Son Of The Orb Episode 63


Isaiah: oh hahahahaha i love proud dudes, know why? The can’t act beyond rolling their tongues.
Bean: glad to disappoint.
Isaiah: now if you’d excuse me, i’ve got important things to do.
Bean: c’mon dude, i was only kidding. I’m not dangerous.
Isaiah: hmmm what brings you here??
Bean: uhmm…..i have a message for prof. Ryan.
Isaiah: he didn’t trust the dude, he just nodded in fake affirmation.
They b@nged the gate for minutes. Finally a gate keeper who hitherto was asleep opened the entrance door.
bean’s blue rays didn’t completely cloud her brain, a spot was left untouched. Sometimes she felt she’d done something wrong and a part of her was missing. Other times she felt just fine.
It was really confusing, a puzzle she couldn’t solve. What was wrong with her???
He head b@nged heavily, owing to series of deep thoughts. She strode to a cabinet, withrew pain relievers and swallowed two pills.
Jones was observing siesta, she also joined him on the bed.
everything seemed confusing. How did Ethan and my son know each other? Speaking of Isaiah, he wouldn’t even call me dad!!! I pity the young lad, Ethan i mean.
His strength is drained off. Well, there’s nothing i could do. I did give him energy drinks but they didn’t help either. Really don’t know how he got sesuimite in his system. Geez that stuff is dangerous. Isaiah is our only hope, just wish he gets the plant!!!!
prof. Ryan was in the lab when they got there. A house help instructed them to wait in his living room.
The sat there for over 15 minutes. Finally a grey haired, short man walked into the room. He was still clad in lab coat. White google perched gently on his nose like it would fall off soon.
Ryan: #clears throat. Hello kids.
Isaiah: good day sire.
Ryan: he sat gently on a couch nearest to him. To what do i owe this visit’? I don’t always have visitors you know he smiled, displaying a perfect set of brown dentition.
Isaiah: uhm…sir, i was told you grow morentine. I need some pls…
Bean: he grinned devilishly. He was never wrong! Lets see how you get it, Isaiah. He thought.
Ryan: hate to burst your bubble kid. My morentine is exhausted.
Isaiah: #baby face. Pls professor, how much is your pay? Just name it.
Ryan: why do you need it so desperately?
Bean : my dad is dying, only you can save him….if you want.
Isaiah: i also need it to save a friend.
Ryan: i’m hooked. Aint you two together?
Isaiah: not exactly.
Ryan: okay okay there is a small quantitity of its powdered form in my lab. I’d share it for you. Come with me.
The trio strode to Ryan’s private lab. The old man seemed to be a hard worker!
Ryan: he retrieved a nylon sack from one of his drawers. He then shared the powdered morentine leaf in two containers.
Here, you can….have it. He said stretching his hand.
Bean: he collected the first container, he was about doing same to the second, but Ryan protested.
He pointed his (bean’s) finger to Ryan’s wrist. His had the power to transform his blue rays to whatever weapon he pleased. His index finger became sharp and pointed like a medieval sword.
He plunged it into Ryan’s wrist. The latter cried in pain, letting go of the second container. It all happened within seconds!
Isaiah: what the!!!! Who really are you?
Bean: i told you earlier, a dangerous one. Stay out of this if you don’t wanna have a taste of me.
Isaiah: give me the morentine.
Bean: you wish!!! I swerved his hand in the air, a disc-like blade escaped his hand, striking Isaiah on the neck.
At the drop of a hat, he teleported out. Leaving Isaiah and Ryan on the floor.