Son Of The Orb Episode 60


She turned and looked at him, something wasn’t right. It seemed she’d known him for long. She shoke her head slowly and left him.
She walked back to where Bean and Jones were seated.
Jones: where’s ethan?
Trix: Ethan? She asked in a deeply confused tone.
Bean: #smile lets go already, thanks for the timeout.
Jones: i aint going no where. Not until we Ethan is back.
Bean: geez stay out of this kid. He thought silently.
Ethan…uhm he told me he’d go ahead, you know he has some stuffs to take care of.
Jones: is it true, Trix?
Trix: she only nodded.
Bean: yeah! Lets go, i’d drive #wink
today was his work free day. Good thing about working in big restuarants! You would get lots of free time.
The fun park was his recreation spot, he’d got no friends being alone was boring to his nature.
His eyes strode to the pool side, ladies in bikini strode helter skelter.
Woaw! So hot!!!
Ice cream seemed to be their secret code as all of them were atleast licking a cone. The males there weren’t exceptional either.
He got up, unbuttoned his shirt and smiled at his hardening abs and heavy chest.
He advanced towards a lady on pink bikini she paid him no attention. He increased his pace, overtook her, obstructing her path.
Isaiah: hey.
Lady: jerk! What do you want.
Isaiah: #wink okay i’d be direct, mind hanging out with me?
Lady: sorry, i don’t talk to strangers.
Isaiah: you just did. #smile.
Lady: #walking away.
Isaiah: he smiled wryly, lets have ice cream. He said, grabbing her hand.
Lady: she looked at him.
Isaiah: he raised his brows in affirmation.
They both walked towards an ice cream shop, suddenly the lady screamed loudly.
Isaiah: you alright?
Lady: is he dead?
She asked whilst pointing to a body lying helplessly on the ground.
Isaiah: lets find out. He staggared to the young lad, his face rang an alarm. Ethan?
He muttered softly.
Lady: know him?
Isaiah: i think so.
Lady: i’m calling the ambulance.
Isaiah: its not important. I’d take him home.
Lady: what?! Thats kidnap.
Isaiah: smile# i wanna be hunted.
He stayed with them for several hours. Jones was pesterish he’d made him fallen into deep sleep.
He was glad his blue rays worked on trix. Who was she anyway? She shouldn’t remember a thing about Ethan. He should be an enemy but she’d been acting strangely.
He wore his blue necklace, as usual the whole room was filled with blue rayed-smoke.
In no time, all members of doza secret were assembled.
Each continent of the world had its head agent, Bean was a branch agent.
Grand master: he was pleased with all agents report, it was obvious as his nods flowed like harmattan wind.
BEAN? He asked in his characteristic rough voice.
Bean: he bent slightly. grand master i’ve accomplished my mission. Dashiell is history.
Grand master: step forward for your reward.
Bean: he smiled happily, kneeling before the grand master. Silently, he hoped to be promoted.
Grand master: in a swift action he struck bean on the shoulder with a jasper rod.
Bean: he fell sideways. What was…
Grand master: You have done nothing! Dashiell is still very much around. Your order is to destroy not to weaken.
Bean: grand master i thought…
Grand master : you don’t think you act!!!!