Tarasha Season 2 Episode 162


In less than ninety seconds, Tobi had turned off the lights with twenty one bullets in total. He had shot off target a number of times and had to shoot two particular bulbs twice before they went off. He entered back into the car after that and shut the door.

Rex was still seated in, he hadn’t stepped out yet like he planned with Tobi to do. Tobi stared at his face for a second and then looked in the same direction Rex was looking, something was wrong. None of Samantha’s men had tried to shoot at Tobi while he was shooting at the lights; that was exactly when Rex was supposed to come in. Making matters worse, none of the men were seen in or outside their vehicles yet and even Samantha Osman was still seated in hers at the opposite side.

The place was still not dark even after the targeted bulbs had gone off. Rex knew that it wasn’t a matter of him not having calculated very well, someone must have done something to counter the results of his calculation. Someone had introduced other sources of light to the place which were not there before. He also noticed that the headlights of his attackers’ vehicles were left on and that majorly contributed to the lack of darkness, especially at the point where he was. Another thing that baffled him was that none of the men shot at Tobi or try to disturb him while he shot at the lights. That was opposite of their expectation and contrary to Samantha Osman’s gang initial plan which Tobi had told him about.

Tobi had told him how the men planned to block the road like they had just done, but they changed the manner. The two vehicles in front of them faced each other, instead of both facing the same direction, one had waited for the other to get to the road and turn before joining. Tobi had also told him that he was supposed to run out of the car immediately after they were blocked and the men who were in the cars which blocked the road were supposed to step out of the cars immediately and rain bullets on the blocked car where he (Rex) would be.

Rex looked around quickly, there had been no movement yet. He couldn’t still see the men in the cars right in front of them. He made a flashback and made some calculation from the time the men had blocked the road and the time it took for Tobi to crash into their car. He realized that the drivers of the cars had enough time to step out of the cars immediately after blocking the road and hide somewhere else behind, and if that was exactly what they did, it meant that he was wasting his time waiting for them to come out of the car and shoot at him.

Was Tobi told the wrong plan? Or did Tobi decide to give him the wrong information? He asked himself. He knew it was the former which was more possible. Then what made the attackers change their minds?

He shone his eyes widely as a thought struck his mind. He looked at Tobi.
‘Did they come near or inside this car?’ he asked.

Tobi stared at him silently for a second. ‘Yes, Cole and the two other men were inside with me before your call.’

Rex let out a short breath. He now had a better understanding of the situation which he was in. It was either a recorder had been placed in the car and all the plans he made with Tobi while he was being driven into the trap was being heard by Samantha Osman or Samantha Osman was deliberately keeping him and Tobi in the car for a particular reason – a bomb or any other explosive had been attached to the car.

He opened the door to his side but did not step out immediately. He turned his body towards the door and raised his two hands out of the car first. ‘I’ve got no guns with me, I only want to talk,’ he shouted out, knowing he was being watched. He wasn’t sure if his words would be heard but he knew his voice would be and they would know he was trying to talk to them. He placed his feet on the ground outside the car and shifted his bum closer to the edge of the seat. ‘Can I come outside?’ he shouted again.

He heard no response and he waited there for more than thirty seconds, watching vigilantly and listening. He knew he had the opportunity of buying more time with Samantha Osman. He had told her earlier through one of the emails that he was the only one who knew the location he hid Chief Nonso and he knew she wouldn’t want him dead at that moment for that reason.

After a minute, he noticed that Samantha Osman had stepped out of her car and was now standing outside with her bum resting on the bonnet of the car which she parked six metres away from them. He couldn’t see her fully and didn’t know what she held in her hands. And even if he knew what she held, it would be foolhardy for him to try act smart, he didn’t know where the other men around were hiding and he couldn’t even locate them if he tried to look around because they had made sure all the lights which were now on pointed directly to him.

He stepped out of the car with his two hands still raised and proceeded to the back. He stopped behind the boot, standing directly opposite the lady. He couldn’t see her clearly because she was standing in between the bright headlights of the car which shone in his own direction. He could however see the gun in her hands and see her shoes which had spaces outside it in which tools could be hidden in. He was now sure that a recorder was in the car and his plan with Tobi had been heard all along, she knew he was planning to use the darkness against them and decided to put him in the middle of bright lights. However, the brightness still wasn’t a disadvantage to him, the only disadvantage he had was their trap which he had willingly entered by wrong calculation.

