Son Of The Orb Episode 65 Final


After taking the morentine, i felt unusual amount of strength surge through my veins. Isaiah and i walked into the room, at first i was mad at Trix, but i couldn’t stand seeing her helpless.
Bean: so you made it? Well, welcome to your doom. #smile.
Me: and whats that supposed to mean!!!
Bean: this!!! He said stretching both hands towards me. I easily dogded the stream of blue smoke.
Me: what! You can do this? I asked abit surprised.
Bean: i’m your doom, sent directly from Doza secret to destroy you, dashiell.
Isaiah: well, you failed. #smirk.
Bean: oh hahahahaha i succeeded in hypnotizing her. He pointed to Trix, and continued. ‘in the same vien, i’d destroy you’.
Trix: aaaarrrgghh Ethan, help out!! She cried as the ring tightened its grip on her.
Me: Trix!!! I screamed running towards her.
Bean: he nodded, a strong wall suddenly appeared between Ethan and Trix.
Me: aaarrggghhh. I suddenly remembered i could breath fire. I opened my mouth, breathing hard as fire preceeded, melting down the wall.
Isaiah: he moved silently behind Bean and struck him on the head with a hard substance.
Bean: he fell yelling in pain.
Me: soon the wall completely vanished, by now my hand was glowing. I touched the blue ring with it, the ring broke off, paving way for trix.
Trix: waow! Your my hero! She said hugging me tightly.
Bean: not so easy love birds.
Trix: and not so fast evil kid!
She threw the hot secretion from her mouth across his face.
Me: he didn’t recover from that, i rained fireballs on him.
Trix: #smile. She continued with the trails of hot liquid. She was enjoying herself.
Bean: his strength were all drained. He closed his eyes, he could see the grandmaster shaking his head in disappointment.
Grandmaster: come home, lazy servant. Your punishment is ready.
Bean: he shoke his head gently. Suddenly he disappeared.
Me: #exhale.
Trix : its all over.
Me: all this just for some position i never dreamt of? I wanna be human, i aint dashiell i’m Ethan!!
Isaiah: you would understand in due course, your majesty.
Me : even you!!
Voice: hello everyone.
Jones: mummy! He said running to her.
Trix: #surprised.
Isaiah: i healed him earlier #smile.
Claudia: how are you kids? Hope Jones wasn’t a pain in the butt.
Me: no he was a good boy.
Jones: mum, something weird happened today…
Trix: Jones! Let mum rest. She said giving him the ‘shut your mouth’ kinda look.
Ethan had many other adventures, both in college and sesuim where he finally got to defeat doza and his army…..but….thats another story
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