Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 6


Trix: what is he doing here? She thought, when she took an even closer look at them.
He’s clothes was abit stained with blood, it had an opening that looked like a burnt spot. What the hell is going on she asked herself before alighting imediately.
Trix: did you get into a fight she asked stepping forward with concern in her eyes, while isaiah bent his head downward abit at her naiveness.
Isaiah: you shouldnt have stopped he thought.
Girl: well your friend here brought us here.
Boy: cutting in, am gonna make this simple. Were is dashiel??
Trix: and who said i know who dashiel is? She asked as they both stared at isaiah, who directed his gaze downwards in shame.
Isaiah: i did??
Trix: right! i have no idea who you guys are or what you are talking about. Excuse me she said walking
back to her.
Girl: not so fast girl! You aint leaving! Atleast not in one piece she said grining evily.
Trix: chuckled! Who’s gonna stop me?
Boy: am a fickle girl! i’d advice you start talking!
Trix: this time she x-rayed them and they were just like bean! Ooh i see! She stepped forward abit, getting ready for any suprise attack. Go ahead make me.
Girl: how arrogant she yelled about making a huge blue fire ball.
Boy: step aside, i’ll deal with her! He said as his eyes went all blues, he chanted in sesian tongues, trix began to float weightless in the air.
Trix: she just couldnt help but laugh leaving everyone startled. Put me down! She said softly for the first time.
While they stared at her like she was crazy.
Girl: am gonna have to teach you a lesson she yelled and like flash
she swinged her self towards, drifting in the air at high speed toward trix who remain afloat as a palm transform into a sword.
She was about launching a deadly strike on her when her body froze, leaving her suspended in the air just afew distance away from trix.
Trix: trust me you dont wanna get on my bad side! She wasnt done with the word when the dude who stood next to isaiah threw huge fire balls at her. She effortlessly raised her right arm
and they halted like they were stopped by an invisible wall.
Trix: my turn! She yelled as she swept him of his feet! Struck him several times with his own blue balls.
She landed gently pulling the girl closer.
Trix: who sent you!
Girl: hahahahha she laughed so weirdly! Just then claps was heard from behind.
Boy: pretty amazing Huh? he said dusting his clothes. Allow me show you how it done!
He roared angrily as his eyes turned firey red, with black veins all over him, more visible on his neck region. He raised his arms as he muttered sesian words. When he was done he kept is mouth wide open as black smokes emitted from it.
All she did to stop the huge smoke from getting to her were useless, perhaps that was because it wasnt an object.
Isaiah noticed bella unable to fight back this time, he saw the fear in her eyes and somehow he was strengthened again. He grabbed a steel rod with which he you used heavily of his head and then it varnished.
Girl: pissed what did you do!! she yelled angrily as her voice echoed.
Trix: this time trix was really scared.
Isaiah was about launching an attack, when he sighted a huge number of evil kids matching toward them he quickly grabbed bella’s arm!
Isaiah: run!!! He yelled!
Trix: the car would be faster she countered as they both got in quickly. She turned on the engine and speed off.
Isaiah: exhaling that was close he murmured.
Trix: can you atleast tell me what is going on??
Isaiah: they want ethan bella and they’re gonna stop at nothing until they find him.
Just when he end his speech the car lost contact with the road. And some how they found theirself on thesame spot. Only this time moving upward slowly.
Isaiah: we have to get out of this the thing!! He yelled.
Isaiah jumped out imediately, he was gonna make a hard contact with the ground when trix used her powers to land him safely.
They were set to run, when they realized they were surrounded by those blue ray kids.
Trix: now what she whispered.
Isaiah: they have no compassion bella is either we tell them what they want to hear or we die.
Trix: they’re gonna hurt ethan and i cant allow it!! She yelled and was about using her powers when some strange branch broke out from the ground and curled around them firmly. Another member of the squad stepped forward.
Boy: where is dashiel??