Son Of The Orb Episode 58


Bean came by some minutes after he left. He was all dressed up in black tux, his hair sparkled under sunlight. We weren’t exceptional, Trix, Jones and i were ready.
Bean: you guys look sweet, this would be my best birthday!
Jones: he adjusted his slim blood-red tie. And smiled. Bean nodded in affirmation.
A cell phone buzzed on the chair.
Jones: oh thats mine. I stretched his hand. picking the device, he clicked the answer option instantly. Yes…mum..hummn-hmmm #nod…we’ar going to a fun park, catcha later…have fun.
He slipped the phone in his pocket after ending the phone conversation. That was mum he said smiling.
Trix: really? She alright?
Jones: yeap. Lets go already, can’t wait to devour that cake.
Bean: he grinned widely.
The fun park was a trekkable distance. Albeit we drove in Trix’ car, soon we were there. Trix pulled over in a designated parking lot.
I footed our entry bill. The park was beautiful. It had lots of fun games and even a cenema.
Bean: lets play water shooting!
Trix: sounds like fun!!!!
Jones: i don’t like it. I’m sure you guys would pick on me.
Me: hahahaha papa’s got you kid. Your on my team how about that?
Trix: what? I wanna be with you…
Me: it aint possible baby! Watch as we feed you on flawless victory!!!!
Bean: you’ar so full of yourself dude. Let the master show you.
Jones: you bet! Ethan’s my hero. I fear not man.
Trix: okay okay lets get started.
We all went to a building with ‘water games’ written atop it. The section was amazing it seemed to be made of glass!
Official: how may i help you?
Trix: uhmm we wanna play water shooting