Tarasha Season 2 Episode 161



Rex had taken his time to study the special care center before drawing out his plans. He knew how many people were being taken care of and how many staffs worked in the place. He also had specific details of the number of security men they had and all the exits and entrances into the place. And for his task that night, he knew the time the women were taken to bed and when the staffs providing care for them would be too occupied to notice strange movements.

He checked his wristwatch, it was exactly 8:05PM, the staffs would have led the women to their rooms. He stepped out of his car with his small brief case and proceeded straight to the gate. He pressed the bell and after sometime, a man showed up.

‘Good evening sir,’ Rex greeted first.

‘Evening sir, what can I do for you?’ the man asked him with suspicious eyes.

‘I’m here to see MrsFunsho,’ Rex said confidently.

‘MrsFunsho?’ the Man frowned. Mrs. Funsho was the head of staffs of the special care center, the same person Madam Henrietta had called to ask for the discharge of Atinuke. ‘Is she expecting you?’

‘Yes, she is. I was held back by traffic, I should have gotten here about an hour before this time.’Rex replied.

The man examined Rex from head to toe with his eyes, his gaze lingered on the small briefcase for a short while, then he placed his gaze on Rex’s face. Rex was dressed simple, in a sky blue long sleeve shirt and a navy blue plain trousers with black palm sandals. He looked more like a technician and his briefcase like his tool box. The main problem the security man had with the visit was the timing, Mrs. Funsho always discouraged late time visits, so it was strange to find her receiving a visitor at that time.

‘I have to go in to confirm first if she’s expecting you,’ the man said. ‘And if you don’t mind, I’ll also like to check what you have in your box.’

‘Oh! This?’Rex raised the briefcase up slightly. The man nodded. Rex went down on a knee and placed the briefcase on the ground, he turned the top to himself and opened the briefcase.

‘I can’t see what you have there,’ the security man said, looking at the briefcase which seemed to emit darkness from itself. He squatted to have a closer look but he was taken by surprise as Rex touched his chest with the mouth of a pistol. He lifted his hands in the air slowly in surrender.

‘Calm down man, I’m not here to hurt you,’ Rex said as they both rose up. ‘All I want right now is for you to move silently to the security room.’


‘Ma, we haven’t put Mrs. Atinuke to sleep yet.’ One of the nurses said to Mrs. Funsho.

Mrs. Funsho paused to check her wristwatch. She shook her head, ‘Allow me call her guardian again, they told me they would be here in fifteen minutes but this is more than one hour after.’

She picked up her phone and searched out for Madam Henrietta’s number, she dialed it and placed it close to her ear.

‘Madam, are you still coming?’ Mrs. Funsho asked, looking into the eyes of the nurse in front.

‘Yes, we’re still on the way please.’ Madam Henrietta replied from the other end.

‘How long would it take you to get here?’

‘We’re already in Ikoyi, we should be there in ten minutes time.’

‘Okay please, make sure you do not come later than that.’ Mrs. Funsho said and ended the call. She looked at the nurse’s face, ‘Let’s give them twenty minutes, once I leave, I’ll order for the gates to be closed and they won’t be attended to by anyone when they come.’

‘Okay ma,’ the nurse curtsied and was about to turn to leave when the lights suddenly went off.

‘What’s wrong?’ Mrs. Funsho asked aloud. ‘How can we have power outage?’ She picked her phone and put on the flashlight, ‘Please reach the security men immediately.’


Rex proceeded back into the room after disconnecting the lights of the building. He was now putting on the uniform of the security man whom he attacked in the security room and made unconscious. With the aid of tools in his briefcase, he had disconnected the building from it’s power source in such a way that it’ll take the security men or a technician more than thirty minutes to finish. One of the things he had learnt about the Care Center was that they had very little security protocols and that was because of the nature of the services they rendered there; they believed they were less prone to attacks because people had very little or nothing to get from old and sick women.

Rex unlocked his phone and stopped behind the door after he stepped into the corridor. He opened the note application on the phone to check the details of his movement again.

