Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 6


Isaiah ran so hard to his house, shutting the door imediately. He felt safe for the first time, relaxing behind the door, to get a hold of
He knew they were blue ray armies but he never thought they were that strong, atleast after his last encounter with one, which makes him very certain they could be destroyed.
Isaiah: but why is there too many of them he wondered. Dashiel!! He
called out in shock, when it downed on him they want ethan. He quickly reached for his phone. Dialed trix number severally, on each trial he was asked to leave a voice message. Knowing she was perhaps nowhere near her phone, he decided to use the last
option he had.
Isaiah: hi trix, there is an emergency, new orleans is under a siege!!! He was about talking further when his door bursted open. He turned abruptly to see the kids he got a really good beating from earlier.
Boy: smirk….whats it gonna be now kid.
Girl: i guess this is the part where you start running she said with
an evil smile.
Isaiah: he quickly sent the message, well am not suprised you found me he said even though he was suprised and a
bit petrified, he had to be
brave! But am not scared of you!! He said with a smirk.
Boy: i like your guts kid he said as he hands lit up again.
Isaiah: uh-uh not in my house you fool, this cost me a fortune! He
yelled tossing them out in one sweep, rushing out imediately.
Obviously the lady over there didnt like been tossed around by a
human! He just got on her bad side.
Girl: stepping forward we make the decisons around here!!
Isaiah: not anymore!
Girl: like a flash she fired blue fired balls at him as she did some stunts.
Isaiah: he narrowedly dogged afew but got hit so badly by the last two whose impact caused a great burnt in his mid-section. He was hurt.
Boy: it doesnt matter how powerful you are kid!! The bottomline is you are freaking human! He said grining as they
both step foward towards
His wounds were supposed to be healed by now, he thought staring at his burns,
oops it wasnt anything natural he needed an extra effort to cure him self and right now strength was
the only fuel he needed but didnt seem to find any.
Isaiah: what is it you want with me he asked moving backward abit.
Girl: dashiel! She said smiling.
Isaiah: who the heck is that?? He was done with his question when he felt a great impact of a fist to his cheek. Almost seemed like his
brain lost balance as he groaned.
Boy: we aint here for games!
Isaiah: he wasnt gonna tell them but on a second thought he doesnt wanna die either.
Girl: whats it gonna be?
Isaiah: you win!! he said bowing his head abit.
I was indoors serving mum’s punishment. I just finished doing the dishes, cleaning the house, i was about doing their laundries when mum came with extra cloths.
Mum: ooh sweety, has anyone ever told you how cute you look when you are working so hard??
Me: you’d be the first i said sarcastically.
Mum: she chuckle as she tossed the clothes into the basket, here you go honey.
I went ahead with the laundry murmuring over and over. Its so
annoying. Everyone was supposed to do there laundries or take them to the dry cleaner.
Soon i was done looking so tired as i sat on the couch. Just then mum walked in.
Mum: smiling let me guess?
Me: am done with the laundry can i atleast eat now??
Mum: not when the horse are starving she said smiling.
Me: mum!! I know she loves seeing those fustrated looks on my face. Oooh come on!! Am dying i said feigning cries.
Mum: oh my god!! Am scared!! She said sarcastically before walking away.
Me: aaaaarrrrghhh!! I yelled as i dragged myself out of the house to feed the house. It was so annoying watching them eat!
Trix was out so early to get a few things for herself, leaving her
cell phone behind. She got to the mall were she had a few jar of ice
cream in the past she enjoyed her own company alot. And now that she’s got a really amazing friend she wished he was here too.
Trix: speaking of ethan, i havent seen him lately she thought placing her hands on her cheek. Hmm i know his just trying to make me miss him abit she thought and chuckled.
She got a few stuff for him too filled them all in the trunk of
her car, she was going to his house right away. She grinned evily knowing ethan would never want her to come when his mum is around.
Now on the speed the lane when some teens appeared in her path all of a sudden. She quickly hit the brakes, luckily it stop just when it was so close to hitting them. Tossing her forward forcefully as she screamed abit.
Trix: what the heck is wrong with you guys! Just then she took a
better look at the kids. Isaiah?