Son Of The Orb Episode 47


I got up from the ground, dusted my pants and started off again. Why don’t you teleport? A voice suggested in my head.
It was a nice idea but practically impossible! I don’t know the road back to NJ there was no way i could teleport without first knowing where i’m going.
i ran some distance to where i could see humans. Its so scary being alone on a windy path.
I saw two fellows fighting, they both seemed to be teenagers but one looked older, the eldest dominated the brawl.
I concentrated on a nearby piece of rock, raised it up with the movement of my head.
I smacked it on the eldest kid! He screamed and ran away.
I was looking for company and here was i, chasing someone!
The younger kid strode towards me, he looked uhmm perhaps same age as i.
Kid: hey, thanks for the help.
Me: #shocked! I don’t understand.
Kid: don’t hide it, i know you have super powers.
Me: i coughed twice. Excuse me, your barking up the wrong tree. I said, walking out of him.
Kid: he increased his pace, walking along.
Its not something you should hide, be proud of it man!
Me: great! Seems this kid aint a normal dude.
I’m not superman neither am i hiding anything.
I don’t even know you! Back off!!!
Kid: i saw you falling from the sky. Know whats amazing? You were unscathed!
Kid: gotcha! I was also born with powers you know. I can read minds, but couldn’t read yours.
Me: i’m Ethan.
Kid: kyle.
Me: nice name, you live around here?
Kyle: kinda, my home is over there.
Come over, lets have coffee he said smiling.
Me: that would be cool, someother time i guess. ’cause i really must be home before twilight.
Kyle: pls, i insist. You look tired and sweaty, you need some cool shower.
Me: maybe your right. I said smiling a bit.
We took a left turn, heading to his home.
spencer: i’m home! Ethan? Katherine? He shouted happily as he stepped into the house.
Today’s sales was good he made lots of profit and bought some friend chicken and juice to celebrate. He continued shouting but heard no reply. He kept the chicken and juice then strode upstairs.
First he opened Ethan’s door, the kid wasn’t there. He opened the door to his room, Katherine sat on the bed, with her legs covered in pink bed sheet. She leaned on the wall, her hair scattered all over her face.
Spencer sat next to her, he tapped her gently.
Spencer: whats wrong?
Katherine: she looked at him and bent her head slowly.
Ethan isn’t home yet.
Spencer: he flared up, checked his wrist watch, the time was 5:45pm! Wh….where is he?
Katherine: i don’t know. I’ve contacted the school management. It was verified he left school this afternoon.
Spencer: #looking worried. He quickly dailed ethan’s phone. It was switched off. Be strong okay, i’d inform the police.
He stood up, changed his sweaty clothes and wore black jean trouser and white shirt.
Katherine: i’d go with you. She wiped her tears.