‘Atinuke George

Code Number – 628

Ward –D


Two cars could be seen outside the compound, one at the left end of the fence and the other at the right end. Tobi was in the car at the left hand, waiting for Rex to finish and join him while Cole was in the car at the right side with two other men, waiting and monitoring Tobi. According to their plan, Tarasha should have arrived and gone in to stop Rex inside the place. Cole’s job was to trail when Rex came out of the place and joined Tobi.

‘Boss, the lights have gone off. I think Rex is up to something,’ Cole said into the phone.

‘Get into the place and stop him,’ Tarasha replied with a note of authority. ‘I’ll be there in five minutes.’

‘Okay boss,’ Cole said in reply. He was scared for a second but he remembered that he had two other people with him while Rex was alone. ‘We’ve got to go in,’ Cole said and stepped out of the car immediately. He arranged two pistols neatly into his pocket and took out a communication device from his pocket. He attached the mouthpiece on the collar of his shirt and plugged the earpiece into his left ear.

He took out his phone and dialed Tarasha’s number again, ‘Boss, my device is on, please connect.’

The other two men were already waiting for him outside ready. They all turned back and began to proceed towards the gate hurriedly.


Rex navigated through the building with the picture of the building map on his phone and his flashlight as a source of light. He got into Ward D after four minutes of walking from the power source. The ward was a moderate sized one, only three women slept in it, two old women and Mrs. Atinuke.

Rex shone his light into the dark ward. He could see three bed stands, two women were in the beds, one at the right and left side while the bed in the middle was empty.

Rex moved closer, the woman on the first bed was sitting and resting her back against the headboard and staring directly at him. He knew she couldn’t see his face but had to stare at him because of the light and his movement in her direction. He shone the light to see her well, she was an old frail women. She placed her palm over her face to shield her eyes from the light.

Rex moved away from her and proceeded to the third bed, but as he got to the second one which was empty, he saw the tag on the bed which was labeled 62. He realized that the second bed was the one meant for Mrs. Atinuke but still proceeded to the third bed.Another old woman was lying in the third bed, already asleep.

‘F*** it!’ he cursed under his breath as he rushed back to the first old woman who was still seated, he checked the first bed and confirmed the tag number 61 on it. ‘Where is Madam Atinuke?’ he asked the old woman in harsh words.

The frail woman stared at him without giving a response. She didn’t even hear him, because she had partial deafness of the ear. She closed her eyes as he shone the flashlight on her face. She wasn’t trembling nor afraid of what Rex could do to her. She was a woman close to a hundred and ten years of age and had lost all her fears including that of death.

Rex stared at the woman angrily for some more seconds, she wasn’t making any move or saying anything, she looked like she hadn’t heard what he said to her or understood his language. He turned back immediately and proceeded out of the ward. He stopped outside the door to check the pictures gallery on his phone. He stared again for some minutes at Madam Atinuke’s picture. He heaved a sigh, Madam Atinuke was way younger than the women he saw in the ward. The empty bed with the tag numbered 62 had also proved that she wasn’t in.

He wondered if he had gotten the right information or if something else had gone wrong. If the instruction wasn’t to make the death look natural as possible, he would have searched the whole building for the woman and even attacked more staff members of the place and force them to bring out the woman.

He opened his messaging app and typed in a message to the Vice President.

‘Wrong info given to me by your assistant, Madam Atinuke wasn’t found in the ward at the time she was supposed to be.’ he proofread it before sending.

He had considered all other things that could have happened and he was left with only two options; the first was the possibility of him having been given the wrong information which he had sent a complaint message to the Vice President about. The second option was one which Rex really hoped wasn’t true; the possibility of stainless to have betrayed him. He recalled that Stainless had not been answering his calls for several hours and even Tobi had confirmed not to have seen him. As it was, he had to leave the place silently without fulfilling his mission. He heaved a sigh and proceeded further.


‘Boss, we are headed towards the waiting room now, we haven’t identified or located anyone, the place is terribly dark.’Cole’s voice sounded in Tarasha’s speaker.

