Son Of The Orb Episode 59


Official: this way please. He motioned to an inner room.
Trix bought the tickets for water shooting. We got into the large room. It had rows of smaller rooms most of which were occupied. A young lady walked up to us, smiling at the same time.
Lady: you’ar highly welcome. For water games we have swimming, simulation…
Bean: water shooting. Lady: oh! Thats a part of simulation. #smile.
Elvis!!! Bring simulation wears for four!
Her tone was more of a command, she didn’t appear like a boss tho. Who cares!!!!
Young sandy, rat eaten brown haired dude rushed to us, he was dragging a seemingly heavy sack.
Finally he got to us, dropped the sack and left.
Jones: what are these for? He asked with confusion well plastered over his face.
Lady: data gloves, data suit… She continued, giving us each item as she called their names.
Jones: i’m kinda lost.
Lady: #exhale. No wonder my uncle hate kids! She though silently.
They aid simulation, you know after wearing them, your environment would totally change, to what was programmed on the computer.
Jones: nods with the oliver twist kinda expression.
Lady: #smile. Good, trying it on would provide a clearer picture. Elvis are you ready?
“yes boss” echoed a voice.
Lady: alright. You all need to be in room number ‘ziv’.
Jones: what kinda numbering is that? Certainly not Roman.
Me: Jones?
Jones: yeah, i talk to much. He said in a voice that sounded like a whisper.
We got to the room in question, it was close to empty, except for its door and ocean of wall glasses.
Voice: you can now wear your data clads. Happy gaming.
Trix and i exchanged glances.
Trix: guess the words came through the wall hahahaha.
Jones: wow! I can’t believe this! He screamed happily as the environment changed the instant he wore his data suit.
Everywhere looked like a beautiful island…no a palace… No heaven would be the best way to describe it.
Me: everything changed except the water guns we, hitherto were holding. Jones! Come on here!
Jones: what is it? Let me be! I wanna enjoy this serenity.
Me: trix and Bean would get you kid!
Jones: OMG!!! I almost forgot. He said running to me.
Me: they haven’t launched their attack. Maybe they are waiting for us to strike. Lets surprise them!
Jones: got it.
Me: i distract, you shoot.
Tall pillers served as barriers between us.
Jones and i strode to a piller hiding behind it.
While we peeped we could see Trix and bean.
Bean moved towards Jones who was off guard.
He shoot some bubbles into his chest. The small dude fell–he was knocked outta the game!
I was left alone, one against two. Sounds like fun!
I teleported behind Trix, she dodged my shot, though it ‘injured’ her foot. She’d lost a power point.
I smiled mockingly, protruding my tongue.
Trix: she stylishly pulled the trigger on him. Too late! He’d teleported.
I was approaching Bean. The dude seemed to have calculated my moves before i though about it.
He sent two bubbles in my arm.
My power point dropped by 10%!
The game continued interestingly, soon it was over.
Trix and co won by 2%. Uhmmm atleast i tried.
We rid off the data suits and gloves then exited the game hall