Son Of The Orb Episode 55


The same waiter left and returned with a mop which he used in wiping the floor.
Me: hi. I’m Ethan.
he looked at me, smiled and continued moping.
Waiter: he exhaled deeply, he was done putting the place in order. I’m Isaiah. Nice meeting you.
Me: uhmm are you…
Isaiah: we aint allowed to chat with costumers. I’d go ahead #smile.
Me: i only nodded.
Jones: he was still frowning, he relaxed on the chair without eatin.
Me: c’mon Jones i was only kidding, you didn’t take it serious did you?
Jones: i really didn’t mean to do that.
Me: its fine. Kids get into nasty stuffs. I said smiling.
Jones: nods slowly.
Just then Trix walked in.
Trix: sorry i took longer than expected. She drew a chair backward and sat on it.
Isaiah came by almost immediately. He wasn’t the only waiter, perhaps the smartest!
Trix placed her order, we ate slowly soon we were done.
I footed the bills from the money mum gave me earlier.
Me: bye Isaiah!
Isaiah: see you someother time! He waved with an appealing smile.
Trix: you two know each other?
Me: yes…uhm no…we met here.
Trix: he is really cute.
Me: what?
Trix: hahahaha is somebody getting jealous? She replied with a funny smirk.
Jones: he saw a fire fly. Mum told him fire flies bring goodwill.
He ran clapped his hands, thinking he’d traped the insect only to see it flying away. He ran towards it happily. The insect seemed to be a teaser! It would slow down and suddenly increase its speed.
Trix: she saw Jones running ahead, it was almost dusk. The road was a bit less busy so she allowed him to have fun.
He was far off when she saw a car ahead of him.
The car approached with speed. Jones!!!!
She screamed but it was too late the car had reached him.
No!!! She screamed some more.
Me: #exhale that was close!
Trix: surprised. she looked beside her, Ethan stood with Jones’ head resting on his shoulders.
Aaaaww thats a lot Ethan.
Me: here you go buddy. Next time, don’t go about running on the street okay? I implored whilst bringing him down.
Jones: he was still frightened. He thought the car would crush him. His heart was beating real fast.
He only nodded.
Trix: good, lets go.
We walked some distance. A couple of minutes later we were home.
Trix opened the door, we stepped in. The house was already dark.
Jones: aaaaaarrrhh he screamed loudly.
Trix: what is it this time?
Jones: a snake aaaaaarrrh. He ran into the room, he struck his heel and fell.
Me: i turned around, catching my breath. Glow of fire lite my hand.
I walked to the switch on the wall and switched on the electricity.
Me: where’s the snake.
Jones: he looked straight at the doorpost.
Trix & I: a scarf!!!!!
Black scarf lay on the floor. Ma’am claudia must have forgotten it.
Jones: #chuckle