‘Locate the woman immediately you get to the waiting room and make sure she is kept safe,’ Tarasha replied from the other end.


“This is the place,’ Stephanie said impatiently, pointing a finger at the gate of the care center from the other side of the road. Their vehicle still had to make a U-turn to get the other side.

‘Find a place to park and wait,’ Tarasha ordered the driver who immediately pulled over to the front of a closed company.

Tarasha took off the wig from her head and pulled out a skin mask from her bag. ‘I want you guys to stay in here until I call you or send someone else to call you in, you’d get into trouble if you disobey and move an inch from here.’

She stepped out of the car after passing her warning strongly. She walked some distance away from the car, looking towards the care center, she located two cars and based on Cole’s description, she could tell which one was brought by Cole and the one that was brought by Tobi. She walked back into the shadow formed by the fence behind her and quickly put on her face mask. She positioned her revolvers well in her pocket and stepped back onto the road.

She turned the mouthpiece to her mouth as she looked right and left for cars before crossing the road.

‘I just got to the place and I’m coming in now,’ she said to Cole through the mouthpiece.

‘Boss, we’ve located the waiting room and found the woman, the security guards have been distracted because of the power outage but we may have a problem with them if we try to take the woman and she makes noise.’

‘We need to be careful, Rex is powerful in darkness, just stay hidden in a way you can keep watching the woman.’ Tarasha replied.

‘Boss, no one is in sight here for now. Should we make the woman sleep and get her out of place?’

‘Are you sure no one is listening to you right now?’ Tarasha asked, now trying to cross to the other side.

‘No one is, I’m outside the waiting room while the other two guys are inside.’

‘Make her sleep and…’Tarasha paused and her eyes widened in surprise as she saw someone walk out of the gate hurriedly. Her eyes followed him as he looked in direction of the vehicle Tobi was seated in and began to walk towards the place. ‘You can take the woman out, don’t kill but you can put anyone who tries to stop you into unconsciousness.’

She ended the connection and stepped down from the median to cross the road, the vehicles were moving fast and none of the drivers seemed to be patient enough to allow her cross. She watched Rex as he got to Tobi’s car and entered into the Passengers’ side. She focused on the road again and was able to cross after ten seconds.

Her eyes were on Tobi’s vehicle as she got to the front of the care center, she could see the backlight on which meant they were about leaving, she quickly ran to the spot Cole’s car was parked. She broke the window glass to the driver’s side and took out a tool from the pocket inside her jacket, she unlocked the lock mechanism of the door from inside and opened it. She entered into the car and punched in the codes to unlock the start system, then she pushed the start button. The car roared unto life.

‘Cole, connect me with the other guys waiting on the way,I’m following after Rex now,’she said into her mouthpiece.

‘Okay boss,’ Cole replied.

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‘Stephanie, don’t you think it’s the right time to involve the police?’ Madam Henrietta said to Stephanie who was watching Tarasha through the transparent window glass.

Stephanie did not give any reply. She was more eager to get out of the car than Madam Henrietta was but she decided to trust Samantha Osman. She remembered having disobeyed her instruction the first time they met and she almost got into trouble for it.

‘Stephanie, don’t you think your mum’s life is in danger?’Madam Henrietta asked when she realized Stephanie wasn’t going to give her a response to the first question. She waited for a response and noticed that Stephanie wasn’t still going to reply, she decided to take her own steps independently. ‘I’m getting out of this place,’ she said and moved closer to the door, trying to open using the handle but it couldn’t be opened.

The driver of the vehicle who was still seated in his seat turned back and flashed a warning look at Madam Henrietta. Both Stephanie and Madam Henrietta stared at his face and they knew instantly that stepping out wasn’t an option. They realized that the driver wasn’t just a hired driver from a transport service company, he was working together with Samantha Osman.

Stephanie’s phone began to ring and she reached out to pick it, the caller was Samantha Osman.