‘Call your man out of the car,’ Samantha finally opened her mouth to talk.

Rex heaved a sigh. He hated to admit to himself, but he knew he was now in Samantha Osman’s hands and he couldn’t get himself out unhurt easily except she makes a silly mistake and that was exactly what he was hoping and waiting for.

‘Tobi, come out.’ He shouted out to Tobi’s hearing.

Tobi got out of the car slowly with his hands raised just like Rex’s and began to proceed to the back to join Rex. His movement was cut short when a bullet ran into his chest from Tarasha’s gun, he fell to the ground.

Rex didn’t bother to look back to see Tobi’s body, he fixed his eyes on Tarasha without blinking. Tobi’s death was something inevitable, she had only helped him make it quicker. He fixed his eyes on Tarasha who was now pointing the gun straight at him. Even though he was struggling to see her clearly because of the lights, he strained his eyes enough to monitor the movements of her fingers on the pistol she was holding and was ready to move the moment a finger goes close to the trigger.

‘Where is Chief Nonso?’ Tarasha asked as she began to step closer to him slowly.

‘I’ve got him where I kept him, I gave my men instructions already on how and when to kill him.’ Rex replied, hoping she would stop coming closer. He wouldn’t be able to dodge her bullet if she shot at a very close range.

Tarasha stopped and stared at him, she lowered her gun. ‘You won’t kill him because it will be the greatest threat to your paymaster’s presidential bid, but even if he is killed, it doesn’t stop any of my work.’

Both assassins stared at each other’s face for a long while. It was the first time of Tarasha seeing his real face, what she had seen at the hospital opening ceremony was a disguised one. There was something strange about his face that made Tarasha want to stop and think but she decided not to give any chance for him to overpower her.

Rex was confused as he now have a clearer view of her face. It wasn’t the face he knew, and what he was seeing was something more than the works of makeup kits. The person standing before him was either a totally different person or Samantha Osman putting on a skin mask, but her voice was the same.

‘I don’t have time for games, tell me what exactly you want,’ Rex said boldly to her. His hands were still raised up in surrender and he was already feeling pains in them. He however did not want to sound weak, so he didn’t ask whether he could put down his hands. If he tried to put them down without asking, Samantha Osman could think he was trying to take out a weapon.

‘You can’t give me what I want,’ Tarasha said with a chuckle and let out an evil smile. ‘I want the head of Elvis Richards.’

‘You’re never going to have that,’ Rex said spitefully.

‘Of course, I would, after I kill you first.’ She said with another evil smile and focused the gun direction to his chest.

Rex watched her carefully as her hand moved, he began to let down his hands slowly so as to take out his gun too and release a shot after successfully dodging the one she would shoot at him. But even before he could see any other move of hers, there was a gunshot from behind and it hit Rex at the back.

He felt weak all over his body immediately and his knees buckled but he struggled to remain standing after the usual duration in which he should have fallen, but his struggles were not enough to keep his eyes open and his feet standing, his eyes closed forcefully and then he fell to the ground heavily.

Tarasha moved closer to his body, still holding her gun. She stared down at him and walked a circle around him. She was sure he was fully unconscious before she stopped walking around. She uncocked her gun and looked up. Her team men who were hiding behind flowers and raised pavements came out of their hiding places.

‘Who of you shot the gun?’ Tarasha asked as they walked towards her.

‘I did,’ one of the men coming from the left hand side raised his hand boldly.

‘Did you have the accurate dose?’ Tarasha asked him.

‘I used it as I was given by Cole, I didn’t change anything.’

Their attention was divided as they heard the sound of a vehicle and saw the lights, coming from the direction where Tarasha’s car was parked. The vehicle stopped behind Tarasha’s car and out came Cole and the other man with him.

Tarasha paused and stepped a bit aside, waiting for Cole to join them before she could continue.

‘Boss,’ Cole said as he stopped by her side. A smile appeared on his face and he let out a sigh of relief on seeing Rex lie unconsciously on the floor.

