Son Of The Orb Episode 62


we were moving at great speed, my body grew weaker each passing second. My power failed me suddenly we fell on a foot path.
Isaiah: #sigh i should have thought about it! He thought silently.
Me: help me up, i muttered with a faint smile whilst stretching my hand.
Isaiah: he held his hand, lifting him. we’ar almost there. Can you walk?
Me: uh…depends.
Isaiah: its so close, two houses from here.
Me: hmmmm
we walked in silence towards a green painted house. The environment commanded an aura of silence. Seems people around here don’t inter-relate.
Isaiah: he sighed deeply. Ethan, i’m nervous. I hadn’t met that man for years. You know, i’m doing this for you.
Me: i understand. Thanks i said nodding.
Isaiah: he tapped me twice on the shoulder and smiled.
We knocked severally on the door but got silence for an answer.
Me: maybe he don’t live here anymore?
Isaiah: he was about replying when the door creaked open, revealing a grey haired man, with a couple winkles lined on his face.
I really don’t like the grand master’s reply. To hell with him! I’m trying my best here, besides sesiumites from a possessed are alot more effective!!!
Well, i’m gonna follow Dashiell and make sure i accomplish my mission within the shortest time frame.
Geez can’t wait to get outta here!!!
craig: he was surprised to see his son, he almost couldn’t recognize him.
Isaiah son, you’ve grown so big. He said smiling honestly.
Isaiah: i’m not here for that, officer craig.
Me: craig? Now i recall!
Craig: have we met before?
Me: yes sire, the policeman who didn’t believe in ghosts!
Isaiah: he just listened with rapt attention.
Craig: ah oh! Whats the name again?
Me: Ethan.
Isaiah: mr. Craig, seems you two know each other. This is gonna be easier than i anticipated. Ethan is infected with the same substance i told you killed mum. Can you help?
Craig: what?! You mean sesiumite? How sure are you?
Me: its true sir.
Craig: believe me son, i wasn’t aware of the cure before your mum’s death.
Isaiah: great, my mum not your wife.
Craig: Isai….
Isaiah: yeah i’ve heard that before.
Craig: he swallowed hard. About that, a very rare plant called morentine is the cure.
Me: ho…how can we get it?
Isaiah: he observed Ethan’s voice was fainting. Ethan? Are you alright? He asked in a fearful tone.
Craig: to the best of my knowledge morentine no longer exist….
Isaiah: what?!
Craig: a scientist live across the street. He grows a last specie of it, mainly for scientific research.
Isaiah: thanks, i’d check on him. Ethan, hang here okay? You aint fit to go out.
Me: just nods.
Isaiah: he strode across the street. He’d lived in Green falls before so he knew about Prof. Clement a notorious scientist.
He was about knocking the mighty gate when a black american dude appeared before him.
Isaiah: who…who are you?
Lad: you may call me bean, the dangerous one. He said laughing hysterically.