Son Of The Orb Season 2 Prologue


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In my world, being me was not a word generally acceptable to everyone, have seen myself as weird, stupid, phsyco or
anything you can think. For a while i wished i was normal, i wished my life was natural and happy like every other kid. I
felt like the waterlike look of a sand under sun in the eyes of a thirsty desert man, who
comes runing hoping to get water. I was a false hope, like a tiny fish in an ocean without
realizing i had the ability to swim. Just at
the verge of giving up, i realized there
nothing like family, they made me
realize the only
reason i felt incomplete and worthless
was because i chose too and because i
was blind even to my own history, i was
scared of not being normal. Then i
began my quest to knowing who i was, when i realized the answer to my question WHO AM I was more puzzled and complicated than the question itself. Stay tuned.

Previous season
On a cold evening after a late night deliveries, katerina
found something strange on a really unatural incident. A child, not just a child but a boy child in a orb!!!.
She was faced with the decison of keeping the child or
walking away. And was even more puzzled to find out someone, somehow,
had this all planned out. Though the beautiful lad looked pretty
normal, the many unatural scene revolving around him, evidently proved he was far from being a normal child.
He was taken in by this childless couples and nurtured,
although blind to his own history, a scroll was there to guide him.
The young child grew pretty fast into a cute, smart and wonderful
teenage boy. Seeing a few unexplanable things around him, he was out to find some sort of rational explanation, until he finally reads the scroll.
In less than no time he was begining to learn about his powers and history with the help of a very special friend bellatrix. But now dangers lurks around because his supposed uncle isnt a really nice man.
Although he tries so hard to leave a pretty normal life, he
realizes he was not just a kid with
superpowers, he was sesium prince!
Watch out for Adventures of Ethan…………….