Tarasha turned to the man who claimed to have shot Rex. ‘Get the other man,’ she said to him, nodding with her head towards the spot Tobi’s body was lying unconsciously. ‘He’s not dead yet, he’s unconscious too.’

‘Boss, what’s the plan?’ Cole asked Tarasha.

‘Have the men gotten to the base with Stephanie and the other women?’ Tarasha replied Cole, now turning to look at his face.

‘Yes, I was called about thirty minutes ago.’ He answered.

Tarasha remained mute for some seconds. She stared at Rex’s body thoughtfully. ‘We need to get Chief Nonso back before ending his life, and also kill the Vice President as soon as possible. We now have Rex, the only one who has stopped us from having Chief Elvis dead already.’

‘Boss, what do we do with him?’ a man asked Tarasha. He was carrying Tobi’s body by the legs and another one was carrying at the shoulder region.

‘Take him back to the base, we still need him alive. He would tell us more of the things we need as far as we’ve got his mother.’ Tarasha replied. Then she turned again to Cole after checking her wristwatch. ‘The police would soon be here in trace of the gunshots and the security men you put to sleep would be awake soon, let’s move Rex into my car and get him to the base also.’

She turned back and walked straight into the backseat of the car. Cole and the man he arrived with moved Rex’s body into the boot of the car Tarasha was seated in. The other men had also carried Tobi’s body into one of the cars they used to block the road. They moved the two cars to one side of the road and waited for Tarasha’s car to move first before they followed behind.

The Assassins left the Rael University Area with no blood spilled on the floor, with only two cars behind; the one Rex and Tobi came in and the one Cole and his partner had hijacked.


The room was a large one without any kind of furniture in it. The walls were sparkling white and even the ceiling was. The ground was made of sparkling marbles which felt cold on Rex’s body that morning.

He had opened his eyes to find himself on the floor in the neat white and empty room. The room was cold and the floor on which he laid made him feel colder. His both hands were tied with a strong rope which was also extended to tie the legs too and he had slept in that curved position. He didn’t know where he was and for a moment couldn’t remember what led him there until he managed to turn his curved body and he found two other people tied just like he was.

He could recognize Stainless and Tobi’s body from their back views. He was surprised that he wasn’t dead yet and more surprised that Tobi wasn’t too. He realized that they must have been shot strong sedative bullets instead of the usual bullets for killing. He struggled to turn and look around the room. He noticed that the building was a new unused one, which meant Samantha Osman team had just purchased or rented the place. Just as he was about to turn again to the other side, he heard the sound of a door opening and his eyes quickly located where the door was opened from.

He saw their legs first. The first two people that came in were men, the third person was a woman, he could see it from her heels and the way she walked.

He tried to raise his head to look at their faces as they walked straight to where he was but he couldn’t. He realized that the rope had been used to tie his neck also. He still felt very weak in his body and he knew it would take sometime for the effect of the poison to completely fade off.

Someone stopped right before his face and squatted. He turned his head up and saw her face. He let out a breath, it was still the same face of Samantha Osman he had seen the last night. He turned uncomfortably and stared keenly at her face, he was now sure that she was putting on a skin mask even though it was only her voice that suggested that she was the same person.

‘I see you’re awake already,’ Tarasha said, staring into his eyes with a mocking smile. ‘I hope you enjoyed your night,’ she said to taunt him. He looked away but she pulled his head and turned his face towards her. ‘You pay attention when I’m talking,’ she said in a cruel voice.

He stared at her without fear in his eyes but anger. He had made a big mistake by thinking he could turn her trap for him into one for her, he should have told Tobi to take another route but he was confident that he was going to get her, but here he was, at the mercy of a woman. He felt no pity for himself but anger, angry that he failed himself and angry that he let the Vilary Clan down.

Tarasha released his hair and got up from her squatting position. She looked at the other two men lying on the floor for some few seconds, she then turned to Cole and Nicholas. ‘I think we should start with Stainless, he should know more,’ she said to them.

They both nodded in agreement, they seemed to understand what she said to them. They proceeded to the spot Stainless was lying and carried him up in their hands. Rex turned helplessly where he was and saw their legs as it moved to the door. The men got out first with Stainless in their hands and Tarasha followed after, slamming the door behind.

