Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 1


Its been a wonderful weekend, after a really weird vacation in new orleans. I couldnt help but wonder why it was populated by weird kids or should i say individuals.
The sun was up in the sky, shining bright as usual. its monday morning, we were on summer vacation which means i’ll be spending a whole month at home. The thought of it got me really excited, i jumped out of bed, jogged down the stairs.
The house was unusually quiet, perhaps they were still in bed i
thought. Something inside of me needs to be certain, so i walked to the master room, where i met their absence.
Me: huuuh! This is strange, they’ve never left home this early before without a notice. Atleast not the 2 of them.
I decided to check around the house but no one was feeding the
horses and dad’s tractor was in it usual spot. I was growing scared by the minutes. I checked around the farm but found no one.
Me: mum!!!!! Dad!!!!!! I yelled looking really worried. I was totally taken aback to hear my voice echo. This has never happen before, i mean scientifically that
wasnt meant to happen. And
then i saw dux(my female dog) staring at me.
Me: i couldnt help but smile, as i bent abit beckoning on her to come over. But her reaction was different, it gave a snarl, rather than a friendly bark.
Whoa!!! Whats wrong??
It moved forward slowly and angrily as it head grew bigger.
Its canines doubled in size too as its jugular vein stretched so
hard, showing a lot of strength, like it could rip a metal apart.
Me: omg!!!! I exclaimed moving backwards slowly as it took a few calculated step towards me. Its me dux!!! I called out hoping she’d come to her senses. It only seemed to made her angrier. With the looks in its eye, it was pretty obvious she was out for the kill. Dont make me do this i thought
as i tried making fire balls with my palm.
There was no trace of fire, this time dux increased pace, my eyes
popped opened. I tried teleporting but i was rather in the exact same
spot were i stood. This time the
cold embrace of fear made my body quiver.
I wasnt gonna wait to hear my intinct say you are up for a
deadly chase before i took to heels. I ran so hard into the house with dux closing in really fast shutting the door behind me really hard.
I tried getting a hold of my breath as my heart pounded really hard.
Me: i relaxed a bit thinking its over now. what the hell is wrong with
dux i thought, just when a really strong impact was felt on the door causing a crack like it was gonna fall off.
How did she become so strong i thought as my eyes popped open, i took a few backward towards the stairs with my gaze fixed on the door.
And then booom!!!!!! The door fell flat as dux stepped in, looking
even bigger, deadlier and angrier.
The sight of dux and the fear i felt at the moment, made me trip
at the foot of the stairs.
Me: help!! I yelled softly looking so petrified! But then now isnt the time to be weak, i got to my feet,
swiftly running upstairs. Mum!!! Dad!!!! Somebody!! Help me!! Plsss!!! I yelled as dux followed me upstairs.
I quickly shut the door to my room.
Me: aaaaarrrgggh i groaned as i moved shelf loaded with different collections of books, to the door. And then my reading table. I stood close to the window as my heart beat played a jazz rhythm. My legs felt really weak this time, i only hope the shelf and the table serves as a really strong barrier.
I was out of my thought and oxygen, when i heard a really heavy crash.
Booom!!!!! I jerked in fear, as the
books in the book shelf fell off bit by bit.
I knew deep down it was only a matter of time before it
breaks through. Every failed trial only made it angrier as the its impact on the door intensified.
Soon everywhere was calm again, i exhaled in relief seating on the floor.
Me: it couldnt break through!! I was about smiling in glee when i
heard a really heavy thud!
It broke through the door in one dive!!
I sat on the floor as my eyes popped open, i stared helpless as trace of tears was found around my eyes.
Just then i heard a really weird laugh from an echoing baritone voice.
Me: w…ho…are you? I asked with shaky lips. Just then dux’s posture began to straighten up, taken the shape of a human.
Doza: you might wanna call me uncle!! He said smiling.
Me: no……..
Doza: you are no match for me dashiel!! This will be your doom!!! He swiftly transformed into dux as running abit and diving agressively towards me with its mouth wild open.
Me: aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh!!!!!!! I yelled so loud like they were
gonna be the very last.
I sat up forcefully on my bed as my heart beat intensified. Just then mum and dad rushed in.
Ethan! are you ok?? They chorused!