Son Of The Orb Episode 48


Kyle’s house wasn’t far off the street, soon we were at his him. The house was quite big and somewhat exotic, painted in white like a religious building.
Kyle: he turned the knob, the door opened authomatically. Come on in! He said with a welcoming smile, i smiled back.
We got in, and sat on the same couch, kyle got up, then switched on the tv.
Me: where is everyone?
Kyle: #chuckle, here we are. He pointed to me then back to himself.
Me: what i meant is…uhmm do you live alone?
Kyle: you can say that again #wink
me: #frown #confused your kidding aint you?
Kyle: hahahaha gotcha, my family are in france on vacation.
Me: and they left you behind?
Kyle: yep, i hate france. Their babes aint sexy he said with a wink. Oops, what may i offer you?
Me: anything would be just fine.
Kyle: anything! Even dungs? #chuckle.
Me: hahahaha seriously i’d chop off your head if you try that.
Kyle: just a sec.
He left for the adjorning room, he returned with two cans of yoghurt, out of which he gave me one.
Me: thanks.
Kyle: #smile just then he started screaming, he fell on the floor rolling with both palms covering his ears.
Me: i was confused! Kyle are you okay? Kyle! Kyle!
Kyle: he stopped screaming and ran to one of the rooms.
I felt like following him but i didn’t. I don’t even know my way round the house.
Guess i’d just wait here for him.
he was a victim of astral trapping. He had been experiencing it right from childhood. Some unknown being with the same height, size and facial make up as him enters his body occasionally. Thus the being causes him to do stuffs against his will; most times bad things.
Kyle ran to the bathroom where he got hold of himself. He stretched, crack his knuckles and twisted his neck, making some strange sounds.
He looked at his reflection in the mirror, smiled and left the bathroom.
I was watching tv when a heard footsteps that quickly diverted my attention.
Kyle walked to the living room, there was something about his footsteps, albeit i couldn’t place it.
Me: kyle what happened?
Kyle: where?
Me: hahahaha drop the joke dude, you were screaming hell like a d–n soul.
Kyle: i don’t know what your talking about, he said charging towards me.
Me: his walking posture, the sudden screams all got me scared and suspicious. I got up from the couch. He continued approaching. What are you doing Kyle?
Kyle: watch and see, his tooth appeared like fangs and immediately become normal.
Before i realised what was happening he pinned me to the wall, really it happened so fast, i was defenseless. Well i guess i let my guards down to much aaaarrrh! I yelled as his grip on my neck tightened.