Son Of The Orb Episode 61


Ethan lay on the bed shirtless. A bowl half filled with water was on the floor with a small grey towel beside it.
Isaiah tried reviving him via the old traditional method which proved utterly abortive. Puzzling was the fact that his heart beat was normal.
Isaiah: he sat next to him, on the bed. What can i do now, Ethan? He buried his head in his palms for several minutes, suddenly he jumped up, all smiles an idea had struck him like tornadoe.
He placed both palms on Ethan’s chest respectively. He looked sternly at Ethan. He could see beyond the optical range.
He x-rayed Ethan’s body, he could see some specks of green material moving sluggishly in Ethan’s body.
Holy shít!!! How did you get this?
He concentrated his gaze on the moving substance. Instantly Ethan jerked up with a cough.
Isaiah: he fell on the bed feigning sleep.
Ethan: i coughed twice and opened my eyes, my whole body was weak and heavy. My eyes dilated through the room i can’t remember ever being there.
I slowly got up from bed, i realised someone was lying next to me when i mistakingly kicked him.
Isaiah: he rose, still feigning sleep. Ethan you’ar awake!!!
Me: Uhmm Isa…Isaiah right?
Isaiah: yeah. The waiter.
Me: WTF!!! What am i doing here, what did you do to my clothe?
Isaiah: calm down man.
Me: how do you expect me to calm down when….
Isaiah: look, i found you lying on the ground in a fun park.
Me: lying on the ground? A fun park? I kept repeating those words as the images replayed in my head.
Isaiah: seat please would you?
Me: sorry i misjudged you.
Isaiah: no qualms #smile.
Me: you’ve got a really cool place. Do you live here alone?
Isaiah: yeah. #grin
me: how about your family?
Isaiah: Don’t ask further, i don’t wanna talk about it.
Me: i would be on my way. Thanks. I said standing up
Isaiah: wait up Ethan. Stay some more.
Me: know what happened the last time i stayed with a lonely kid? I almost got killed!
Isaiah: what lonely kid?
Me: a teenager living alone in a big house like yours! I replied and made for the door. I turned its knob and stepped out gently.
Just the i saw Isaiah standing in front of me.
Me: i thought as much! Bunch of evil asses!!!!
I used my mind to control a small stool, making it strike him rapidly.
Isaiah: he deciphered it even before the stool made its first move.
With the swift movement of his hand he cut a tree branch which obstructed the stool.
Me: you’ar so good huh?
Isaiah: don’t try it again. Save the little energy you have. It’ll be useful.
Me: whats that?
Isaiah: i aint the bad dude you paint me as.
Me: who then, are you?
Isaiah: he tapped me gently, if i wanted harming you, i wouldn’t wait till you’ar awake. Lets go in.
Me: i kinda trusted his words. We both walked in and sat on a couch.
Isaiah: see that picture? He pointed to a frame, capturing a fairly old man.
That wicked man abandoned us when i was twelve. We had to go through thicks and thins just to make sure we survived. Which explains why i’m a waiter at sixteen.
Me: #exhale and your mum?
Isaiah: tears flowed down his cheek. She passed on last year.
Me: sorry about that.
Isaiah: i’m the one to be sorry. She died because of me. His voice came in between sobs.
Me: i….what do you mean?
Isaiah: i couldn’t protect her. I’m such a worthless son! He got up, lifted the centre table and threw it away. He was in rage, bitterness flowed from his heart….i could feel it.
I held him tightly when he was on the verge of shattering his television.
Isaiah: he sniffed. Sorry, i tend to lose it when the conversation is about her.
Me: i understand. If you don’t mind, what exactly killed her?
Isaiah: some fella planted a green substance into her, i couldn’t get the cure before she died. Exactly the same substance is in you right now. How did you get it?
Me: Trix! The betrayer!!! I whispered.
Isaiah: unbelievable the lady you were at the restuarant with?
Me: just nod.
Isaiah: thats the world for you. I know you’ve got super powers. What that substance does is to drain it off.
Me: i’m feeling kinda weak. Are you also from sesium?
Isaiah: #smile nope, in fact, am the last of my kind.
Me: are you an alien?
Isaiah: Ethan we need cure for you. I won’t watch you die here.
Me: do you have any?
Isaiah: i hate meeting my dad, but he’s the only one with the cure.
Me: where is he?
Isaiah: he live in greenfall! Thats the problem.
Me: uhm…get a cab, i don’t think i can walk.
Isaiah: you must exercise, else you’d be doing more harm than good.
Me: you know, i can teleport!
Isaiah: best thing since sliced bread.! Hold my hands.
Me: i got up and held his hands. In a flash we left the house for green falls