Son Of The Orb Episode 56


we watched tv for some hours. Jones fell asleep in the process, it was already late though.
Trix: i would take him to his room.
Me: i noddee and continued watching the motion pictures.
Trix: she tapped him gently, he turned then continued sleeping. You’ar making this hard on me. She whispered and picked him up.
Jones: he was fully awake by now. He opened his eyes, rested his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes.
Trix: she kicked the door to his room, it creaked open instantly. She strode to Jones’ bed and lay him down. His room was beautiful, with toys and wallpapers. Sweet dreams! She whispered with a smile, she rubbed his hair slowly then made to leave the room.
Jones: continue please.
Trix: surprised# you weren’t sleeping?
Jones: #smile.
Trix: sleep well
she said walking to the door.
Jones: wait up, can you sleep herd please? I’m scared.
Trix: you don’t have to, you aint alone in the house.
Jones: yes but…
Trix: no buts!!!
She stormed out of the room smiling. That kid!
She walked down the corridor leading the the living room where Ethan was watching a movie.
Just then Jones ran into her, she was amazed!
His room was behind, how did he appear in front of her?
Trix: Jones! You’re supposed to be sleeping.
Jones: i don’t wanna be alone. I knew you were heading to the living room, so i ran out through the other door. He smiled confidently.
Trix: aaaaarrrhhggg alright fine!
She held him by the hand they both walked to the living room.
Ethan was asleep already. She thought of waking him but kicked against it, she would only when it was time for her to sleep.
Jones: he lay on a couch, watching the movie.
Soon afterwards he slept off.
i felt some extremely bright radiation on my face. I forced my eyes to open, even though i felt like sleeping some more!
The room was a bit gloomy. Jones lay on the floor with trails of saliva drooling down his lips. I heard someone snoring beside me, i quickly turned. It was Trix!
Me: hahahaha get up sleeping beauty. I said tapping her gently.
Trix: she shifted to the other side and continued sleeping. This time, she wasn’t snoring.
Me: wakey wakey! I tapped her hard.
Trix: what is it??? She stretched her arms and legs. We slept in the living room!!! She screamed almost instantly after waking.
Me: obviously!
Jones: he jerked up when Trix screamed. He rubbed his eyes and mouth. Good morning everyone.
Me: you slept well?
Jones: i think so. How about you, Bella.
Trix: i enjoyed sweet dreams.
Me: tell us about it.
Trix: not time for tales! She got up, we followed suit.
We did our morning hygiene, Trix was in the kitchen cooking while Jones asked that we go out for a walk.
I dressed my hair, applied some cream before we left.
We walked some distance. The city was huge and beautiful, Jones led the way.
Jones: i’m tired lets go back.
Me: as your lordship wish smile#