Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 3


We watched movies together for hours, when i gave a really loud yawn.
Me: mum……..!
Mum: alright alright you dont have to say it, am going into the kitchen right away.
Me: muah!!! You are the best i said happily.
Mum: smiling of course i am, you know i really wonder what you’d say when you are grounded.
Me: still the best i said smiling.
Dad: hahah he laughed rubbing his palm on my hair. As mum left for the kitchen.
I walked to my room, to find a more effective distraction for hunger. Got to my locker, took out the scroll as it transformed into a screen.
Asteries: greetings my lord.
Me: smiling what’s it gonna be?? I said rubbing my palms together.
Asteries: today lesson is cloaking!
Me: whoa!! I can do that??
Asteries: of course my lord, everything lies in your heart! Focus on an object.
Me: i stared at my reading lamp.
Asteries: make a connection with the object and then stretch your arm towards it.
Me: i did as it comanded
Asteries: channel all energy to your fingers and then make a semi circle with your palm like a wave in clockwise direction.
Me: just when a carried out the last instruction the lamp was gone!
Whoa!! Were did it go!! I asked excitedly.
Asteries: its here! You only made it invinsible my lord.
Me: how do i undo this?
Asteries: repeat the same process, only this time with an anticlockwise wave.
Me: i did it and it appeared again!! Yeah!! I yelled.
Asteries: Good! Now its time to move it far away from your room.
Me: show me! i said excitedly
Asteries: repeat the same process with a destination in mind.
Me: i kept and imaginery picture of the living room in my head.
Asteries: move the object with your mind and palm in a tic, to location of the place you have in mind.
Me: i did it swinging my palm leftward.
Dad: ethan!!!!! He yelled.
Me: hahhaha it worked!
Asteries: great job my lord that will be all for today it said
transforming back into a scroll.
I teleported behind dad.
Me: you called me!
Dad: jerked a bit omg!! You scared me.
Me: smiling sorry dad.
Dad: are you playing with your powers again??
Me: not really dad just trying out some new stuff.
Dad: new stuff?
Me: i can cloak things i said
excitedly, pointing a finger at the lamp as it stayed afloated, swinging my arm rightward
it was back to my table.
Dad: shocked! Where did that go??
Me: to my room i said smiling.
Dad: hmm he looked up smiling
Me: hahaha am in for the dad, i said knowing just what he had in mind.
Dad: then you know what to do he said smiling.
I cloaked him into the kitchen, where he gave mum a peck.
Mum: ooh spencer!! She said smiling as he wrapped his hand around her waiste.
Dad: am starving he replied smiling.
Mum: she was about replying when he varnished. She turned, looking really stunned, spencer.
Dad: over here honey!
Mum: she looked around really scared where?? I cant see you.
Dad: hugging her again from behind. Easy love am still here.
Mum: how did you do that she said turning and he was gone again.
Dad: he sat on the couch smiling.
Me: how was your trip dad?
Dad: the best! He said grining
Mum: spencer!!!! She yelled really worried.
Dad: am over here in the sitting room!! he answered
Mum: she ran out of the kitchen looking really scared. When her gaze meet mine.
We both let out a really weird smile.
Mum: ethan what did you do??
Me: uhmm i only did this! I said cloaking mum.
Mum: she saw herself behind spencer.
Woooow!! She said smiling this is
awesome. Pushing spencer’s head playfully and you made me think some ghost is in the house.
Dad: that why i love you he said stretching his hands backwards and pulling her forward for a kiss. You aint an easy scare he said smiling. As they kissed each other.
Me: coughing am still hungry mum.
Mum: omg! the dough is still in the ovum she said about running
towards the kitchen.
Me: shaking my head, i cloaked her into the kitchen.
Mum: thank you!!
Me: you’re… welcome i said smiling.
I few minutes more dinner was ready as we all ate happily.
Dad: so i guess you can cloak yourself too?
Me: uhmm nope i havent really tried that.
Dad: interesting.
After lunch i was so curious about dad question, i should be able to cloak myself. I walked up to my room, grabbed my jacket and was off to trix room uhmm i actually meant i teleported!
Trix: with her ear plugs on she was dancing, swinging her head and her body like she was crazy.
Me: i never knew you are such a weird dancer! I said with a smirk.
Trix: shocked! Omg! Where did you…..i mean…you
should..knoc…great i have no more privacy with you around she said seating on her bed obviously she was out of words.