Son Of The Orb Episode 49


i tried catching my breath but couldn’t! Kyle’s grip on me was intense and crushing, his thumb and index finger pierced my neck, he opened his mouth all i could see was a complete row of fangs and tongue capable of scaring the deadliest of snakes. Somehow i felt weak and vulnerable, i couldn’t do anything.
Kyle: he opened his mouth wider, his tongue dancing to unheard music, he tilted his head, bringing his mouth to my neck.
Me: aaaaaarrrhhggg i managed to scream. I quickly wished i didn’t scream ’cause of the akward scene that followed.
Fire preceeded out of my mouth and nostril instead on breath.
Really, i became scared of my own self!!!
Kyle: his neck almost got caught up in flames if not for his timely withdrawal.
He staggared some steps backward, his breath ran slow. Seem he had to exert more pressure just so he could exhale. What did you do? He asked whilst wiping his face.
Me: i was still breathing fire, i closed my mouth but the stuff escaped through my nose. Geez how did i get myself into this? Whats the way out? I pondered for several minutes, yet found no meaningful solution.
I…i…i don’t know, you caused it! If you hadn’t…..
I didn’t finish my sentence when Kyle ran out. Well, i don’t blame him, the fire preceeding my words was feasting on him.
I sat dejectedly on a nearby couch, looking adjacently upwards, so i wouldn’t set the chairs of ceiling ablaze.
I heard the door sqeak open.
Me: kyle, you really don’t have to be scared of me…
Voice: Ethan! She said running towards him.
Me: Trix? What are you doing here, how did you get here?
***********20 minutes ago*****
Trix: she was worried, she knew he wasn’t home, her super vision never lies. Nothing is so accurate she thought silently then hopped into her car, she drove for a couple of minutes, soon afterwards, she arrived his residence. Trix parked her car and alighted, just then she met Ethan’s parent drive into the house. “just in time” she whispered and leaned on her car, waiting for them.
Spencer and Katherine got off the car, with worry well engraved on their faces.
Trix: good evening to you.
Spencer: you know her? He whispered into his wife’s ear.
Katherine: #nod. Evening dear how are you?
Trix: i’m okay ma’am…uhmm ma’am is Ethan around?
Spencer: he shoke his head slowly. Ethan is…he’s not home yet.
Trix: thanks…i’d go ahead sir.
Katherine: the kid looked familiar, she’ve seen her somewhere but she couldn’t place it. Bellatrix right? She asked, squeezing her face abit.
Trix: yes ma’am.
Spencer: pls come in
trix: she nodded and followed them.
They were in the living room for three minutes then spencer excused himself, Katherine was already in the kitchin.
Katherine: Bella! Can you help out pls?
Trix: she was confused, she wasn’t sure where the voice came from though she knew it was Katherine’s.
She ran upstairs, where she was greeted by a hallway. She opened the first door. It was Ethan’s room, she remembered it from her previous visit. She stepped into the room, not sure what to do.
Voice: hello Vaniella, Dashiell needs some help.
Trix: she turned in awe at the sweet voice, more surprising it was when her gaze feasted on a tv-like device on the wall. Who was Dashiell? And who is Vaniella? She wondered and shrug. The earth was revolving on the screen of the device, with a red indication blinking on a specific part of it. She was stranded, and curious to unravel everything. Her super vision was able to pin point the location, she closed her eyes and she saw Ethan vividly “new orleans” she whispered to herself.
Trix: thats how i found you, hey! How come your producing fire?
Me: i really don’t know. Can you help? Its so annoying you know