‘You can move on,’Rex said to Tobi after pulling on his seatbelt. ‘

Tobi turned in the indicator and looked out for cars coming from behind, there was none. He drove into the road and joined the line of moving vehicles.

‘Have you heard from Stainless?’Rex asked.

Tobi shook his head slowly in response.

Rex stared at his face thinly for a moment, he had noticed the moodiness and knew something was wrong. He hoped it wasn’t that Tobi was the betrayal. His suspicion was increased when Tobi let out a deep sigh like someone who was deeply worried.

He was already thinking of the best way to force out what was troubling the mind of the robust guy when Tobi spoke.

‘Boss, did it go successfully?’Tobi asked in low tones.

‘I couldn’t find the woman in the ward, her bed was empty, I must have been given the wrong information.’Rex replied.

‘No boss, you weren’t given the wrong information.’Tobi said after letting out a gasp.

Rex gave him a sharp look. He raised his brows, ‘What do you mean?’

Tobi sighed again, ‘I…’

Rex’s phone began to ring and he signified for Tobi to stop for him to answer the call. ‘Hello Chief,’ he said into the phone.

‘Rex, I just confirmed from my assistant now. He is sure that the information you got was accurate, he verified it before sending to you.’

‘I missed the woman already, I’ll call you back in few minutes, I have to settle something first.’

‘Please, don’t forget to call me back. It’s important that we take this woman down, she knows some secrets that are too dangerous to be let out.’

‘I’ll call you back Chief, relax.’Rex reassured.

Tobi had increased his driving speed while Rex was making the call. He had seen the vehicle that he was being monitored from trailing them from behind.

After being forced to accept Cole’s deal. The plan they gave him was to lead Rex into a trap already set for him by Tarasha’s team. Out of the seven newly recruited assassins, Cole had taken two with him, one went to Abuja with Tarasha and was the same driver with Stephanie and Madam Henrietta in the Sienna Jeep, the other four had been given specific roles to take Rex down and Tobi’s ultimate job was to drive Rex into their hands. Cole and the two men were supposed to follow Tobi behind after taking Rex while Tarasha was the one who was supposed to do the job of bringing Madam Atinuke to safety, but because of the traffic Tarasha had faced on the route taken, she had to exchange roles with Cole and his team.

‘You said I had the right information,’Rex continued the discussion after ending the call.

Tobi did not reply immediately, he kept his eyes focused on the side mirror.

Rex noticed that the speed was now different, and with the way Tobi was looking, it seemed that they were being trailed.

‘Is someone following us?’Rex asked.

‘Boss, I have a confession .’Tobi said, flashing a glance at Rex’s face.

Rex squinted at him. He already knew what he was going to be told. ‘So you sold me out?’ he said in a thick relaxed voice, mentioning the words one after the other.

‘I can explain boss,’ Tobi said in a pleading tone, half focused on his driving and still trying to speak with Rex. Rex continued to stare at him in silence. ‘They have my mother with them and they would kill her if I don’t comply,’Tobi quickly added.

Rex bit his lips in regret. It was one of the dangers of working with untrained or not-properly-trained assassins, they could be easily taken down when someone related to them is taken down. But for an assassin like him, especially those trained in the Villary Clan, they had no relatives or family, the only people they were allowed to protect were people working with them on the same team at a particular moment, and once the person joins the opposite team, he or she becomes an enemy.

‘So who is that person following us?’ Rex asked.

Tobi looked into the side mirror again. ‘I can’t see clearly, it’s supposed to be three of them. I did not know they were still going to follow us,’ Tobi replied.

‘But aren’t they following?’

‘Yes,’Tobi answered with a confused look. ‘I saw them enter into the compound and never saw them come out.’

Rex turned to look back, he narrowed his eyes. The car Tobi claimed was trailing them was about ten metres behind and two other cars were in between it and theirs. It took sometime for Rex to have a clear view. He turned back and sat well on the chair. ‘There’s only one person in that car and it’s a lady.’

