Son Of The Orb Episode 57


Trix was done preparing breakfast by the time we were back. She’d served it on the dinning table.
We ate for a while then suddenly we heard a knock on the door.
Trix: who is that?
Me: i don’t know, maybe ma’am Claudia is back?
Jones: she wouldn’t be back so soon.
The knock came again.
Me: go get the door, Jones.
Jones: he nodded and stepped down from the chair.
Trix: i’ll do it. She walked swiftly to the door, opening it almost immediately.
A strange face came into view, the teenager was holding chocolate cake.
Lad: uh! Hi. he smiled
trix: hey? She smiled too.
Lad: uhmm can i come in?
Trix: yeah sure…why not? #uneasy smile.
Jones: whats that cake for? Your birthday? He licked his lips, the cake really was mouth watering!
Lad: he sat on a couch, placin the cake on a round glassy table.
Me: i saw walked to the sitting room, sitting opposite him.
Lad: i’m a next door neighbour, thought of saying ‘hi’
Me: oh! Thats so nice, we appreciate.
Lad: #smile. I’m Bean…and you are?
Trix: this Jones, Ethan and i’m bellatrix. Preferably trix.
Jones: whats the cake for?
Bean: i was coming to that. Yesterday was my birthday. No one to celebrate with.
Jones: is that so? Well you have us! #chuckle.
Me: happy birthday…
Trix & I: in arrears. We said it at the same time.
Bean: thanks. you two…are you…. He bent his head slowly, not willing to complete his sentence.
Trix: dating? Actually yes.
Bean: how sweet! You look good together.
Trix: smile#
bean: i’d go ahead.
Me: how about the cake? Lets celebrate.
Jones: later in a fun park. What do you think?
Me: huh? I pinched his softly. He smiled.
Bean: i like it! I’d be back before you know it. With that he stepped out joyfully.
He was a black american dude, on lowcut. He belonged to ‘doza secret’ only a few of them existed on planet earth. They were made out of dark magic, purely evil. Few days ago sesian power was sensed in New orleans. It was suspected to be Dashiel. Bean was sent on a mission, to find and destroy Dashiel.
He walked to his room, opened a safe and picked a pure blue necklace. The necklace sparkled like it was made from diamond. He wore it over his neck. Suddenly the whole room was engulfed in blue-ray-smoke. Bean closed his eyes, spreading his arms far apart as the aura changed gradually.
The room was now completely blue. Six men appeared in circle, bean was the seventh.
“greetings grand master”
five of them, including bean chorused to an old looking man, bowing the heads in the process.
Grand master: what news do you have! His voice was thunderous enough to break rocks!
Bean: i think i’ve found Dashiel.
Grand master: you don’t think you verify!
Bean: yes grand master.
Grandmaster: good. Many have failed us, don’t be a part of them, i’m i understood.
Bean: very well.