Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 4


Me: it was obvious she didnt like me showing up in her room, whenever i wished. I was so excited, i wasnt even thinking next time i’ll call first I said smiling pleadingly.
Trix: alright apology accepted
Me: smiling thanks and bye i said leaving, before she could even say a word.
Trix: ooooopsss his gone!
Me: i was back to my room, when i heard her say that, not really i said to myself smiling. And then i cloaked her to my room.
Trix: whoaa!!! What just happened, how did i get here. She said just when she saw me on my bed.
Me: thats because i brought here, i said smiling.
Trix: how??
Me: simple i said cloaking to my bed smiling.
Trix: coooool!!! She yelled hugging me excitedly. So what else can you do ethan.
Me: i had a really weird dream trix.
Trix: just then the smiles on her face weared off seeing the worried looks on his face.
Me: i saw doza in my dreams.
Trix: whoa! Let me guess you guys fought?
Me: nope i thought it was my dog until he transformed into his real
self, he looked really powerful trix.
Trix: ok?? She said waiting to hear more.
Me: i couldnt fight back, my powers were gone! I said looking really horrified.
Trix: calm down ethan its just a dream she said.
Me: it felt so real trix i said looking at her in the eye, what if i
cant really fight doza?
Trix: come on you dont have to read to many meanings into it. Its
normal to have a weird dream once in a while.
Me: i hope you are right trix.
Trix: yes ethan now give mama a hug she said sarcastically.
Me: hahaha my momma is
downstairs i said smiling. As i
gave her a hug.
Trix: so i guess now that i have a free and stressfree ride i dont need a car no more she said smiling.
Me: hahha alright its time for you to go.
Trix: aaaww dont you wanna hang with me alittle me she said raising i her eye brows.
Me: nope trix, am sure you dont wanna get into trouble i said smiling.
Trix: just a little plsssss…..
Mum: ethan!!!!
Me: told ya! Its time to go! i said before sending her back to her room.
I rush out to see mum who was just at my door.
Mum: who were you talking to??
Me: uhmmm….
Mum: she kept her hands at akimbo, go ahead tell me you were talking to a female ghost.
Me: actually i was talking to my friend i said dryly knowing i was busted.
Mum: and by friend you mean i really close female friend.
Me: mum it was trix
Mum: and were is she??
Me: gone! I said avoiding her gaze.
Mum: you are grounded ethan!
Me: mum! (why is grounded the only word mum remembers whenever i do something wrong)
Mum: you are banned from using your abilities for 2weeks!
Me: 2whole weeks!! Mum! Thats too long.
Mum: am not gonna talk about it, she said before leaving.
I slowly walked back into my room, i was gonna tell trix, when i recalled i could never do that without using my powers. Well i felt really tempted but i knew better than anyone how mad mum’s gonna be when she finds out.
I got to the living and dad was out already. I strolled into mums room to see her jotting something down.
Me: mum!! Can i come in i said in my most polite tune.
Mum: exhaling! I told you before, am not gonna talk about it.
Me: me too mum! I said smiling weirdly.
Mum: then what is it you want??
Me: uhmm i stammered abit when i couldnt come up with a quick answer. Actually i just wanted to spend sometime with you i said grining.
Mum: *smiles* oooh thats so sweet of you
Me: yeah, i just cant help it having a mum as wonderful as you, makes me really happy.
Mum: really!! she said smiling.
Me: yes mum, can i give you a peck!
Mum: you need not ask, come here baby.
Me: i quickly gave her a peck smiling. Mum i think it would be nice if you gave me some other punishment, rather than the one you gave me.
Mum: how nice?
Me: i mean i could scrub the floors, feed the horses, help with the dishes you know.
Mum: and?
Me: and even do your laundries i said smiling.
Mum: oooh ethan you are so wonderful she said smiling.
Me: you always say to to me ever since i was a little boy.
Mum: you know what?
Me: what?? I asked as i tried looking as calm as possible. I was rather so excited knowing she was gonna have a change of mind.
Mum: you can add those chores you just mentioned to your punishment.
Me: mum!!!!