Son Of The Orb Episode 51


She kept giving me the am waiting… kind of smile, i exhaled nervously smiled back, shut my eyes, i could see an imaginery picture of my house, i took a step foward a soothing wind in one sweep splash gently on us. Just then i head trix voice.
Trix: you did ethan you did it!!!
Me: opening my eyes slowly to see my house in front of me. Yeeeeaaah!!!! I yelled hugging trix. You are the best trix
Trix: smiling that was the sweetest ride ever, ethan take me home plsssss…. She said jerking her legs excitedly.
Me: hahahaha just say the word my lady.
Trix: ho……she was just about to complete the word home when i quickly touched her and we were in her room.
Me: home it is trix i said smiling
Trix: woooow your the best ethan!!!!
Me: hmmm am begining to think you are falling in love with my teleporting rather than me i said sarcastically.
Trix: hahhaha stop being naughty.
Me: alright trix is time to go home.
Trix: aaaawww i really wish you could stay alittle plssssss….she said looking a bit sad.
Me: come on you know i have to go home now close your eyes.
Trix: shutting her eyes just promise me you’d be back later, she said looking a bit sad.
Me: looking at her, she looked like an angel even with her eyes close, my gaze fell on her red lips i took a few step foward, gave her a soft kiss and varnished.
Trix: with her eyes close the feeling was like she was sitting right on top of the moon she smiled, what was that for she asked opening her eyes but found no one, oopss his gone!!! She said sadly as she collapsed on her bed.
I was in the living room to see mum and dad with a worried look.
Me: mum!!! Am home!!!
Mum: ethan!!!! She quickly hugged me what happened to you, were did you go??
Me: smiling i was in new orleans mum.
Dad: stop kidding ethan, you got us worried.
Me: am serious dad i was shot and i was about explaining when mum cut in
Mum: shot were?? She said looking at me closely for injuries.
Me; am fine mum, i found my self in a beautifully weird environment were i met a man who claims to be my father, and them was sent back by a strong wind, instead of NJ i was in new orleans. I continued my explanation smiling as i gave them details ranging from kyle to the flames and to the teleporting while they stared at me like i was crazy.
Mum: honey i say this with love but i think you’ve been so much into this power stuff.
Dad: yeah i think your mum is right ethan.
Me: like you dont believe me???
Mum: not that she wasnt done explaining when i varnished.
Dad: ethan!!!!!
Me: over here i said as my hand was set ablaze.
Mum: whoooo were did that flame come from.
Me: i told ya i smiling as i killed the fire.
Mum: come here!!! She said beckoning on me for a hug.
Dad: am really proud of you son.
Me: am actually hungry.
Mum: i’ll get you your food.
Me: there would be no need for that mum just say the word. I smiling.
Mum: in the kitch……she wasnt done and i was in the kitchen and whoossh was sitted in the dinning.
Dad: hahahaha incredible