Stainless was awake by the time they got him into another room. They dropped him on the floor and untied him, after that they carried and dropped him on a big chair, they tied his hands to the arm of the chair and his legs to the chair legs firmly.

Stainless watched them helplessly as they handled him roughly. He had lost hope totally. The little gleam of hope he had left disappeared the moment he saw Rex and Tobi being carried into the white room unconsciously. He was totally confused and frustrated, he wasn’t aware that Tobi had been captured earlier, so he was bewildered when he saw the both of them being brought in.

He wasn’t comfortable on the chair and tried to adjust his hand but couldn’t, the ropes had been tied firmly as usual. He looked up and saw a lady in front of him, she was holding a syringe and an ampoule. She had just drawn the contents of the ampoule into the syringe. She dropped the ampoule on a table and moved closer to him, she cleaned a part on his hand with a small wet cotton wool to see his veins. Then she inserted the needle carefully into the selected vein and injected the liquid into his blood stream.

Stainless could feel something rushing into his head as the liquid entered into his blood stream. He felt a relief immediately she stopped.

Tarasha stepped back and handed the used syringe to Cole. ‘He would be mentally feeble in the next two hours, if the drugs doesn’t break him directly, we’d add more torture.’ she said before turning and walking out of the place.



Henry was standing outside and looking leisurely at the street when the car drove into the compound. His eyes followed the movement until the car halted. Tara and Cole stepped out and proceeded straight to the entrance of the house where he stood.

The building was a new one which they had just moved into the day before. Tarasha had acquired new facilities after employing more assassins.

‘Good morning Tara,’ Henry greeted with a faint smile.

‘Hi Henry,’ she replied him and stopped at his front. They both stared into each other’s eyes for a couple of seconds silently. Cole walked past after giving Henry a side hug.

‘How have you been?’ Henry asked. He hadn’t seen her since the day she travelled to Abuja with one of the new men. His own job had been reduced since the new assassins arrived. The only thing he had done in the three days apart from helping her track her movements in Abuja was to monitor the movement of the gang, excluding the new assassins and their property into the new facility. It was Tarasha’s first time of coming to the new place.

‘I’ve been fine, how about you?’ Tarasha replied.

‘Fine too,’ Henry replied with a forced smile. He had not been too happy with the distance between them and because she had killed people to get her mission fulfilled in Abuja even after she explained that she met something entirely different and had no choice than to kill. What he really hated most was people seeing Samantha Osman has an evil person.

‘What about Doctor Ekwueme?’ Tara asked as she began to walk past him.

He turned and joined her to walk in, ‘He’s in, he and Tomi have been busy with the sick woman brought in last night.’

‘What about the two other ladies?’ Tarasha asked as they proceeded into the house.

‘Stephanie George has been crying about the sick woman since last night, we had to stop her from entering into the medical room. And Dr Ekwueme isn’t too sure that she would be well soon.’

‘I have to see the Doctor right away.’

Henry led Tarasha straight to the medical room. They met Doctor Ekwueme attending to Mrs. Atinuke when they got in. After few some few minutes, the doctor was able to talk to Tarasha.

‘Doc, I heard she’s been unconscious since yesterday.’ Tarasha said to him.

‘Yes, Samantha, she has been unconscious. The mixture used to make her unconscious was supposed to last for seven hours maximum when administered to a normal healthy person, but because of her ill health, it might have damaged some other things in her body.’ the doctor explained.

‘So can she be helped?’ Tarasha asked.

‘Yes, she can be helped. But we need to do some tests to check her first.’

‘So, what’s stopping the test?’

‘It can’t be done here, we have to take her to a hospital that has the facilities needed.’

‘No, that’s not possible,’ Tarasha frowned. ‘She can’t be taken to a hospital, she was already declared missing on the news this morning.’

‘There’s no way to carry out the test here,’ Dr Ekwueme replied sadly. ‘And we can’t keep her unconscious for long, if she doesn’t get the necessary treatment soon, we may lose her.’

Tarasha heaved a heavy sigh and looked for a chair to sit. Taking the woman out of that building wasn’t a choice, losing her would be bad also. She was confused and tired.

To be continued