Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 5


Enraged with beans failure to has decided
to launch an even more
ferocious attack.
Doza: this time you will put an end to
gaine’s bloodline!! He yelled
addressing a rely large number of blue ray
army. Only this time every
living thing would feel my wrath!! They
would bow at my feet and
tremble at my word!!!!!
The huge army of a mixed gender, stood
motionlessly waiting for his comand.
Doza: he gave a really weird laugh. Its
time!!!!! He yelled as his
voice echoed over and over.
One by one his inhuman vanished, to
unless terror on earth.
today in new orleans, the city was as busy
as usual, cars all around
and people heading in different direction.
Isaiah was in his waiter suit as usually
attending to customers
who just walked in. Just then a loud
explosion was heard. Leaving
every heart with the question ”what just
happened” and then was
accompanied by a strong electromagnetic
wave tossing every to the
ground and shattering glass of both
building houses. As screams and
wailing were head far abroad.
Everyone one looked so perplexed
seeing a hug group of teenager,
dressed in a well fitted customes, as there
eyes sparkled blues.
A few photo freaks were about the
photoshots when the increased pace
destroying everything in their path.
Seeing the extra ordinary things they
could do, everyone took to
heels screaming in fear.
Words spread out like lightening, as the
armies, grabbed there weapons
and war planes. Only to meet the shock of
there life, there guns were
useless as they planes were brought down
with lightenings.
He was right there in his restaurant try to
calm the extremely scared
customers when to weird kids walked in. In
a blink of an eye a
medivial sword was formed in there palm.
They were out for a really
huge slay when Isaiah stood out.
Me: i know who you are!
Boy: just stared at him weirdly.
Girl: foolish thing! I would run if i were you!
Isaiah: unfortunately girl am not you he said
with a
smirk. Get
everyone out he yelled to other waiters as
every exited in hurry.
Boy: i have heard stories of human dying for
honour, perhaps i’d have
the chance to witness one.
He flunged a metal table at them angrily.
Isaiah: enough of the talk he yelled, but
something weird happened it
broke into half. What are you!! He asked in
Boy: terror! He yelled charge toward isaiah.
He dodge swiftly giving him a really hard
kick as he stumbled,
lifting a distant sharp edge rod, which he
drove straight into his
Isaiah: he stood in relief staring at the kid.
Tales is about to be
rewrit…….he wasnt done when the kid stood
up looking really angry.
He to took out the rod, as the hole it created
in his chest was filled
Boy: this is where you die!! He said as blue
lights clouded his palms.
He walked slowly towards isaiah who
tried using his power to stop
him but nothing seemed to work on him. He
gave him a really hard punch
sending isaiah crashing really hard against a
Isaiah: he raised his head to look, he body
hurts so bad, go thing he
could heal real quick. He got back on his
feet, taking to heels.
the lady who appeared to be of great rank among the blue rays stood afixed. sh watched Isaiah scamper away like an injured horse running from the enemy’s camp.
she grinned satisfactorily then in a flash her grin modified into a ferocious snare of a deraged witch, displaying a set of golden fang. she turned to her fellow knights who clearly had no human sympathy as they bullied and destroyed.
The cops seem powerless in this scenario: bullets weren’t penetrating, sirens failed to sound warning notes. For the first in history, rescue squads feared crime scene!!!!!!!!!!
the lady nearly collided with a doza squad as she turned. the dude looked angry
boy: why the heck did U let him go? he asked in an angry voice.
lady: you seem to have a problem with that?
boy: oh yes. and that’s ‘cos your making it difficult for us to do this job
lady: i’m lost….
boy: that boy aint human no human can do what he did.
lady: he’s super human….he could lead us to the VIP. she dragged the sentence, hoping to get a quick reply.
boy: #nods now we’re on same page. Get the boy
lady : failure aint an option.
He tapped the wrist device on his wrist its lid slided open. the digital pop-up was an evidence of complex software tech.
he inputed some commands soon
Isaiah was displayed on the screen alongside two cardinal points betraying his location.
they exchanged glances. nodded simultaneously….and vanished