Son Of The Orb Episode 50


while i talk fire kept oozing out from my mouth i was pretty scared.
Trix: chuckle u have no idea how funny this looks.
Me: help me!! I said looking petrified.
Trix: seriously ethan just stop the flames.
Me: i really dont think i can i said moving backward abit.
Trix: dont think just do it.
Me: giving her an unsure look. It almost seem like my fears ignited the fire, and soon my hands was cover with a red hot fire, i knew it was hot but i wasnt burnt.
Trix: looking at him the flames were going higher and higher. Oh no he’s gonna burn the house down she thought. Come on ethan, it is you who started the fire, and you are the only one who can stop it.
Me: how trix!! How!! I yelled already floating in the air as my whole body lit up in flames.
Trix: she was becoming nervous, calm down and listen to every word i say ok??
Me: ok!!!
Trix: close your eyes and look deep down inside yourself, she said as she watched me do it. Now is not the time to think ethan!!!, believe you can do it, if you can see it then is real, just feel it happening ethan.
Me: the last part of her word made lots of sense to me, it echoed several times in my head. I tightened my fist, my eyes were shut tightly, took a deep breath i felt my heart dialate, accompanied by a ice chilling s£nsat!on. I felt strong, powerful and invincible. I felt i could do just about about anything, the feeling was awesome. Its seem all neurons and cells in my body took a new shape.
Trix: looking at him in curiousity, just then the flames died of like they never existed. His skin began to glow as he stayed afloat with his eyes shut, he seemed more incharge she watched in amazement. You did it ethan i love you!!! She said in her head.
Me: smirk# i opened my eyes i heard that i said with a smile as i floated down in front of her.
Trix: hahah great now i cant whisper to my own self anymore, she said with folded arms.
Me: walking close with smiles wanna hear you say the last part again i said winking.
Trix: hahaha hitting me playfully hows the feeling like??
Me: smile# feels good!!!! I said raising my eye brows playfully.
Trix: ok its time to go home boy am leaving that to you.
Me: me!!! I thought you came to rescue me??
Trix: thats exactly what am doing take me home she said with a smile.
Me: uhmm cant teleport that far i said shaking my head.
Trix: oh boy!! You are such a slow learner how is it you are on scholarship, i just thought you how to. If you can see it, its possible, if you can believe its real.
Me: exhale# this is gonna be a long ride baby
Trix: did you just call me…?? Say that one more time.
Me: lets go already i said smiling as she grabbed my hand like we were gonna walk down the isle.
Trix: chuckles!! This will do
Me: aint you scared trix??
Trix: why should i be scared??
Me: if it goes the wrong way we might be even farther away from home.
Trix: sounds romantic she said with a smile.
Me: hahah you are really crazy, lets go home!!!!