?’ she asked him with a raised brow. ‘Samantha Osman’s man, remember he’s the same as Cole.’

Carl chuckled. His face met with Eric’s and they had the same conclusion in mind. Samantha Osman’s team had carried out the murder of Taofeek and that of the older siblings.

‘We need to leave here now guys,’ Carl said loudly. ‘The police would have also tracked and located this place.’

‘Let’s get going, I can’t wait to lay my hands in Samantha Osman.’ Eric said in a determined tone.

They all turned and began to walk towards the door.

‘Please, get me out.’ they heard a voice from behind.

That reminded Carl that he had taken off the tape covering her mouth. He quickly turned back and covered her mouth back with the tape.

To be continued