Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 2


This time i was panting like a deer denied of water. My body
temp. Increased by the minute, as
steams of sweat gathered around
my face.
Mum: its alright honey we are here now. Like a flash i hugged her, It was really big relief for me and for the first time i felt safe.
Me: thank God you are here i said softly not willing to let go.
Dad: ethan come on! Get out of bed now we should be in the farm now he said trying to make light the situation.
Me: no….no…i think my powers is gone i said still holding mum.
Mum: what are you talking about?
Me: i couldnt use my powers! I said with a shaky voice.
Dad: am sure it was just a bad dream, give it try he said smiling.
Me: i tweak my toes, with the picture of the bathroom in my head. In miliseconds, i was in the bathroom.
Yeeeeaaaah!!!!! I did it mum!! I yelled excitedly, quickly taking my bath before getting ready for breakfast.
Its a really big relief to know it was just a dream but deep down i felt kinda worried and i dont know why. Have never had night-mare or weird dreams before. The mere thought of it still frightened me greatly but then just like dad said its just a dream, i was willing to stick by that.
Mum: ethan!!! Your food is getting cold!! She yelled
Me: i teleported to the dinning.
Dad: *smiling* i know it feels great having those wonderful abilities. But I think you have to be more careful especially when using them for fun. you know what i mean he staring at me in the eye.
Me: smiling dad you know…….
Mum: ethan dad is right she said cutting in. What if we had an uninvited visitor?
Me: alright i’ll try i said smiling as i grabbed my spoon to have a taste
of the corn. Just then i got flashes from my night-mare, i paused abit as my eyes shown open.
Dad: you dont like corn?
Me: i jerked in shock, of course i do. I said taking a huge bite.
Mum: easy!! Your gonna choke! She said steadying her gaze on me.
In less than no time i was done with my food, i took the dishes to the kitchen.
Katherine: do you think he’s ok.
Spencer: i really dont know
Katherine: it was just yesterday, he returned from new orleans, looking happier than ever.
Spencer: perhaps something weird
happened over their he conclude.
Just then i walked.
Me: dad am ready.
Dad: hmm i think we are gonna skip going to the farm today.
Me: uhmm why??
Mum: we want to spend the whole day with you honey.
Me: woow i guess thats sweet.
Mum: come here she said placing her hand on the couch, for him to seat in the empty space between.
Me: i quickly sat down, its was pretty obvious they were worried about me, so i gave a really cheerful smile.
Mum: ethan tell us about the night mare you had she asked imediately.
Me: i exhaled, talking about it too, was kinda scary. It was really a weird dream.
Dad: just relax ethan and tell us everything.
Me: i woke in the morning, really happy, the sun was up already.
Obviously i woke really late, the house was so quiet like there was no one in it.
I checked the kitchen, your room and then the farm. I just
couldnt find you guys, bit by bit i was eaten up by worries. And then i saw dux, a few miles away in the farm.
Me: i paused a bit looking at them to be sure they were listening,
while they gave me the go ahead.
I called out to it but, it seemed like she couldnt recognize me
anymore. She growled at me, with angry eyes. This time it looked so strong with its head bigger. While it came direction i found out all my powers was gone!! I took to
heels, shutting the door,
but she was so strong! So strong enough to break through. I ran up to my room, using my shelf and table as an obstacle.
It took it abit longer to break through but when it did, she took
a human shape. A man in dark rob, he looked really evil and extremely powerful. He said he
was my uncle, it seem he was gonna kill me because i challenged him. I just dont get it mum. Have heard his name a few times but i really do not know what he looks like.
Dad&mum: they stare at each other, uncle??? They both queried.
Me: i nodded in agreement.
Dad: its alright son, it natural for people to get weird dream once in
a while. Theres no big deal about it he said caressing my head abit.
Mum: yes ethan she said with an assuring smile.
Me: i smiled abit, but then behind those smiles they wore, i saw the doubt in there hearts and fear of it being real. Exactly how i felt too.
I knew i had an evil uncle (doza), who wants me dead. But I really didnt like the idea of him showing up in my dreams. I tried as much as possible to get those
thought off my head and live
today like every other normal day.