Son Of The Orb Episode 53


Mum: i’d go ahead, i still have some stuffs to do in the kitchen.
Me: okay mum.
She left for the kitchen. Just immediatlely she was out of sight Trix jumped down from the chair.
Trix: i feel good parararara…so damñ good pararara. She bent abit with her hands moving like she was playing an invisible guiter.
Me: i clapped twice. It’ll be nice to watch you rock ‘high school musical’.
Trix: not such a bad idea. I sing only when i’m glad.
Me: when are we leaving?
Trix: right now! Go get you things.
Me: aaawww i’m going nowhere unless you tell me what we’d be doing in New orleans.
Trix: dummy cross that bridge when you get there. #smile.
Me: i tapped her on the shoulder, within seconds we were in my room.
Trix: her eyes were still closed. don’t stop! I love the feeling.
Me: drool on baby!
Trix: i love you Ethan. I know you’ar gonna hear it and thats why i’m saying it. She thought silently.
Me: #smile.
Trix: why are you smiling?
Me: did i? No i didn’t. I frowned in a funny way.
Trix: you look cute in that stony face don’t loose it.
Me: hahahaha where in New Orleans are we going?
Trix: ever heard of rue bourbon?
Me: that ancient city? Its meant for old folks. I back out #frown.
Trix: seriously?! Am gonna kick your åss if you do! Rue bourbon is a nice place to be, its fun, thats why i accepted dad’s errand.
Me: as you wish milady! I said smiling and bowing abit.
I got some stuffs arranged in a little travel bag.
This is gonna be more of a vacation than an errand, i thought in my head.
We ate lunch together with mum, soon we were done.
Mum: when your dad comes i’d tell him about it.
Me: i called him already.
Trix: what was his response?
Me: affirmative! Smile#
trix: #exhaled excitedly.
Mum: so…you’ar going right away?
Trix & i: #nod.
Mum: take good care of yourselves okay? Don’t get yourselves in danger, more importantly, enjoy your…..should i call it an errand or a vacation?
Me: both #grin.
Mum: here, take this. She unzipped her purse and gave us some dollar notes.
Me: waow! Thanks mum!
Mum: #smile.
We got our bags in Trix’ car, soon we hit the road, Trix was driving. We drove for several minutes.
Trix: ooouuch i’m tired, can you come on the wheels?
Me: i don’t drive.
Trix: she was now driving slowly, with one hand on the steering and the other on her jaw.
Yes! Lets teleport.
Me: dummy, do you intend leaving your car behind?
Trix: don’t alight, just teleport with the car.
Me: it aint possible.
Trix: you’ar such a slow learner, didn’t i tell you, believe it and it’ll happen?
Me: okay, i’d drive.
Trix: no i want it fast you know #wink.
Me: watch me!!! I said smiling.
Trix: she rolled to the backseat.
Me: i sat at the driver’s seat. My hands on the steering wheel and my foot on the accelerator and brake pad, however i wasn’t driving mechanically! My mind did the bulk of the work.
Trix: waow! Your so good.
Me: so damñ good