Son Of The Orb Episode 54


Soon we arrived our destination. I halted the car at the spot Trix instructed.
Trix: this way. She said pointing to a chocolate painted house. It was quite huge for a duplex.
Me: #exhale! Can you atleast tell me whatsup? I asked with a serious face.
We continued walking towards the house, while she spoke.
Trix: we’ar looking after a baby!
Me: a what? I hate babies.
Trix: #smile. He’s not a toddler.
Me: sounds better…no it doesn’t! Why do we have to watch over him?
Trix: his dad is out of town, his mum, my aunt is leaving for a three day summit.
Me: its so simple, let her take her kid along.
We were already by the door. Trix clicked the electric bell, within seconds the door was opened. A beautiful woman came into view, she looked all dressed up.
Trix: aunt Claudia! She ran and hugged her tightly.
Claudia: i was thinking you wouldn’t make it.
Trix: i promised #smile.
Claudia: who is he? She replied pointing to Ethan.
Trix: he’s Ethan, my friend.
Me: a pleasant afternoon to you ma’am.
Claudia: thanks. She stretched forth her right hand. I was confused she definitely wasn’t out for a handshake, her hand approached my face, with her fingers bent.
Trix: just bend your head. She whispered in my mind.
Me: i did as instructed, still in awe of what was going on.
Claudia: her fingers met with his forehead. She smiled, bless you son.
Trix: alright lets go in
we stepped in, the house was exquisitely designed. Claudia must be a very rich woman. I sat on a chair nearest to me.
Claudia: a moment
she said and ran upstairs, her slipper claded foot making noise with the brown, white stripey shiny ceremic tile.
Me: what was that about? I mean the bending and all.
Trix: oh hahahaha its a culture; an old way of greeting male children.
Me: whatever….
We were distracted by a kid, running towards the living room.
Trix: Jones! Come here…you’ar now a big boy huh?
The kid ran towards her happily.
Claudia: she rushed out, dragging a pink travel bag. i’d be on my way, do take care of Jones. His food are crispy pata, a little bit of vegetable and noddles. He eats five times a day…
Me: what!!!
Claudia: half glass of water for starter and squash for desert.
Trix: jones eat that?
Claudia: you have no idea. Bye i’m gone.
She stooped before jones. Be a good boy okay?
Jones: yes mum. his voice was tiny.
Claudia: she pecked his forehead gently, picked her bag and left. She stopped at the door then turned to face us.
There’s no food in the house, cash is in a safe in my room. You might wanna visit the restuarant opposite.
With that she stormed out.
Me: great! The house is gonna be boring, especially with this kid.
Jones: what?
Me: never mind.
Jones: who are you?
Me: i looked at trix, she was busy smiling. Jones edged closer to me, hitting me with his elbow. Was that on purpose?
Jones: #chuckle you haven’t answered me.
Me: you can call me Ethan if you want.
Jones: Ethan am hungry.
Me: tell her. I pointed a finger to Trix.
Trix: haven’t you ate yet?
Jones: yeah but…
Trix: fine…i’m also famished, lets go to the restuarant.
We took our stuffs in one of the guest rooms.
Minutes afterward we were at the restuarant.
Trix: excuse me…i’d go to the rest room. She stood up and left. Jones sat on a chair at my far right, on a round table.
Waiter: your order sir.
He looked young, most definitely a teenager!
Me: Jones?
Jones: yeah, crispy pata!
Waiter: smile# how about you sir?
Me: is Piza on your menu?
Waiter: definitely.
Me: let me have some.
Waiter: sure sir.
He turned to leave when Jones called out.
Jones: apple drink!
Waiter: he smiled and left.
Minutes later he returned with a tray full of our demands.
He emptied the tray, Jones reached for the can of drink.
Jones: he tasted and threw the can on the floor, pouring its liquid content. I asked for apple!
Waiter: #shocked there was no apple, i gave you quava, its also good.
Me: you don’t have to explain. Know what Jones? You’ar a pain in the butt! Too much for a four year old!!!
Jones: #silent