Son Of The Orb Episode 52


school was interesting over the past few days, uhmmm Trix was there to beautify the day. Soon it was weekend, a very long break it’ll be ’cause monday and tuesday were declared public holiday. Unlike civil servants, dad’s sales were more profitable on free days. He left so early today.
I was home alone with mum.
“time to feed the horses!” a voice rang in my head. I ran out and got some hay in a blue bowl, afterwhich i made for the horse section of our farm. I started feeding blaze, my favourite horse. She was the fastest, had dark skin and hazel eyes.
Suddenly the bowl fell of my hand.
Me: aaaaarrrhhggg i yelled, stooping to park it.
Just then i heard a voice from behind.
Voice: let me help. Instantly the bowl was refilled with hay.
Me: Trix! I turned excitedly.
Trix: smile#
me: how did you know i was here?
Trix: the same way i knew you have a key in your pocket right now.
Me: i remembered locking the kittens and taking the key. I inserted a hand in my pocket to verify.
Trix: nope…the left pocket. She smiled abit.
Me: super girl! Just hope you don’t go around doing nasty stuffs.
Trix: street robbery is one of my hobbies. Wink#
me: you must be kidding. I dropped the bowl and wiped my hand.
Lets go in.
Trix: is your mum in?
Me: uhmm yeah! Don’t bother, she’s really cool.
Trix: i know but… She paused, with a frown on her face.
Me: your dad sent you on an errand, you want me to accompany you but you’re scared what mum would say.
Trix: she punched my lightly. Let me some privacy would you?
Me: hahahaha i love reading your mind. You know, your thoughts are as beautiful as you.
Trix: so…is that a yes?
Me: if mum says so.
Trix: momma’s boy, what if she says no?
Me: then its final. I said, smiling.
Trix: no please! Its important. #baby face.
We got inside, mum was in the kitching, cooking.
Trix: lets help her, perhaps it’ll make her yield so easily.
Me: you go ahead. I aint going there.
Trix: c’mon please.
Mum: she cleared her throat as she sat on a chair.
Trix: good morning ma’am.
Mum: afternoon rather…how are you? #smile
Trix: i’m okay. she pinched me real had.
Me: i almost screamed, i pinched her back, then looked at mum. Our gaze met, seemed she’ve been watching us.
Mum, trix have something to tell you.
Mum: #smile is that so?
Trix: uh…my dad sent me to New orleans, i was thinking if Ethan could accompany me. She said with a bit of fear.
Mum: new orleans! He just left there few days ago. Besides he met a dangerous kid, what if that kid shows up again? She thought in her head.
Sorry, i don’t think its possible.
Me: please mum?
Mum: great! Now what should she do? She really can’t refuse him anything. But his life may be in danger.
How long do you intend to stay?
Trix: two to three days and thats all.
Mum: three days? What kinda errand is that?
Trix: uhmm its…
Mum: you don’t have to tell me. Just make sure you take good care of yourselves.
Me: thanks mum!!! I replied happily.
Mum: do you have accomodation?
Trix: yes, my uncle’s house