Son Of The Orb Episode 64


Isaiah: the blade didn’t cut deep, it was only a scratch. He dragged himself up then placed his right index and middle fingers on the injured spot.
It was healed instantly. He had the ability to cure visible injuries.
Ryan: he groaned loudly, his wrist hurt a bunch.
That kid….!!!
Isaiah: OMG!!! He almost forgot the professor, i strode towards him and knelt before him. Are you alright prof? He said touching his wrist.
Ryan: he didn’t reply. He didn’t have time for flimsy questions.
Isaiah: its okay, you would be fine, i got this.
Ryan: take me to a hospital. Aaaaaarrrhh he yelled as blood trickled from his hand.
Isaiah: he placed his index and middle finger on the professor’s wrist. The injured part was covered with flesh within seconds!
Ryan: The kid touched him suddenly he felt no pain. As a matter of fact, he became stronger. Wh..what did you do? He asked in a rather fearful voice.
Isaiah: #smile. You’ar well now.
Ryan: #smile. He got up and dusted his shirt. Great two kids in a day, one injures and the other heals. He see that only in the movies. Who is that evil thing? He asked, leaning on a white cabinet.
Isaiah: what???
Ryan: your brother.
Isaiah: uhm…i don’t know him. We met at the entrance to your house.
Ryan: is that so?
Isaiah: #nods. Do you still have some morentine left?
Ryan : sorry kid, i don’t.
Isaiah: hmmm…thanks for the help. I’d go on ahead. He replied and walked to the door, he was about opening it when he heard a voice.
Ryan: hang on.
Isaiah: he halted and turned back.
Ryan: look, i don’t know who you are or what your motive is, but i think you’ar a nice kid.
Isaiah: nods slowly.
Ryan: what i intended giving you earlier wasn’t morentine. The evil boy went away with a wrong powder.
Isaiah: he smiled, walking back to Ryan. Really? Where’s the real powder?
Ryan: over here. He pointed to a transparent can, beside an electronic microscope. My team and i have been studying the plant for over five years.
Its the most powerful plant we’ve ever seen, its element combination are just waow! #smile. He shared the powder, and gave Isaiah a part of it.
Isaiah: thanks alot sire. You’ve just saved a life!!! He thanked joyfully.
he arrived his street in no time. He thought of going straight home but kicked against it, he went to Trix’s instead.
Jones and trix were seated in the living room, watching TV.
Bean: hi.
Trix: hey! Where have you been?
Bean: #smile.
Jones: where’s Ethan?
Bean: here we go again!!! He is back to NJ. Came the reply.
They watched the hollywood movie for severel minutes.
Jones was curious about the substance bean placed on the table. He opened it, pouring some on his palm. It smelt good, it also looked like a makeup powder.
He moved silently, behind trix, then rubbed it on her face.
Trix: poo!!! Whats that?? #frown.
Jones: you’ve been searching for powder, bean brought some!!!
it wasn’t morentine but a derivative of it. Ryan and his team of scientist mixed some elements from morentine with other chemicals, it hadn’t been given a name. Just substance-x.
the substance took effect on her, it was an anti-blue rays. However, nobody knew this, not even prof. Ryan.
She felt as if she’d wake from a long dream.
Trix: Ethan!! Where’s Ethan?!!! She screamed, as she remembered him.
Bean: he raised his brows. She wasn’t supposed to recall anything about ethan. What had that prof. Given him? Geez Jones is a devil. He thought silently.
Trix: she suddenly felt uneasy around him. Using her infrared rays, she scanned him. He wasn’t human! He was evil, made of pure dark magic!!!
She held him by the collar, pinning him to the wall.
Bean: he sticked out his tongue, which suddenly turned into a sharp medieval sword.
Trix: she was in time to dogde as she back flipped twice.
She opened her mouth letting go a stream of highly heated liquid. Which she used in tormenting him.
Jones: whats going on?!
Trix: run out, i’d explain later.
Jones: why?
Trix: i said go!!!
Jones : okay. He said runming outside, his legs got entangle by a strong substance, he fell at the doorpost.
Bean: he regained his strength and pushed trix, she fell off.
He ran to Jones, inserted a finger in his tummy, thereby drilling a hole in the kid.
He was about doing worst but a strong wind blew him off, slaming him hard against a wall.
Trix: #smile.
Bean: he whirled his hand in the air. Suddenly trix got stuck in a ring of blue rays. She tried moving, to no avail.
Bean: super girl huh? He said trailing his hand down her cheek.
Just then the door flew open, Isaiah and Ethan walked in.