Tarasha Season 2 Episode 160


‘Stephanie,’ Tarasha called softly from behind.

She turned slowly and met Tarasha sitting up and staring back at her.

‘How often do you visit your mother at the care center?’

‘I go there frequently during my breaks, at least twice a week.’ Stephanie replied.

‘So, that means you should know of some of their operations.’ Tarasha said.

Stephanie raised her brows. She didn’t understand what Tarasha was referring to as their operations.

Tarasha sensed her confusion and decided to be more specific. ‘Do you know the schedule for their meals?’

‘Uhmn… Yes, I think I do know a little. They take breakfast by 7am, lunch by 1pm and dinner by 7pm.’

‘Are you sure of this schedule?’ Tarasha asked.

‘Yes, I’m very sure,’ Stephanie replied.

Tarasha paused for a minute to think. Her eyes met with Madam Henrietta who was now sitting in a slant position and looking at her. The woman turned her face back quickly

Tarasha glanced at her wristwatch and bit her lips slightly.

‘Madam Henrietta,’ she called softly.

Fear gripped Madam Henrietta’s mind as she heard her name, she wondered if she had done something wrong or if she had gotten into trouble for being caught stealing glances at her. She slowly turned back in fear and her eyes trembled as she stared at Tarasha’s face.

‘You registered Mrs. Atinuke George’s at the care center right?’

‘Yes, I took her there.’

‘And are you allowed to take her anytime you want?’

‘Ermm… I think there has to be some few days notice before she is allowed to be taken away.’ Madam Henrietta answered.

Tarasha glanced at the time again. Time was not on her side. She had not known that she would have to get to Lagos very early and so did not plan to leave Abuja early. They even eventually left an hour later than she planned because she had to go back to Madam Henrietta’s house with Stephanie to get some documents there.

She calculated the most feasible time to get to Lagos before Rex would make an attempt on the woman’s life. She would be some minutes or an hour late to get to the venue and stop Rex from killing the woman, she had to devise a plan to delay Rex.

‘We have to get Mrs. Atinuke out of the place tonight,’ Tarasha said aloud. Stephanie gave Tara a sharp look. Tarasha continued to talk, facing Madam Henrietta, ‘Is there a way to reach them at the Care Center and demand for her release tonight?’

Madam Henrietta stared at Tarasha in confusion. ‘Why do we need to demand to take her tonight when we are not going to pick her?’

‘Who told you we aren’t going to pick her tonight? We are going straight there from here.’

‘Why?’ Stephanie asked in a loud tone, widening her eyes in surprise.

Tarasha flashed a look at her and then turned back to Madam Henrietta, ‘Can you reach them by phone?’

‘It’ll take sometime for me to get the moderator’s number.’ Madam Henrietta replied.

‘How long will it take you?’

Madam Henrietta sighed. She glanced at her phone’s screen to check the time. ‘The person I can call to ask for the moderator’s number would be at work now and would not be able to answer me. She would close in an hour time.’

‘An hour would be too late.’

‘But that’s the only option I have,’ Madam Henrietta replied. She was unwillingly to let Samantha Osman know anything about Atinuke. She believed the assassin was not to be trusted.

‘You have to find another option right away. Mrs. Atinuke would be killed an hour after dinner time.’

Stephanie let out a gasp, her eyes widened in shock and she began to pant.


‘Tobi, where the f*** are you guys?’ Rex’s angry voice sounded through the phone’s speaker.

‘Boss, I can’t find Stainless anywhere, I’ve been trying to reach him, he’s the cause of the delay.’

‘Forget about Stainless, get the car and start coming over right now,’ Rex said.

‘Okay boss, I’ll be there as soon as I can.’ Tobi said before ending the call. He heaved a sigh before pulling on his seatbelt. He was already in the car before Rex called, the only thing he was waiting for before moving was the call.

He sighed again as he pushed the start button. He didn’t want to betray Rex but there was nothing he could do. He had been forced to agree after Cole had ordered for his mother to be brought in again and for the other men to start torturing her. He agreed and made them return his mother to wherever they brought her from. At first he thought he would be able to fight Cole and the other men once the ropes on his hands and legs were taken away, and save his mum whom he thought would be in that same building with them. But to his surprise when he was released, he discovered that the building they were in consisted of only two rooms and his mother was not kept in the same building. Instead Cole showed him a video of another building on a tablet device where his mother was kept and heavily guarded by mean men.

He checked his time. Rex would be waiting for him to arrive. He switched on the indicator and carefully turned into the road to begin the journey.

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‘And why would you want to take her back now, after so many years?’ A woman putting on a white gown was talking on phone. She kept a frown on her face which made the eyeglasses which was supposed to be in front of her eyes now rest on her flat nose.

‘There’s an emergency that demands us to take her from there immediately,’ Madam Henrietta replied from the other end of the phone connection.

‘What kind of emergency is that? You should have given us two days notice at least,’ the woman replied.

‘It has to do with life and it’s about her daughter,’ Madam Henrietta said.

‘Is her daughter’s life in danger?’

‘Something like that, her daughter needs to make a quick decision and she has to be there.’

‘Madam, I will advise that you think about this very well before making a decision that would not be proper.’

‘I’ve thought about it already and I’m on my way there with her daughter, we would be there in fifteen minutes time. Make sure you don’t allow her go for the dinner, which would waste our time. We want to leave immediately.’

The woman sighed. ‘It’s okay, if that’s what you want, we can’t stop you.’


Rex glanced at his wristwatch, it was time. He got up from his seat and put the communication device close to his lips. ‘I’ll kill her at the exact time, be at the right position with the car.’ He said to Tobi.

To be continued