Tobi flashed a surprise look at his face. ‘No, it can’t be a lady, they did not come with any.’

‘I just saw a lady, she must have come to join them.’Rex insisted.’What’s their plan?’

‘They have men waiting for us at Rael Gate, I’m supposed to drive you into their hands there.’Tobi said.

‘And why aren’t you doing that?’Rex stared at him with Cole’s eyes.

‘I can’t,’Tobi said thoughtfully. ‘I can’t bow to Cole.’

‘Who compelled you? Samantha Osman herself?’

‘No, I didn’t see her, Cole her man did.’

‘Do you know Stainless’whereabouts?’

‘They have him too,they took him this morning.’

Rex paused for some minutes to think. He raised his head a minute later.

‘What should I do boss?’Tobi asked.

‘Drive me into their trap,’Rex replied.

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‘Mum!’Stephanie screamed as the men carried his mum into the car and placed her gently in the middle seat. When Tarasha called her earlier, it was to ask her to move to the backseat with Madam Henrietta because some other people were coming to join them. She did as she was told without asking questions. The driver also received a call and started the car afterwards, he drove and made a U-turn to the other side to wait beside the gate of the care center.

‘Take good care of them,’Cole said to Nicholas whom was going in the Sienna. ‘We would return with the boss later tonight.’

‘Okay man,’Nicholas said and shook Cole’s hand before joining the driver at the front seat.

Cole and the other man waited until the car drove off, then they walked closer to the road to get a cab.

‘What’s wrong with her?’Stephanie cried out, trying to shake her mum awake. ‘Mum, Mum!’ Stephanie shouted noisily into the unconscious woman’s ears.

‘She’s only asleep,’Nicholas shouted at her. ‘Stop making noise and don’t get us into trouble.’


‘Cole,’Tarasha called, speaking into the mouthpiece. ‘Cole,’ she called again.

‘Boss,sorry, I was busy, hijacking a cab.’ he finally replied.

‘Have you gotten the woman to safety?’

‘Yes, Nicholas is leading them back.’

‘I hope nobody was killed at the Care Center,’ Tarasha said.

‘We killed no one, but we met a guard lifeless at the security room, Rex must have killed him before we got in.’

‘Okay, how many people were hurt?’

‘Not up to five people, we had Benryl injected into three people’s body. And they haven’t been able to rectify the power problem when we left.’

‘Okay,’ Tarasha said and there was quietness for a while. ‘This guy leading Rex into our trap, are you sure we can trust him?’

‘I don’t trust him boss, but with his mother in our custody, he won’t try to fail us.’

‘I had a feeling that he was trying to escape me some few minutes ago, he increased his driving speed. But now, his speed is back to normal and that’s really suspicious.’


The roads were already been deserted, and Rael University Road which was usually a quiet place had been shut down of all commercial activities.

‘Their cars are parked at the gate of the university and they will block the road with the two cars once they see our headlights,’Tobi said to Rex as they journeyed towards the place.

Rex turned and looked back. He could see the headlights of the car coming far behind them. He knew Tarasha was the one in the car. She had only given them space to make him not notice than she was trailing them. He had a plan in place already and he was sure it would work.

‘Slow down your speed, so that she can catch up with us well.’ Rex said to Tobi. He unlocked the tablet device in his hands, ‘I’ve showed you the sources oflight in this area already, do your part as you should and we would save your mother.’

The car trailing them was closer now, only a metres behind and they were very close to the university gate. Just as Tobi had explained to Rex, two vehicles which were parked in front of the gate had their engines on and were driven to block the road. But according to Rex’s plan, Tobi crashed their car straight into one the vehicles used to block them, destroying the plans he had with Cole. Only the bonnet of their car got destroyed. Tobi quickly stepped out of the car and with the gun given to him by Rex, he bent down in the corner formed by the car he drove and the one he crashed into, he targeted the lights at the front of the university gate and began to shoot them one after the other.

The purpose was to make the place dark, which would be an advantage to Rex and a disadvantage to Tarasha’s team.

To be continued